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cciDEAL Platform ComponentPlugin

Add iDEAL to Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x extensions with cciDEAL, which is used by thousands of Dutch Joomla! websites!

Tested and working with latest versions of Virtuemart 3.x, Virtuemart 2.6 and RSForm Pro!

- New extensions: Virtuemart 3.x (test version), RSDirectory
- New payment providers: Sisow, Rabo OmniKassa and updated to new Mollie API
- Now support more payment methods in TargetPay and Mollie

Supported extensions include:
- Virtuemart 3.0
- Virtuemart 2.6
- Virtuemart 2.0
- RSForm!Pro
- RSDirectory
- ccInvoices (!!)
- RD Ticketmaster
- SobiPro
- Akeeba Subscriptions 3.x
- Akeeba Subscriptions 4.x
- JoomISP
- SimpleCaddy
- redSHOP
- HikaShop
- Joomla! articles
- RSEvents!Pro
- RSMembership

cciDEAL Platform makes it possible to easily implement iDEAL in Joomla! extensions, so you can accept iDEAL payments with accounts from ING, Rabobank, Rabo OmniKassa, ABN AMRO, Sisow, Mollie and Targetpay.

Via Mollie, TargetPay, Sisow and Rabo OmniKassa we now also support: Overboeking, Mister Cash, Credit Card and Sofort banking!

Yes, cciDEAL supports iDEAL v3 / iDEAL SEPA

New features added in 2014:
- new responsive (bootstrapped) layouts
- improved user interface
- fast "test payment" button from the administrator
- pre-payment email that can be sent before payments are started
- live update: update notifications and easy one-click update from the Joomla! administrator
- New integrations overview to manage all your integrations with other extensions from the Joomla! administrator


With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions!

Support for Virtuemart 2.6 and 2.0 and many other Joomla! extensions!

== Easy installation ==
Implementation of iDEAL in these Joomla! extensions is easy. All you need to do is install cciDEAL Platform, the extension you want iDEAL in and a Joomla! plugin we developed, and you can start accepting iDEAL!

== Payments in Joomla! articles ==
The easiest way to accept payments, is with the cciDEAL Platform content plugin for Joomla! articles. Add payment buttons for invoices, donations and more!

==Informative payments overview ==
View a very informative payments overview, which shows the status of payments, which extension requested the payment, the transaction ID and more.

== Immediately retry payments ==
If for whatever reason a payment is not successful, for example the customer forgot the "random reader", the payment can be immediately retried.

== Automatic updates ==
The payment status is communicated back to the site, so the status is automatically updated in Joomla! (with ING Advanced, Rabo Pro, Mollie and TargetPay).

== Joomla! 3 supported! ==
cciDEAL Platform supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3, with a nice bootstrapped interface! Tested and working perfectly on Joomla! 3.3 also!

--> And... we offer professional support from our full time Joomla! experts!

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Reviews: 1
Good extension for iDEAL. Great support with a layout problem.
highly recommended.
Reviews: 3
This extension is just great. Have used it widely in different e-commerce projects; integrating the solution with HikaShop, RedShop, Virtuemart, RsformsPro and RSeventsPro. Always fits like a glove. Well, most of the time. If it doesn't fit, it usually turns out to be a misconfiguration by myself.

To me, the availability of professional support is at least as important as the extension itself. The guys at ChillCreations seem to know that and act accordingly. And they're fast... Recommended!
Reviews: 2
I use cciDEAL Platform with RSEvents! Pro and HikaShop with Rabo OmniKassa. It turned out that it was not possible with RSEvents!Pro to choose the payment method at Rabo OmniKassa.
Only 1 week after my support ticket this was integrated in cciDEAL Platform.
Quick responses and excellent service.
Definitely recommended!
Reviews: 4
This is a really great extension. It works very well! We use it in redSHOP, it’s simple to install and to use. This is the iDEAL extension if you need one. The support is also superb! Thank you Chill Creation, good job!
Reviews: 1
I use this extention in combination with RSForm PRO. So now someone can order some products and E-books also with Ideal (very handy in the Netherlands).

The extention is very easy to install and there is clear documentation on the website.

David and Nagoor helped me a lot when i discovered a issue with generating PDF's from RSForm after payment. They worked very hard (also in the weekend!) to solve this as quick as possible. It was very important for me that this was working, so that was GREAT!

David also gave me some advice for choosing the right Ideal company.

So i'm very happy with the product and also with the support.

Thanks again.
Reviews: 3
Great extension, works fine with Virutemart, RSForms!Pro and many others. Also a nice integration with their ccInvoice extension.
Needed support a few times, and they respond fast and always with a good solution. Recommended for iDeal Payments.
Reviews: 10
Great solution for offering iDEAL payments the easy way. Great and fast support! Easy integration in a lot of well known Joomla components.
Reviews: 1
Great extension for virtuemart and easy to install. The developers provide quick support!!
Reviews: 4
This component is easy to configure and to install.
And if you encounter any problems there is a great support available with a lot of knowledge.
My problem was due to my lack of knowledge with another component. But they solved this in no time.
Reviews: 4
cciDeal works as promissed. There was permission problem, and support reacted prompt and found and resolved the problem within days, continuesly interacting with me without delay. Compliments!
Reviews: 4
We use the extensions to integrate iDEAL in Virtuemart and RSform.

We had some small problems but the support desk was very quick to respond and solved the issue! Thanks Gopi!

In my opinion the only extension to use when you need an iDEAL payment platform.
Reviews: 1
Very nice product. I use it for the integration with RSForm! Pro.

I had some wishes and they implement this very quickly. Quick response of the supporteam!

Thanks voor developing Gopi and David!
Reviews: 2
I am using cciDEAL with Virtuemart 2.0.2. works great. An excellent component for the number one payment method in Holland (iDeal). I had a little problem, but after submitting a support ticket the problem was fast fixed.
Great and quick support.
Reviews: 1
This extension runs perfect on Joomla 2.5.2 (Stable) en Virtuemart 2.0.2 (Stable).

Quick support and works great!

I can recommend this extension to everybody!
Reviews: 3
I use this great Ideal extension for the newest version of Virtuemart 2.0. The service was great. I really recommend this extension for any webshop.

Greetings Gerben
Reviews: 14
I am using CCideal wiith Hikashop, works great. Initially I had a little problem where the cart wasn't emptied after payment, but after submitting a support ticket the problem was swiftly fixed.
Reviews: 4
I installed cciDEAL Platform on a Joomla 1.5.x. site with Hikashop. Piece of cake, but.... m client insisted on a hosting platform with IIS.

Problems with logging because of chmod.

The support ticket was answered very quick, but lasted long because of rarely the hosting platform.

Chillcreation did a great job solving the problems! Almost 24/7 service. Thx David!
Reviews: 4
Chill Creations made a great extension.
I use it for RSmembership and RSevents in combination with Mollie iDEAL (dutch payment system).

Easy to install and good support from these guys.

Worth buying this component!
Reviews: 4
An excellent component for the number one payment method in Holland (iDeal).
Great and quick support.
I'm using it in Simplecaddy and it was a piece of cake to integrate it in my site.
Thanks Chill Creations!