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Easy Paypal Plugin

Easy PayPal is a Joomla plugin, with one important feature. You can set the PayPal parameters using default Joomla bot configuration screen, as well as, setting the parameters in the content. format. You can set the parameters for email address, dollar amount, currency, item name, item number, button image or a combination of the above. In addition, Easy PayPal support multiple PayPal buttons on the same page with different parameters.

This plugin has been updated to support Joomla 1.0x/1.5x/1.6x/2.5x/3.x

supports tax calculation and tax parameter.
supports PayPal Verified Seller button and URL.
supports PayPal subscription and recurring payments.
supports shipping, shipping2 and handling charges.
supports all available PayPal currency codes.
supports user notes and user own price input.
supports return URL and cancellation URL
supports PayPal buttons, and comes with a sold out button
supports shopping cart, regular payment, subscription and seal
supports PayPal optional fields (on0, os0, on1 and os1)
allows users to specify the quantity.

New Feature:
You can now set different price based on Option List, For example, if you want to sell Red Color shirt for $10, Green Color for $20 and Blue color for $30, you can specify following parameters
"on0=Color,os0=Red $10:Green $20:Blue $30,optionpricing=Yes"

We also added a optionpricingorder=Last to support cases where you have numbers in the description, such as "Red Size 10 $20"

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Reviews: 21
I found it very easy to install and setup this plugin. I looked for something that gives me the option for customers to change the amount they want to pay and this is doing a great job!
Reviews: 2
I really don't see why people are complaining about this plugin.
I installed the plugin, went to the on-line tutorial, inserted the tag in the article and it works.
The only paramater I HAD to fill in in the config for the plugin is the PayPal email address, all the rest can go on the {easypaypal} tag.
There's a couple of features I'd like to see, but it does exactly what it says it does, no frills, it just works.
It was certainly worth $10 of my money. Virtuemart was WAY to comlex for a simple handful of products.
Reviews: 3
I wasted 10 dollars on a completely obscure extension, with basic instructions and gimmicky use.
Owner's reply

Please let me know if you need any help.

Reviews: 2
I do not undersatnd the few negative reviews of this extension complaining about the documentation. While it is not lengthy, it is more than adequate since this plug-in is very easy to use and requires only the obvious configuration. I have used both the 1.5 and 1.7 version and both work perfectly. You CAN--if you wish--specify a default configuration (perhaps you have only one PayPal button on your site) and in that case, you can invoke the plug-in simply by including it within brackets.
If you have multiple, different occurrences, you simply specify parameters within the brackets where you invoke the plug-in, just by simply including each relevant parameter and the appropriate value. It could hardly be simpler.
I wish every Joomla extension worked as well and was as clearly documented. Even if you need "spoon feeding" to set this up, the developer is very accessible and responds immediately by email.
Reviews: 1
I am lost trying to find how to configure this useless extension. You can't even find it on the support web. I do not have to ask and wait for the answer to figure out how it might work but configuration is a bunch of work...
Owner's reply

There is a tutorial page at:

There is also a support forum at:

If you still have questions, please contact me directly at

Reviews: 1
I bought this extension today to incorporate it in 3 websites, one in English and 2 in German. It is exactly what I wanted. I encountered a small problem, but Bing, the developer gave me full support. Thanks Bing!
Reviews: 1
The plugin itself looks good, according to its online menu, and examples,

I can find NO supports from developers, nor the community (its forum is locked, cannot post any questions)!
Owner's reply

Why can you email me? On the forum, I stated that you need to contact me by email.

Reviews: 1
A good plugin for Joomla. It is useful for us who use paypal so often. I like it. But i will love it much more if it is free.

However, thank you!
Reviews: 2
I agree with all the fine reviews below. After paying $10.00 the plugin came quickly and was very easy to install.

It does take a little work to read everything you need to know since the information is scattered in different places. This morning I just happen to see the Email Cloaking had to be disabled.

A little trial and help from Bing gets you up and running quickly.

John Grossman
Reviews: 1
I've been a website designer for over a dozen years and programming with Joomla! for less than six months, and I can't agree more with mwerthjoomla regarding changing information on the fly (CAUTION: watch ampersands while doing this!) without accessing the plug-in preferences (I have 10 items on one of my first EasyPaypal client websites that were very easy to program). mwerthjoomla and squatterjoe are also right on target regarding the support. Bing is wonderful - excellent and incredibly quick customer service!

And Molly is right: the $10 it costs is money well spent.

My advice to all is read all of the reviews with a keen eye toward the details (whys and whats) of the reviews and keep them in mind when "shopping," but I think you'll find this extension is just what you want.

Thanks again Bing!
Reviews: 19
This is definitely a quick and easy way to install a simple shopping cart if you don't need the advanced features of a full eCommerce site. I was able to create several Add to Cart buttons on one page for different items and a View Cart button also.

It allowed me to use the sellers PayPal profile for sales tax for purchases originating in the sellers home state, rather than the plugin's choice of either a flat tax for all items or none. It also allowed me to either assign a shipping amount for each item or use the sellers PayPal profile to use a table to determine shipping amount based on total of purchase.

I encountered a problem because I had misused the parameter syntax. I emailed the developer & got an immediate response & a quick fix by Bing. The tech support for this extension is next to none!

The developer website might benefit from allowing users to post questions in the forum so others can benefit from the fix but the response to tech support emails sent from the website more than makes up for this.
Reviews: 2
This plug-in comes without any user documentation for the free download. Once installed, when you're in Joomla and you go to the plug-in parameters, there is almost no support there either; only very cryptic comments about what each parameter field means. There is a easy paypal forum, but it seems to be used by the plug-in developer and no-one else. It contains only a few posts about random features and not the typical problems/solutions you expect from a forum. I suggest you look elsewhere if you are a joomla beginner or even intermediate user.
Owner's reply

Please see the following page for installation steps:

Reviews: 2
The support for this feature was the best part. This isn't to say the product is anything but top notch, it means that the support is above and beyond the standard fare.

The product itself was simple to implement and does what it says it does very nicely. The cost is nothing compared to the functionality this gives you.

Thanks Bing, It is a pleasure.
Reviews: 2
Easy PayPal is a terrific product. Doesn't even require a module. It installs instantly into the plugin manager, and the default settings take a minute to fill in with payee information, etc.

The greatest thing about Easy PayPal is the person behind the code, Bing. He provided THE BEST technical support I've encountered in a long time. He usually got back to me within an hour for the 4 or 5 emails I sent with my implementation questions. Some other plugin providers didn't even respond when I inquired about their product.

Easy PayPal does just about anything that you would need for E-Commerce. You can even change the payee on the fly as well as any of the PayPal variables without having to go back to the plugin manager. This gives you the in-the-moment customization and control of anything you would like to do on payment options. You can allow the user to change the amount or the quantity for the item on the screen. You can set up recurring payments for a short term or indefinite duration. You can use shopping carts, view cart, etc.

The only thing I would like to see added to the product would be a new feature to allow the user to modify the amount and period on the recurring subscription payments option for example if someone wanted to pay a custom value for either a recurring monthly donation or have a choice of amount for a recurring weekly, daily, or annual payment. I think adding this feature would be valuable for the "pay what you think it's worth" marketplace, especially in the freeware/shareware and non-profit donation universe.

Other than that, I think this plugin gives all the bang for the buck in what you need to add an on-the-fly payment, donation, recurring payment, or recurring donation on your article/product pages. Definitely buy this and use it for Easy, stress-free, and FAST PayPal buttons on your site. You'll never need to login to PayPal again except to transfer your income money to your bank account. Please let Bing know if you have any questions about this plugin, and he will surely respond to help you.
Reviews: 4
I have been looking for an easy way to add a PayPal button that doesn't require a university degree to configure, and I have found it in this one. It's a great little plugin particulalry if you have only one or two products to sell. The $10 it costs is money well spent.

Many thanks!
Reviews: 2
I had a problem with setting up the parameters. The PayPal button takes me to a page with 3 fields and the terms field displays:

$2.00 USD for the first 2 days
Then $1.00 USD for the next week
Then $2.00 USD for each 2 years

This stuff doesn't show up anywhere in the parameters and Bing was not able to explain it.

Maybe it wasn't worth his time as I only paid him $10 for the extension. Not a big loss but I do feel a little ripp off.

Owner's reply

On Feb 19, I explained to you 5 times on how Joomla plugin works and never heard from you again. And now this feedback.

As I have mentioned, you HAVE TO choose "regular payment" to show your regular price. If you choose to use Subscription, Paypal subscription payment will be SHOWN. If you setup your plugin parameters correctly, you just need to have "easypaypal" in your article to get the button working.

I don't know any other way I can explain this better.

Reviews: 1
I'm not a php savvy, my coding skills are rusty.
Got a project with paypal integration from a client and clearly I need some help. QuickIPN provides fast email support. It was easy to configure (remember to use ie only for configuration), light-weight and pretty straight forward and fits!
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
Works pretty good. Simple, straight forward. Support is great.

I would like to see that you can add items at different price tags in different web pages. Perhaps differentiate them with name tags, so the form can process the one you want.
Reviews: 2
I've been looking for a simple Paypal integration that would fix the pain that placing Paypay buttons in Joomla usually is.

(Generating the buttons in PP, pasting the code in the html editor, and hoping that I don't ever open the page again with the WYSIWYG editor turned on resulting in destroyed code.)

Anyway, I paid the small (reasonable) fee, and got my plugin delivered right away via email.

Followed the directions, and it was working just fine in native J 1.5.2. No more worrying about whether or not I had the WYSIWYG editor on or off.

I had a question for the author (would multiple items show up in PP - yes), and received my answers within the hour.

One of my pages has over 40 products on one page, and it works splendidly.

I am very happy with this plugin, and recommend it for anyone that needs a few Paypal buttons on their site.

Thanks Bing!
Reviews: 2
Installed as a bot very easy. Nice set up parameters for PayPal. Lots of button styles you can choose from. Handles singe one-off or subscription/recurring payments.

Handles both cancel transaction and successful transaction return URLs.

Over all great product for simple one button purchases.

Great work !