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Maian Media is based off a popular music store shopping cart system created by David Ian Bennett of It is now available as a component with associated plugins and modules. The component is now backwards compatible with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5. There have been many enhancements since the original script that it is now its own separate project.

Current development now allows the system to be extendable using a template framework. Marc Wolf from has donated a couple of templates to the community and can help customize it to your needs.

Features include:
Front end Language Selection
New upload/ file manger
Sale reconciliation
New Backed User Interface
Import of 1.0 Tables and back up of 1.5 tables for easier upgrades in the future.
Drag and Drop Ordering of Tracks
Ability to add two paypal emails (For Standard Payments and Micro Payments). Maximize profits!!
Flash Uploader
File browser to album art
Ajax cart (Experimental)
Free Download Section with Newsletter Integration (CCNewsLetter and Acajoom) Nothing is truly free ;)
Ability to show download link on the thank you page
FlashChart for Statistics
Export Sales to CSV file
Added menu control for extra customization
System Checker to verify settings
Add unlimited albums
Group tracks into albums
XHTML/CSS public layout
Premium Beat flash music player for mp3 previews
Store mp3 files outside of web root for security
Store album mp3 files in their own folders
Expiry limits for downloads and download page for track protection Built in check to prevent linking to download page
Option for discount if whole album is purchased
Supports 15 currencies
Paypal IPN test mode available via Sandbox Optional
Optional SMTP send mail option
Option to include artwork download link with full album purchase
Graphical stats to view most popular track/album purchases
Search engines for both public and admin interface
Simple cart system
Option to add smaller mp3 file for previews
Template driven for easy HTML editing
Public interface contact option
Option to contact buyers from admin interface
View sales in admin area with album/track purchase details
About and Licence pages updateable via settings
Option to re-send download link to buyer
Paypal PDT added to give customters a more streamlined experince.
Multiple music players and the ability to create your own.

Dutch by
French by
German by
Arabic by (Front End Only)
Spanish by (Front End Only)
Greek Translation by
Slovak by
Portuguese by Elias Jahn

Please report any bugs you find using

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Reviews: 5
The developer has announced discontinuation of support for Maian Media, which is a shame because when it operates it does a great job. Unfortunately the existing documentation is spotty and the support forum is currently offline, so you are on your own when it comes to making it work. I have slight to moderate programming experience, and am running Joomla 2.5.7 on a Debian shared host with PHP 5.3.13 - and making this extension work was a great introduction to how Joomla actually works. Problems I encountered: PayPal verification failure, because the variables need to be in the same order; database update failure, because variables are not available across different instances of the program; input validation failure, due to conflict with Joomla's database management and built-in data-cleaning. If this sounds like your kind of fun, you will love this store - and the result is worth the effort.
Owner's reply

Just to be clear I am no longer providing free support. Between my day job and taking care my one year old I really don't have time to provide support for something that is free to begin with. I am putting the project on GitHub in the hopes that I won't be the only person contributing to this project. I had inherited it to being with. I am still doing development when I find time. If you have found fixes please send them my way and I'll incorporate them into the next version.

Reviews: 1
There is no support for this extension and it is very buggy and there is a great deal of confusion about the storage folder.

It has tons of potential and could be an awesome product, I would even pay money for this if it worked.
Reviews: 7
This has the potential to be a really nice component! It is extremely limited in it's abilities as far as laying the store out on your site.

Ther is tons of bugs in this and there is literally no way this will work for anyone right out of the box. The most popular forum topic is the root folder issue as joomla can not install a directory before your public_html so this has confused alot of people. Other than that the rest of the bugs are pretty universal and a result of a component in it's infancy.

While thereis plenty of options for MP3 player styles and types I have found I am mostly stuck using one and even then I have to keep switching back and forth as I edit it. It seems that if you change the layout the mp3 player will break and a quick fix is to just select another mp3 player and save the changes then revert back and it self fixes.

Another serious issue is that the mp3 player previews only seem to work when you navagate to the trak layout from the album selection.

There is an option to display latest tracks, most popular tracks, and most popular albums but they have to all be displayed on the same page. You can not just link them individually.

The links to create track layouts is extremely limited, you litereally have to ceate an external link and then paste in the page url. For many reasons this is not preferable.

Ill summarize this by saying that this is an extremely interesting project with tons of potential but not recomended for sites that are live or need to go live anytime soon.

Sometime in the near future the dev will post a reply saying there is posts on the community forum about these issues. Ignore it cause they seem to have alot going on with the forum. It is convoluted with threads that dont have a thing to do with joomla much less this extension.

Reviews: 7
I am designing a website for an upcoming artist. I installed this on the site to sell her music without the middleman. Using Joomla 2.5.6. Few glitches I did notice, and one seems to be the fact that I can't add a track to an album. Not sure why. Entered All Information correctly.
But I do recommend this component for those that are trying to get noticed and want to sell songs directly from their site.
Reviews: 4
This extension does what is says: sell digital mp3 on line.

Pros: Really nice integration, user friendly, nice looking and above all: it's free.

Cons: Lacks of documentation (you need to spend hours or days searching how to set up the extension in the forum).

Major Bugs: Paths to the files are not good explained: so it's easy to get stuck trying to link files to the component, Constant errors with the database and with the paypal integration: sometimes you got an error with the php files, and other times the download links from the paypal are not showing: invalid transactions etc.

I thinks it's a terrific effort made by the developers, but not delivers what offers. Reliability and effectiveness.

Anyway you should check it out and give a try, perhaps you server configuration works well with this extension.

Verdict: Go ahead, and try. In the end I think the developer should consider make it commercial, probably this way he could make it better extension with the profits, and deliver a great product.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review it was fair enough. The issue that you are facing are really do to configuration. The paths are based off the location of your install which is why I had the variable that shows where your Joomla install is located so you can configure preview and download paths.

As far as documentation I think people lose sight of what open source really means. I took a lot of time to write this component (over five years) as it has been ever evolving because Joomla is ever evolving. Out of all of the people that have used it only one person has decided to help with the forum.

I think it is a bit selfish that people think I should write documentation since I have created, tested, deployed and maintained this thing for over five years for free. I have a silver version but I have been thinking of giving that away for free as well. Right not it pretty much covers my hosting cost

The bottom line is in the two years that I have had the silver version it has only grossed what I make in about a week of working as an consultant. If I decided to sell it outright it would be more work maintaining it and not enough profits. Basically I don't see myself retiring off of this thing.

It was essentially born out of necessity. I am a Artist and I needed to find a way to sell my music. I found an open source script and in the spirit of open source I decided to move it to Joomla. It has been a gift and a curse but I would do it all over again. The Artist of the world should not have a middle man to sell their music in this day and age. Hopefully if time permits in the future I can add more improvements to the component

Reviews: 1
Maian Media is originally mainly plays mp3 on its preview function but i need it to be able playing midi files as well because i sell midi files. When i asked them to add this ability, they responded and add this functionality within few days. And you know what makes it more impressive to me, i am not their commercial user.

For those who need powerful music store, including midi files store, I strongly recommend this extension.

Thousands of thanks to the developer for this great extension and their instant support for my custom need.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!!!! I 'm glad Marc from was able to help you out. He was a user like yourself and decided to help out on the forum. I am forever grateful since my work and personal life keeps me pretty busy. He takes time out of his busy schedule to answer question and also provide feedback on features.

As far as the commercial product it is only to help with hosting cost. For the most part I wish to keep this component free and open. I have been working on some new features that should move this component forward as a full blown shopping cart. Once again thanks!!!

Reviews: 12
For free maian software deserve 10 stars not only 5 thank you very much sir.
This person offer lots of free software i've use it for years there is no many around like him.
Best of luck and long life from me.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review and for being a loyal consumer :)

Reviews: 3
Alao did a great job porting this component to jml2.5, it installs great and it works excellent. Building up my new jml2.5 site right now, Great Job. Just love it!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. The 2.5 compatibility was a pain that I glad is over with. Hopefully Joomla won't make any drastic changes in the future.

Reviews: 1

I just want to first say great product! I was looking for something like this and it does everything I want it to. It's easy to instal, upload music etc. The only problem i had was removing the "prices in US$" text as I am in AUSTRALIA from the downloads page and also couldn't find how to enable uploading the whole album at once like on the demo page. I have asked on the forum and through the contact us page but no reply, so I'm not sure that the help is that good. Other than that its a great product.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you are having troubles. I have made many changes currently. Marc is on the fourm a lot and should be able to help you. I am going to be making the component more flexible in the future o you can change the currencies to your linking.

Reviews: 13
Great Job! Finding the right extension for something like this isn't easy -- but you all nailed it. I was looking for away to add an income stream to my website. Immediately upon install, it was a piece of cake to set up. I didn't have to know anything really except where my files were. What an example you all set...
Owner's reply

Thanks!!! It's reviews like this that keep me going!!!

Reviews: 3
We have just launched a site for a Grammy-nominated artist which uses this terrific component. This extension offers recording artists real artistic freedom: the ability to charge what they want for their work, to give some of it away if they like, and to do it quickly without waiting for third party approvals to be listed for sales. Got a song? Write it, record it, sell it all on the same day. And oh yeah, a multi-billion dollar corporation like Apple doesn't take a huge commission out of a starving artist's sale when Maian Media is used.

I hope that as the developer continues to refine this extension that some code clean-up is performed and that true MVC architecture is implemented to allow for template overrides, but having seen the active development and generous support program in action, I have every confidence that will happen. This is a great component that is only getting better.
Reviews: 16
The developer has done an incredible job with this. In just ONE day, I configured a store with 15 albums. Artwork, Previews, PayPal links, everything. It's quite flexible (the discount for album sales was great) and does everything I could ever want in a music store. I can't believe how ugly my old store was!

One weird thing was that I couldn't figure out how to sort albums arbitrarily. They can be sorted alphabetically or upon date of entry. I wanted them by release date, and that wasn't a possibility. BUT - you can sort by pageviews for each album. I assigned 99,000 views to the oldest album, 98,000 views to the second oldest and so on. Then when I sorted by hit count, the albums are sorted as I wanted them to be. When new albums are released, I'll give them the next 1000 number down, and so on.

I cannot stress enough how powerful, amazing and unbelievably free this is! Once my new site starts generating income, this developer will be first on my list to send $$ to.

A very very happy webmaster.
Owner's reply

Thanks!!! Reviews like this make all the late nights worth it. I thought that I had added the ability to sort albums by ad date. I'll add it to the next release along with a new way of creating custom templates.

Reviews: 8
thanks for this extension, its absolutely great, and what not, its free.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for your effort and dedication and kindness in their response. MAIN MUSIC is an excellent product, first class support, congratulations to the developer, we salute you from Costa Rica band. PURA VIDA
Reviews: 1
I have to say both the product and the tech support has been bar none the best I have ever come across. Absolutely would recommend this extension to anyone that needs it! Excellent job guys! Keep up the great work and support!
Reviews: 3
Maian Music is the best component I've found for selling stuff.

There are some limitations but you can adjust the template and some other files and use it for selling electronic documents as I do.

It's really easy to use it and to manage your files. The developer did an outstanding job. Thanks for it once again! Five stars.
Reviews: 4
I am a beginner at building websites but figured most of it out on my own. I had one minor problem and after talking with the developer (alao)he straightened my problem out. He got back to me quickly (on a sunday) and the problem was resolved. I wish and hope that every developer is as good as Alao is. if anyone has problems with mp3 paths just copy and paste the bold ABOVE where you write it and add your folder on to the end. Thanks again for developing such an awesome extension!
Reviews: 1
This component is extremely easy to set up and I am not a specialist, everything is well explained and logic. I had it up and running within a few hours. This is the perfect solution for independent musicians as the only fee taken are the ones charged by paypal. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU !!!!!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for your time and efforts this was easy to install and configure which is great for a NoOb like me.
Thanks again
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and programming but I must say that I have had alot of success with the Maian Music extension.

It was very easy to configure and the support forums were extremely helpful!

I will definetely donate to

Really..A Great Job and Well Done!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review yea I'm working hard at adding some more functions to the component.

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