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Nice PayPal Button Plugin

The Nice PayPal Button Plugin provides a convenient way to add a PayPal button to any article, to modules, or to almost anywhere text can appear on a page! Whether you want to sell a few items or a lot of items, using the traditional PayPal “Buy Now” button, the PayPal Shopping Cart system, or collect donations, the Nice PayPal Button Plugin makes it easy to turn any Joomla! page into a point of sale. No need to monkey around with complicated ecommerce components, the Nice PayPal Button Plugin's implementation is quick, flexible and easy to use. Simply enter the Nice PayPal Button tag {nicepaypal:button type|price|item name}, e.g. {nicepaypal:buy|7.50|Joomla T-Shirt}, where you want your PayPal button to appear and start selling.

Some Cool Features Include
* Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.0 compatible.
* Compatible with K2
* Add buttons anywhere on a page where text can be placed, i.e, articles, modules, etc.
* 6 button types: Buy Now, Pay Now, Donation, Add to Cart & View Cart, Add to Cart only, and View Cart only.
* Supports custom button graphic replacement.
* Integrated with PayPal Shopping Cart system
* Set a dollar amount or allow the payee enter it, great for payee specified donation amounts.
* Supports PayPal Merchant ID numbers.
* Set different PayPal seller accounts for individual buttons.
* Set the item name.
* Supports item numbers.
* Supports per item shipping amounts.
* Up to 9 product option fields available (PayPal's limit).
* Supports PayPal button text entry field.
* Supports PayPal button product options drop-down box.
* Added support for PayPal button product options drop-down box with multiple prices.
* Supports 2nd shipping amount per each additional unit.
* Support for default button size, large/small
* Support for PayPal window target, _self/_blank
* Supports PayPal account based shipping calculations.
* Supports PayPal account based shipping using weight in lbs or kgs.
* Supports flat tax & tax rate (percentage based).
* Configurable options aid in supporting VAT and GST tax.
* Set item quantity.
* Supports the specification of a unique return URL and cancel URL per button.
* Supports PayPal country codes.
* Set PayPal payment page language.
* Supports all PayPal supported currency codes.
* Setting for PayPal button language
* Basic support for PayPal Hosted Buttons
* Test mode option, point to PayPal sandbox account.
* Language support.
* Included Admin Panel Translations English, Español, Français, Italiano, Svenska, Deutsch, Pусский, Slovenski jezik and हिंदी.

Release version 2.91 Changes:
* Added JSON response friendly tag replacement.

Release version 2.92 Changes:
* Joomla 3.0 compatible.

Release version 2.93 Changes:
Added Solvenian translation.

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Reviews: 1
First of all I am a frontend designer. I was looking for a solution that would be extremely easy to use and not require ANY backend knowledge. This product was a perfect solution. And whenever I encountered a situation I wasn't sure of, I got an answer right away and tons of help. If you need a button like this... BUY this one. It works, it is easy and the support is tremendous. I can't say enough nice things about this product.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this Nice paypal button plugin after doing some research and simply love it! It's a small, easy to use plugin and I could, in a matter of minutes, add the paypal functionality to my site.

I needed a couple of additional functionalities not offerred by the button directly and I emailed the developer. He clearly understood my problem and he suggested a workaround to build my functionality using this plugin. And like others have said, he was amazingly fast in responding (despite the holiday time). Great customer service and willingness to help.

If at all I have to point out any opportunity, they can make it a little easier to set the parameters. The parameters are separated simply by a pipe symbol "|" and when you have to set a lot of parameters (like in my case I had 3 text boxes and 1 drop down), it becomes easy to loose track of the "|"s. But that's a minor one.

I give it a 5/5.
Reviews: 2
I needed an extension to do something very simple - accept paypal payments when a user enters their name, invoice number and amount they want to pay.

First I wanted to use an extension on here that I knew offered that feature - but I didn't like the look of the website or the very restrictive licensing conditions. No trust = no buy where I am concerned.

Secondly I bought a cheap extension that I thought would do the trick. It didn't work....

Next I went with nice paypal - I was up and runningin minutes and had a perfectly servicable solution. I wanted extra functionaluty so I commented on a post in the form also requesting this functionality. I was personally e-mailed by the developer within 24 hours with the new extension that had my required functionality.....what more can anyone want!

Good stuff from a very good developer... :)
Reviews: 5
I am very happy with this extension purchase. There was an additional functionality that I needed. I contacted the support team and asked about any plans to add the extra functionality. To my big surprise I received in less than 12 hours a customized version that included my extra functionality piece. I love this kind of support. To be honest, I didn't really expected to receive such a great treat. This is more than support what they offer. I actually asked for a new feature and it was delivered at no extra cost in a few hours. I needed something more than predefined prices for my PayPal button so my clients could pay their bills entering their own amount. I'm 200% recommending this extension to anyone.
Reviews: 1
What more can be said about the plugin that hasn’t been already said… this plugin is truly time saving and easy to use. I have no problems recommending this product to anyone.

The service and support provided by Michael is OUTSTANDING. The service he provided went beyond what I would expect to receive from anyone. I had problems using the plugin with K2 items but Michael was able to help me fix this problem and explain to me what was happening and what he was doing to fix. The plugin works great with K2 items….
Reviews: 1
We're using nice paypal button since 1 year without a problem.
The first and only time the plugin seemed to have a problem, with the help of Trinitronic's support in less than 24h, we resolved the matter (thanks Michael !).
Don't hesitate, download it, it's worth the price !
Reviews: 1
Great plug-in, Outstanding Service – I installed the Nice PayPal Button plug-in and work exactly as indicated on the TriniTronic documentation. I was really pleased that the plug-in had a means of accommodating the PayPal test account email address. This made testing my button configuration much easier. The greatest thing about using this plug-in was the service I received. I needed the ability for a user to enter a quantity with the button on my client site that was not a feature of the button. I contact TriniTronics and they actually added the feature to the plug-in and sent me the update within a couple hours. This is simply outstanding. I would most surely purchase other products from this vendor.
Reviews: 2
For all you newcomers to the world of joomla, it doesn't get any easier than this. Being new to this myself, I certainly didn't want to do anything to hose all the site work I'd already completed. What a waste of energy of was even worrying about such a thing with this excellent product. What should be commended even more is the support I received. One only wishes that this kind of customer service/tech support were available at all other companies. Thanks again for you outstanding product and support.
Reviews: 8
Eyashwant says it best. They pack a LOT in to this inexpensive paypal solution. I had it set up in no time. If the developer doesn't have a tutorial vid, I recommend they make one, because there is a bit of reading. But I get paid to read instructions, so the only person to lose points on that is me.

In any case, it was done and set up in no time.

And now I have a simple method of payment on my site without installing an unnecessarily hefty E-Commerce solution.

Reviews: 1
I gave this extension a try as this looked like a easy to use, well equipped and professional one. BUT, It was more than my exceptions. To be in short, It was awesome.

On the other side, I had some doubts and questions (Not Problems, Extension is perfect and free from bugs), I posted in the forum and you can expect a reply in less than 12 hours and that is due to time zone. When the developer is online, I was able to get instant replies.

The developer is very friendly, helpful and patient. I appreciate his persistence and patience in sorting out the doubts.

I urge everyone to not just buy the extension, but also give a try of their services. "A taste of droplet of water shows off the taste of entire water". Same way, My try of their plugin and customer support makes me strongly feel that their paid services are also the same or my better!

E.Karnika Yashwant
Reviews: 2
If you are in need of a secure and easy to use paypal button component then this has to be the one for you.

Easy to install, easy to configure, and if you do run into any problems with your install, then you need not worry, as the customer service and support is more than just excellent.

A number of other developers could learn a lot from Michael.
Reviews: 1
Have applied this plugin to most of my sites. Easy to setup. Easy to configure to you local needs and very flexible. Great support had one issue that was ssoleved within 24h due to my own mistake.
Reviews: 5
I'm a Joomla newbie.... flawless installed no problems... I'm a happy camper!
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. It is easy to use and it solved what was becoming a big problem for me.
The company itself runs like a company is supposed to run. It was immediately ready with advice and assistance, above and beyond the call of duty.
The buttons are simple and clean. They can be easily added wherever I want them to be. They work! No complications! I am grateful!
Reviews: 1
Works as specified and has easy to follow documentation with plenty of examples. Also, very good customer service; they were very quick to answer all my questions.
Reviews: 1
It's been a pleasure using the Nice PayPal Button. I'm grateful that I'm able to take advantage of the creator's skills as a developer.

The recent upgrade that increases the number of button options from 2 to 9 is critical. I simply installed the newest version, disabled the old one and voila, beautiful!

The test mode is very handy. Create a PayPal Sandbox account, make sample purchases on your website and see the email messages received by both the seller and the purchaser.

The documentation is terrific, you can quickly skim to find what you need and be up and running in minutes.

Nice PayPal Button makes PayPal easy, thanks!
Reviews: 8
A truly easy to use plugin, and michael is a master of the "hand-holder-of-the-blond" when it comes to clearing up questions as well as any fixes that need to be done. (and fast! I got a reply within an hour!) Both thumbs as well as toes up for this plugin!
// meg "blondie"
Reviews: 1
This tool and the service behind it fits every definition of excellence. I have been impressed by the ease of use, the low cost, and the amazing integrity of the service no matter how small the question posted. Great product!
Reviews: 2
This is a simple to use and understand pluggin.
We used it to set up a simple 20 product shopping cart for a client new to e-commerce. It was installed and working within minutes and the documentation is adequate for the job.
Very handy little pluggin
Reviews: 2
Great! Just what I was looking for.

If you are looking for an easy way to place a PayPal button anywhere you want on your site, this is it.

Pay the man, quick download, easy install, great instructions, PayPal button on page in less then ten minutes easy.

Thanks a bunch,

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