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RokQuickCart Component

RokQuickCart is a simple shopping cart for Joomla. It takes a simple, yet elegant, shopping cart script and integrates directly into Joomla. It allows you to showcase products, inclusive of images, descriptions and additional options, and purchase these items, with support for shipping and tax calculation..

The extension uses PayPal and Google Checkout as its payment systems, and comes with an inbuilt theme.

★ Features

- Payment Systems: use PayPal or Google Checkout
- Currencies: use up to 16 different currencies for your store
- Tax Rate: automatic cost calculation based on a tax rate
- Shipping: configure shipping costs for auto-calculation
- RokBox: product images use RokBox to display larger previews
- Style: inbuilt styling for rapid deployment

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Reviews: 3
This is a great little component, absolutely ideal for anyone wanting a lightweight shop.

Unfortunately, it's pretty buggy and support seems to be very limited. Wish there were more components like this!
Reviews: 13
Rokquickcart is good in many ways.

However, due to compatibility issues with Google Chrome, it does not show cart images of what you have added to your cart, only text filepaths. This looks bad, and leaves the customer wondering whether they are purchasing the actual item they wanted.

Rocket Theme have not offered a fix for this as yet, even on their paid subscription support forum, of which I am a member. They are oddly reluctant to comment on this glaring issue.

So unfortunately, as growing numbers of internet users migrate to Google Chrome, it leaves this potentially good extension, somewhat redundant.
Reviews: 1
I agree this is great, simple extension. However, like others I need an offline payment solution. RokQuickCart only offers PayPal and Google checkout.

However, I looked into de code and saw that SimpleCart (a javascript cart) in which RockQuickCart is based, already offers an additional checkout option: Email. I don't know why the people at RocketTheme decided to not include it, but I think maybe with a little coding you may be able to activate the option that is already there.

I'm not a coder and can't do it by myself.

Maybe someone want to get an eye on that code?
Reviews: 8
As with all Rockettheme extensions what can be said that hasn't been said before, awesome!
Reviews: 1
RokQuickCart is an excellent extension:
- easy to install
- easy to configure (settings are made in few minutes!)
- customizable: shipping, vouchers, payment, photo
- very good for a little shop, when there are few items
I didn't know RokquickCart and is was a happy surprise
Reviews: 1
After attempting to use several of the top shopping carts for my site, and after several days of struggling through carts and check out buttons, I discovered Rokquickcart. It simply Rocks.

I only needed a simple button for my site, to land my customers to a check out shopping cart. Dah. You think it would be easy to find, right?

My only dilemma with Rokquickcart is that I need to learn how to adjust some of the inner allow for multiple categories, because I only have one item per joomla article. I dont want all of my items on one page.

The fellow reviewer, Kokujin (as of last december), figured out a way to do this. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Reviews: 5
Installed in minutes, just the ticket for our non-profit Chamber of Commerce.

We desperately need categories, I wish kokujin would have described a little more how "mod it a bit to have multiple Categories" looks.

Since it is not a "mod", it is a component and plugin, what was done to make categories work (I would think edit component and mysql).
Reviews: 3
This looks like a good little cart, but there are a few problems with it;

Thumbnail transparency issues is a pain;

Sure you can have white backgrounds, but it's ugly...

The other problem is a security one which I read about in the forum while trying to solve the above issue.

Other than that it is a nice simple cart which may suit some people.

Thank you rockettheme for producing this.
Reviews: 1
I love this shopping cart, easy to install, easy to use and flexible.
But I have a problem with Internet Explorer 8, I cannot see the product pictures and prices. Even with href generation disabled. I don't know what to do, please help.
Reviews: 54
Great Job RT Guys! This cart is fantastic. I was able to mod it a bit to have multiple Categories. Very easy to use and looks great!

Reviews: 10
Good component... but only two processors of payment... most people aroud the world needs others ... example: 2Checkout, clickbank, etc...
Reviews: 1
I installed and configured this product in a very short time. I set up my 2 products and it really looked great and I was a happy camper until I tried to test purchase and discovered there was no offline payment option. That was my fault it said it only used PayPal and Google Checkout but I just assumed that would be in addition to a offline payment option. Most of my users will not use PayPal or Google but are very good about mailing a check. This is a killer for me so I will have to use a different Shopping Cart that has this option.
Reviews: 5
This is a nice looking, easy to use simple cart and I was anxious to look at it for a project. Unfortunately, this component is based on simplecartjs and it is quite easy to change prices and such using Firefox and the Firebug plugin. While it may not seem like a big deal to the creators, it would require a number of reversals in accounting and either PayPal or Google Checkout - neither of which is a trivial affair. While the average customer may not know how to do this, the instructions are easily found on the web and therefore I wouldn't use it for any ecommerce project until this vulnerability was fixed. Pity, because it fits a niche that isn't filled by more complex products like VirtueMart.
Reviews: 5
I always thought customers should have a choice to how they would make payment... Google and PayPal are great to have, but it would be better to have both as a choice for the customer. There should be an option to have both Google and PayPal for choices for the customer to use to pay for the product.
Reviews: 2
...but following things are would be great, to use it in germany or some other european states:

- price could be shown with including tax
- buyer confirms terms of service by selecting checkbox or anything else

neverless, very nice cart!
Reviews: 1
I have used many extensions and there were some great ones. But I can't remember the last time I was this happy. In fact, I'm so happy that I actually created an account to write a review.

RokQuickCart is a very simple and beautiful extension to use. If you sell less than 10 items at your website, it's a must.

I hope the developer continues working on this extension and add features such as promotional code, discounts when you buy more than two items, and a module so you can put the "Add to Cart" button on any of your content.

I would definitely pay money for this cart.
Reviews: 4
This is a brilliant little shopping cart, that just WORKS. Total time downloading, installing, and inserting your own products to sell from your page - less than 5 minutes. It's also got a very nice slick interface, that suits the Web 2.0 look.

The direct integration into both Paypal and Google checkout systems was EXACTLY what I was looking for - I didn't need any other processing companies, which just makes things more complicated than they need to be.

Just a warning - do not expect this to be a full blown shopping cart - they don't claim it is. It's simply a one page cart that you can put on your site to sell a FEW things (ie more than 20 items and your page will start to look a little cluttered).

Unfortunately for me, I am looking for something that looks and works exactly like this component, but can manage a slightly bigger inventory (multiple categories, based on the Joomla section/category layout is fine), and possibly include shipping and tax options - basically suited for a small home business.

Hopefully an alternate version to this will include these additional features, as it's definitely an untapped part of the otherwise fantastic Joomla Extensions Directory.
Reviews: 1
This module is easy to install and figure. It offers the option of a total sale, sale with tax itemized, or with shipping itemized.
Reviews: 3
Very good. I was looking for a way to provide options for advertising on the site. Wonderful, by being objective and efficient. Congratulations once again to Rocket Theme.
Reviews: 2
I love it. Thank you. It looks really good. It's so easy to configure it. Someone might say no many features. Just remember that it's for free. I really, really appreciate this. Thanks again.
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