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ccOmniKassa ComponentPlugin

Add Rabo OmniKassa to Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x extensions!

Add Rabo OmniKassa to:
- Joomla! articles
- Virtuemart 2.6
- Virtuemart 2.0
- RD Ticketmaster
- Akeeba Subscriptions
- HikaShop
- RSForm Pro
- RSMembership
- RSEvents Pro
- redSHOP
- SobiPro

Tested and working perfectly with the latest versions of Virtuemart 2.0 and 2.6!

ccOmniKassa makes it possible to implement the Rabobank OmniKassa payment solution (and iDEAL, Minitix, credit cards etc) into a Joomla! website with Virtuemart 2.0 and 2.6, Akeeba Subscriptions, HikaShop, RSForm Pro and other extensions. ccOmniKassa is all you need for a successful implementation.

ccOmniKassa is developed by the iDEAL experts that also brought you other great extensions for iDEAL: Chill Creations.

With full open source control: get the unencrypted extension for use on UNLIMITED sites, no restrictions!

== Easy installation via Joomla! ==
Installing ccOmniKassa is as easy as it can get; just use the Joomla! extensions manager and you're done! The payment plugins are also easily installed

== Straightforward configuration ==
The Rabo OmniKassa account details can be entered in the administrator section of ccOmniKassa, there is no need to adjust PHP files within your website root.

== Payments in Joomla! articles ==
The easiest way to accept payments, is with the ccOmniKassa content plugin for Joomla! articles. Add payment buttons for invoices, donations and more!

== Automatic updates ==
The payment status is handled and communicated to the used extensions, so the status is automatically updated in for example Virtuemart.

The extension also implements all Rabo OmniKassa features, such as:
* multi-currency
* multi-language

Joomla! 3 supported!
ccOmniKassa now supports Joomla! 3, with a nice bootstrapped interface!

We also have proactive communication with the Rabobank and are involved with improving the Rabo OmniKassa product.

--> We offer professional support from our full time Joomla! experts! We handle questions and issues with a high priority. If you have any questions or issues, create a ticket on our website so our team can assist you!

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Reviews: 7
Very usefull component and plugin. For the combination with RD Ticketmaster, a manual would be great, but the guys at the helpdesk are more than helpfull! And with a bit of explaining from their side, it became one of the easiest components I came accross in the last years.
Reviews: 1
A component that just works as advertised. Awesome! Simple to install and configure this component will save you a lot of time if you have to build a webshop (VM) for a client who wants to use the OmniKassa payment system.
Even the slightest bump in the installation process (server related), was quickly and adequately solved by the great support team from Chill Creations! Thumbs up for you guys! Keep it coming! :)

Frank Everards
Reviews: 3
A first time user can install the component and get it working in les than a minute. They really did a sophisticated & professional job with a focus on usability.
It must be, because they appearantly can afford to have time for you when you have a question. You can even reach them with a problem that is even nót their responsibility. Then, still you get a helpfull and decent answer.

It's a warm and refreshing experience to know that their are stil organisations that make a good product ánd keep up a friendly and personal service!
Reviews: 1
This is a very easy component and has great support. Thanks a million for developing this.
Reviews: 1
A warm welcome to this new extension for a new and promising online paying method. Works fine in Virtuemart 1.1.4. Very easy to install. At start there were some small problems with the display of the messages after payment. The support team reacted very quick and fixed the problems. Thanks a lot.