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Pay by Paypal Module

Only for 2€, PayPal module for joomla1.5 by, in this version. In this module you can select your PayPal logo from 26 Different PayPal Logos, this module allow you to set parameters like, Your PayPal E-mail Address, Product name, Amount, Tax Charge, Shipping Charge, Shipping Address Necessity, Call your Company logo Directly from your site for your PayPal page, 18 PayPal Currency Options, URL Support after payment done, URL If payment Cancel, Module Alignment etc. etc. Enjoy.

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Reviews: 1
this module works well but beside, an Excellent online support and a very cheap price is what i like more about it
Reviews: 4
This has always worked well for me. The funny thing is, I installed it back in January of 2010, and forgot to leave a review. I also conveniently forgot to make a donation. Now I see that they charge a few bucks for it. Must be that not enough people used the honor system. It's well worth it. I'm going to pay it now so I can sleep nights. :-)
Reviews: 1
The program works quite well. Easy to assign easy to place. but in joomla 1.5.1 it will not show the actual paypal gifs. So the paypal link looks more like just a link. and well, everyone looks for the credit card icon, or paypal icon. So it is hard to finalize, I have to wait for the "determined to buy from me" people to contact me and ask where the button is so I can tell them to just click the link.

Other than that one issue (kinda big issue since I get no income) this program is awesome and very very well built.
I might just go ahead and click the link myself and add an image to the page and hyper link it. Until a new version comes out, that is.
Owner's reply

hello my friend

module work perfectly on joomla1.5.1
it also shows perfect image

find it here :
you are doing misconfiguration


Reviews: 1
Absolutely marvellous. I've only just begun my Joomla journey and had no trouble initiating the module on my hobby site. Kind thanks...
Reviews: 7
I love this module. They worked with me to address an issue that wasn't even there fault.

If you try to load the module into an article using the modanywhere plugin, it will mess up the code.

But you can load using loadposition plugin and it will work perfectly in an article.
Reviews: 54
I say it in one sentence.


Reviews: 2
5 stars baby. It has a weird name but the extension is massively working excellent. I've tried others and took a break. I came back looking for something thats easy to setup, looks good, make me look more pro bla bla bla. Its my first review here on this site because i've been so lazy to write. But these guy's product deserves to be credited so that others are confident in using it on their site. and its freee. Thanks guys. I'll make a donation now on your site to show i'm truly greatful for allowing me to use this great paypal software extention. Does it allow multiple items? I'll have to check it out to see because I was in a rush to get it working because people wanted to make some payments on my site right away. It saved me big time. I'm a 0creativity fan.
Reviews: 1
Up and ready in no time. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Easy to install and ready to use within minutes. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This was one of the easiest extensions to use. If you are new at E-commerce and not wanting to go the long merchant account route--this is it. Paypal and this extension work hand in hand and are a very simple addition to your website. the install was easy and the link button/paypal logo make it super easy for the shopper to purchase your product and have their own confidence in the paypal system.
Reviews: 1
This was better than I was hoping for. I had tried to set up a module that allowed my client's customers to use either a PayPal account or just a credit card to make payments on their accounts. This was very easy to install, setup and configure. There were no surprises or problem areas. The included ability to link to and use my client's logo on the top of the PayPal payment page is PERFECT! Thanks for the great work!!
Reviews: 1
I like it only problem is that, what if someone wants many options, like a drop down and once select from that, what to do for that, as there is no documentation available so thought to ask here

Thanks anyways
Owner's reply

right now almost all necessary features we have involved in this module,though PayPal gives more then 50 variables for payment gateway integration but all people who handle their website by himself are not subjective about computers and web designing. so we have developed this features for non subjective peoples too that a person who don't know how to develop website or to do integration modules, He can also integrate his own PayPal payment gateway in his website in less then a minute. thanks for your reply madam.

Reviews: 15
Firstly I'm a little surprised at finding only a few reviews! Due to this I was a little hesitant at downloading it. I'm glad I did. I installed this module and had it set up and working in less than a minute. The only thing I found missing was a module class parameter which I have forward to the developer. I added my own and it worked beautifully. Well done to the developers and I do hope others try and review this module.
Reviews: 1
This is very simple but powerfull module. Thanks to module developer staff.
Owner's reply

hello dear user, thanks for post your review on our module. your reviews and comments are very important to us. please don;t hesitate to point us if we do any mistake or forget to put something. thank you again my friend. wish you all the best for your bright future. ....bhumit vyas (creative director 0creativity studio)

Reviews: 114
Installed straight off no issues. Perfection!!

thank you
Reviews: 2
Simple, easy to set up, many options. Great module! Thank you!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for appreciate our work,

Reviews: 3
This is a good, simple module that is easy to configure. Exactly what I was looking for - thanks!
Owner's reply

Thanks for appreciate our work,