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Introducing Easy Paypal Buttons, a Joomla component that allows easy creation and deployment of Paypal Buttons. No longer do you have to create the buttons via Paypal's button generator where you have to manually copy over and manage the HTML. Just create the button via Easy Paypal Buttons, insert the button into an article, and Easy Paypal Buttons will keep the button up to date!

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Read more about the complete feature list at

Short list of features:
* Create Buy Now, Shopping Cart, View Cart, Donate, Gift Certificate, Subscription, and Unsubscribe buttons with many
* PayPal options supported
* Create buttons in different languages
* Deploy buttons throughout articles, 3rd party components that support Joomla Content plugins, or anywhere using the included module!
* Set defaults in the component's Parameters to autopopulate new buttons to save time
* Encrypted buttons - prevent HTML tampering!
* Support for almost every possible PayPal button option
* Instant Payment Notification support - keep track of payments made through the site's buttons (will also be able to define custom IPN URLs so that you can use Easy PayPal Buttons with your own custom IPN script)
* Live Update support
* Payment history reporting with exports
* Placeholder support such as Joomla Username and ID or article title, etc. for various button parameters
* Built-in cart feature with multi-merchant support!
* PayPal Pro support for built in cart checkout
* ACL support
* Advanced overrides for the content plugin and module
* Automatically send out emails (with attachments) upon payment completion with option to use download links in emails sent out upon payment completion. This is great for large files. Optional download limit to restrict access to the file after a user downloads it x number of times.
* Advanced Discounts!
* Advanced shipping fee profiles with optional surcharges based on payer country, city or zip!
* Option to allow users to upload files upon payment completion
* Send customizable (via a template override) invoices upon payment

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Reviews: 2
excellent component, fast and accurate support, with the component to use paypal is easy and quick, would recommend to all
Reviews: 4
I'm really pretty happy with this extension. It's very robust, and has TONS of flexibility. This is a great solution for websites that are selling just a few products, and do not require a full blown online store solution. I haven't found another simple e-commerce extension to match it.

Unfortunately, I've run into a few troubles related to mobile browsers. I submitted a ticket quite some time ago, and have not received any response. I wish I could give this a higher rating, but without support for the challenges I'm facing, it's hard to give this a 5-star rating.
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension on two different websites, each with two completely different configurations. One was to manage subscriptions (specifically, allowing users to spread the cost of an event) and the other as a shopping cart. Although it's fairly easy to configure each button, each one can be super-customised, which makes the whole component very flexible.

I would like to see one option though - to be able to manage the progress of an order from the history tab and being able to contact the buyer from within there too. The ability to mark an order as "dispatched" or "in progress" would be awesome. And if I need to ask the buyer any questions, being able to do that from within Joomla would be ace!

This is an amazing component and the developer has provided first-rate support when I've needed it.
Reviews: 4
I searched everywhere these extensions and already bought a lot of extensions paypal from developer and this is the best just now. Many features that are useful to the user. Thanks to this developer.
Reviews: 1
I use this product on a site with a few products to sell. Not enough for a full on shopping cart - but enough that I wanted a simple, effective and customizable way for people to order.

Easy PayPal Buttons has been perfect for me. It works seamlessly, has plenty of options, and is intuitive for both customers and administration.

The built-in cart, which I just started using, has been a god-send.

And now that coupon codes are included, I can offer special deals and use the codes to track what promotion is working.

Oh - and the support - it's been excellent! I had a few little tweaks I wanted to do and Alan was very helpful with suggestions of how to handle.

I HIGHLY recommend this product!!
Reviews: 1
I would like to commend Alan on his awesome extension as well as amazing support! I had some jQuery problems with another extension, which was coded for an older version of jQuery where I contacted them for support... and they basically told me "that's too bad ... deal with it"

When I contacted Alan regarding this issue, he went above and beyong the call of duty and did everything possible (way beyond what I would have normally expected from a developer) and resolved this issue for me.

Alan, you've got a fan for life!
Reviews: 1
Many thanks to the developer for this extension. Initial setup was very simple and had a working shop cart linked to PayPal in about 10 mins.

Had a couple a jQuery conflicts later on with the development of the site. Contacted Alan, the developer. He was very helpful in resolving the issues. Got everything sorted.

Reviews: 3
It's saved me alot of time in my last project. Component so easy to configure! At the same time i was very impressed by settings for developers. Keep on a good work, guys! I will suggest your extension in Romania where ever I can.
Reviews: 4
Great work! This is a simple, straightforward plugin that gets the job done fast! I was able to quickly load buttons WITH OPTIONS on my client's website, no sweat! Thanks so much for your hard work, you made my work a lot easier! :)
Reviews: 1
I highly reccomend this extension for anyone looking to sell a small number of products on their website. It is very simple to use and does the job well. The service to back it up is superb. I had 2 questions and they were answered super fast, accuratly and in a friendly manner. A++.
Reviews: 3
I bought Easy Paypal Buttons 4.0.0 BETA service last week. It Works smoothly and is exactly what I need.

As soon as I ask for more functions or fix something to compatible with my website. The customer support team reply very soon and updated to new version in the same day.

I'm a fan of them now, and will always use their service.
Reviews: 8
This is a powerful component, easy and fast to setup. 15$ but a lot of time saved ! No need to modify paypal acount properties for standard use.
Congratulations to developers (and many thanks).
Reviews: 5
An incradibly flexible solution enabling you to take payments for products or services on your site. Adds to any article in seconds.

Excellent documentation and outstanding support.

I needed a tweak to the component to link to an autoresponder and within days it was delivered at no extra cost.

You won't regret buying this extension.
Reviews: 19
Easy to use, clean, works well. Perfect for a quick Paypal shopping cart payment system. Parameters are easy to understand.
Reviews: 2
The button wasn't working so Alan looked at the code and gave instructions to my developer to fix it. Even after he thought he had fixed it, it still didn't work so Alan actually went in and fixed the template and code on my website so it would work, which even my own developer couldn't fix. That was awesome and there is no way it was profitable for Alan after all the time he spent fixing our bad programming. What a terrific person.
Reviews: 1
Within minutes of purchasing this extension (for a very reasonable price!) I had it up and running. I came across a feature that I needed to make it work perfectly for my sites needs so contacted the developer. He responded quickly and gave me a custom solution within a day or two. The extension is easy to use, simple to understand and the support is better than you could imagine. I would recommend Easy Paypal Buttons to anyone.
Reviews: 3
I am as cheap as they get and just wanted something that worked. I was up and running with a shopping car within 5 minutes. I had a few questions and Alan responded within 2 that is what I call support.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
Love this module. Its an easy way to add a shopping cart within the website and not just in a new window like PayPal does. The support is great too! I've even had some customization questions and all have been answered thoroughly and promptly.
Reviews: 2
I had been looking for a Paypal component that would record sales of products.

I then came across this extension that had what I was looking for with its IPN function.

I had a small issue with the IPN in that I needed to log actual item price and the support I had to resolve this was first class.

This Component is also great for those that require paying different vendors for various reasons.

All in all, a great Paypal solution.
Reviews: 1
Not only the extension works great but in the unfortunate event that there is something wrong with the configuration of a specific site the Support is Excelent all the way!!

Many thanks to Alan for taking the time to resolve some very specific issues from my end.

Should definately have it!
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