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Nice PayPal Button Plugin

The Nice PayPal Button Plugin provides a convenient way to add a PayPal button to any article, to modules, or to almost anywhere text can appear on a page! Whether you want to sell a few items or a lot of items, using the traditional PayPal “Buy Now” button, the PayPal Shopping Cart system, or collect donations, the Nice PayPal Button Plugin makes it easy to turn any Joomla! page into a point of sale. No need to monkey around with complicated ecommerce components, the Nice PayPal Button Plugin's implementation is quick, flexible and easy to use. Simply enter the Nice PayPal Button tag {nicepaypal:button type|price|item name}, e.g. {nicepaypal:buy|7.50|Joomla T-Shirt}, where you want your PayPal button to appear and start selling.

Some Cool Features Include
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.0 compatible.
* Compatible with K2
* Add buttons anywhere on a page where text can be placed, i.e, articles, modules, etc.
* 6 button types: Buy Now, Pay Now, Donation, Add to Cart & View Cart, Add to Cart only, and View Cart only.
* Supports custom button graphic replacement.
* Integrated with PayPal Shopping Cart system
* Set a dollar amount or allow the payee enter it, great for payee specified donation amounts.
* Supports PayPal Merchant ID numbers.
* Set different PayPal seller accounts for individual buttons.
* Set the item name.
* Supports item numbers.
* Supports per item shipping amounts.
* Up to 9 product option fields available (PayPal's limit).
* Supports PayPal button text entry field.
* Supports PayPal button product options drop-down box.
* Added support for PayPal button product options drop-down box with multiple prices.
* Supports 2nd shipping amount per each additional unit.
* Support for default button size, large/small
* Support for PayPal window target, _self/_blank
* Supports PayPal account based shipping calculations.
* Supports PayPal account based shipping using weight in lbs or kgs.
* Supports flat tax & tax rate (percentage based).
* Configurable options aid in supporting VAT and GST tax.
* Set item quantity.
* Supports the specification of a unique return URL and cancel URL per button.
* Supports PayPal country codes.
* Set PayPal payment page language.
* Supports all PayPal supported currency codes.
* Setting for PayPal button language
* Basic support for PayPal Hosted Buttons
* Test mode option, point to PayPal sandbox account.
* Language support.
* Included Admin Panel Translations English, Español, Français, Italiano, Svenska, Deutsch, Pусский, Slovenski jezik and हिंदी.

Release version 2.91 Changes:
* Added JSON response friendly tag replacement.

Release version 2.92 Changes:
* Joomla 3.0 compatible.

Release version 2.93 Changes:
Added Solvenian translation.

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Reviews: 4
Excellent and easy to use extension. The support they offer is amazing and they live up to their word.
Reviews: 1
This plug in was extremely easy to install and set up - literally just a few minutes and it was working. You can use it very simply, or take advantage of the extra features if you need them. Email support was also very responsive to my questions.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is really great and easy to use. I did need some special CSS but support helped me though it and all is fine.
Thanks for the plugin
Reviews: 2
I have been using this for a while now and I liked how easy it was to install and set up. I usually figure that if -I- can figure it out, anyone can. It's easy to modify and just insert it amid the article (as code). It works great.
Reviews: 1
I am the Web Master for a small non-profit organization. I have limited Joomla experience. It was reported to me that the PayPal "Donate" button was not working. I know that it had worked at one time; not sure when it stopped. I looked at the code that PayPal had originally sent, but could not figure out what was wrong. Searching the web for solutions, I came across the "Nice PayPal Button" and decided to give it a try, since I did not have a lot of time to devote to this project. I bought the software, downloaded and installed it. Within ten minutes of installation, problem "fixed". Very easy implementation and very happy with results. Thank you!
Reviews: 4
I found this extension very easy to use and install. I did have a problem with layout on the site. However, a few emails and support and all is looking just like I wanted it. I have used a few extensions but you don't always get help. I am extremely happy with my purchase.
Reviews: 1
I'm relatively new to Joomla and my experience with NICE PayPal was fantastic. They made sure I had exactly what I needed and did not give up on me. Furthermore, I really appreciated the friendliness and courtesy. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 1
This was my first Joomla website!

It has over 20 items on sale.
We used the contribution button, the downloads button, and the nice paypal button.
Half of the 20 items are in Spanish.

What I am getting at is, I received all the support I needed to get all these things done, despite my ineptness with Joomla and PayPal and Tritronic. My deepest gratitude! Thank you for helping us put out a first class catalog website!
Reviews: 6
I have done only about 10 sites so far. One had to have online sales for online reading and it was difficult to set up but I got there.

Then, I had to have a way, for the current site, to show pictures in a great way and also to buy the itmes shown in those pictures, too. I have NO idea how to set up something so complex as VM is and a lot of the free and commercial stuff WAS complex. Finally, I found this extension and not only did it supply a HOW TO video tutorial which explained it easily, it WORKED!! best of all, I am using RSMEDIA GALLERY for the pictures and by editing the details of the picture within that extension and adding the tag for this one, you can have the gallery AND the buying all in one spot!! Simply BRILLIANT WORK this extension!

Reviews: 2
I want my non-tecky site editors to add PayPal buttons without them logging into the PayPal account. This works great. Well done Dev, happy to pay £9.81 for it.
Reviews: 19
I don't mind paying a few or even a lot of bucks if the extension will help me on a specific task. This was exactly the case for me with this extension.

It installs easily, and there was great set-up documentation at the developer site to make sure it would configure properly to my PayPal account.

I do wish there was a way to reset the download counter on the back-end without deleting the download, and reloading it. Maybe something for the wish-list??

Owner's reply

Thanks for the "awesome" review. It means a lot to me. I am happy to read that you are enjoying the Nice PayPal Downloads extension.

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that you can reset the download counter by clicking into the download item details. At the bottom of the details form you will see a field labeled "hits." Simply set the value to 0 (zero) and click save. The download counter will be reset.

If you need more assistance, visit our support forum. I'd be happy to help you further.

Reviews: 1
I have tried several other PayPal solutions and this one is by far the most complete and straight forward to use.

You can get the one Joomla! element for a reasonable price but I would highly recommend the bundle. It is fairly inexpensive for all that you get. It provides 12 months of updates and the license is great.
Reviews: 4
This is an awesome extension, worth the money and better than described! Thank you for perfection!
Reviews: 1
I was able to download and try several variations of this within 30 minutes and no real issues. The one hiccup I had was my fault when I tried to use an exisiting Hosted Button. When I copied the number I copied other junk without realizing it. Read an article on it and cleaned up the extra HTML. (You just need your button ID#) Very quick, easy and flexible.
Reviews: 1
We bought the Nice PayPal Button Plugin and it was very easy to install and use. But we realised, that we needed an additional feature to handle different languages on the paypal payment window. We sent a mail to the support and just a few hours later, we received a modified version which included exactly the feature we where looking for. This is really a great Plugin!
Reviews: 1
Great product and great tech support! Highly recommend.
Reviews: 4
I tried several hours with another extension to sell downloads on a website. I bought this extension and had everything done in less than 2 hours.

You can make tests with paypal sandbox and it logs the ipn activity! So you can use your component as an administrator to see how many payments you have received.
Owner's reply

Hi biguphosting,

Thank you so much for the encouraging review. I really appreciate it.

Based on your description though, I believe you meant to leave this review for the Nice PayPal Downloads extension and not the Nice PayPal Button plugin. As the Nice PayPal Downloads works with IPN and the Nice PayPal Button does not.

In any event, I simply wanted to say thank you and to clarify for the sake of other readers.

~ All the best

Reviews: 2
i have used this product on many websites. when one of the websites that i was using the program did not work the customer support was outstanding.
they spent many hours (for free) checking the back-end system via a login and ftp.
what he was able to find i would have never been able to be do.
it turns out that the problem was with my joomla but they did not dismiss me at all and was very professional and explained every step of the way with me. i would recommend the program to everyone, just the customer support alone is worth it.
Reviews: 5
Very complete PayPal interface. Looks complex at first, but easily mastered.
I required support which I received in a few hours HOURS. Problem was solved by a new version!!
Thanks Michael for a good piece of software and your first class support.
Reviews: 114
I was a little bit worried about buying a plugin like this as I've had a few before and they have been coded badly. Not this time.... It worked first time and I was very very happy. I'm a developer for many sites and this will make life so much easier. You guys are superstars! Thank you.
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