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Editor's Note
Full Circle Ecommerce for Joomla!

Now with more than 100 extensions, modules and plugins + even more 3rd party extensions and support from the template clubs Rockettheme, Gavickpro, Joomlabamboo!

Try the demo and check out redSHOP and all of the ecommerce features here:

This is the most advanced webshop system ever created for Joomla - It is light years ahead of any other webshop or cart component for Joomla.

See full Changelog and why we have the most updated extension on JED here:

See presentation video on

So what is redSHOP? redSHOP is a Content Creation Kit style of webshop / webshop tool where you got the most access ever given to any user to completely style around and change thier webshop, without alot more knowledge then HTML and a bit of CSS.

redSHOP offers never earlier seen functionality in webshops - redSHOP offers functionality only seen in software with licenses costing more then upto 1000 times more then a 12 Month Pro Subscription costs.

The goal of redSHOP was to take the normal 20% users can do and the 80% thats happens in the php files - and switch it around - so with redSHOP you, the user, can do 80% of everything yourself!!!

In a summarized version this is what redSHOP is:

•100% MVC - Perhaps the most amount of menu items available in Joomla History!
•Unlimited products
•Unlimited categories
•Unlimited manufacturers
•22 Different image sizes on the fly from config settings
•Image AI system for flipping X and Y coordinates on higher than wider images
•Internal Template system - Rewrite almost any screen using templates
•Dynamic Fields - Create new fields for products, categories or manufacturers on the fly
•Complete tagging system - Insert new fields into templates using tags
•Textlibrary system
•Prices, Sale Prices, Volume Prices, Shopper Group Prices
•Related products
•Accessory products - Group products by primary product and make special prices
•Virtual Attribute system with visual navigation and option to upload pictures per attribute and set priceadjustment per attribute or subattribute (including product sku and stockroom)
•Parent / Child product relations
•100% Built in SEO/SEF control (using sh404sef)
•Shoppergroups - B2B Portal system
•Shoppergroup prices - all through redSHOP
•Shoppergroup ACL - Control access to specific categories for B2B Customers
•ACTION EMAILS - Send up to 3 emails on each sale all automated
•Order Catalog feature with action emails
•Product sample feature with action emails
•Vouchers - Create vouchers with option of selecting a specific product and if you want free shipping or not
•Copuons - Create discountcoupons for users or globally
•Discounts with runn

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Reviews: 1
The description promises a lot of functions, and for a paid subscription also an online manual and support. In short words: many functions in the backend don't work, paid extensions don't work, the manual is worth nothing as it doesn't explain anything you can't already figure out without it, and the support is literally non-existant. I am really sorry I can't say anything better, but this is the first time I have actually taken the time to warn the community of a very badly made extension...
Reviews: 5
I have used redshop on multiple sites over the years, and it has NEVER been an easy experience. I am NOT a beginner, I have ample PHP and moderate JavaScript experience. Everything I have tried to do has been a nightmare, really, and support is virtually non-existent, especially of late. I have had several issues addressed, but it usually takes a month if ever. Listen to the reviews, avoid this cart unless you like ulcers. I have given them many chances over the last three years or so, but alas, I had to finally leave this review to save others... I hate leaving bad reviews.
Reviews: 2
I have used Redshop now for going on 3 years and have used it on 4 different sites.

The learning curve is very steep.
It's admin user interface is not well planned or thought out.
Support has gone downhill.
New responsive design release is now 3-5 months overdue with release date still not set.

Those above are my main complaints. I have been looking extensively at eCommerce solutions for Joomla, even looking at Magento, but it's clear that Redshop needs a lot of work to compete. They still are coming out with for-sale templates yet they can't fix the bugs in their cart software that have been there for months.

I spend way too much time trying to deal with their support doing half the job, or answering half the question that I ask, or even responding to a completely different question than what I've asked. I'm waiting weeks for them to fix bugs, it's too much.

I am switching to Mijoshop after this last experience is over.
Reviews: 2
I can review redSHOP since I have used it on over 20 sites the last 4 years. I have been there from the start and paid my subscriptions every year.

I could write a very very long review listing hundreds of more or less severe issues, endless "fixing" and support requests, the since two years promised version 2 that never comes out - horror stories of ruined sites and lost clients. But I will not list all this - the idea of redSHOP is good but the implementation is extremely buggy with so many inconsistencies it seems intentional! Bugs, sometimes funny and sometimes scary language problems, horrible code - messy support (India) and an extremely arrogant team that feel it is up to us paying customers to fix their product.

Please avoid this extension and save yourself many weeks of meaningless work.

If version 2 ever comes out - proceed with extreme care!
Reviews: 1
I expected this to be a highly polished extension but it isn't.
It has indeed myriads of bugs, inconsistencies, bad interface language and confusing settings.

After 2 weeks of usage and trying to learn, it felt like I was patching here and there instead of focusing on developing a solid shop and reliability is of course a fundamental for every e-shop. I used the extension on an antiques site which was pretty straightforward: 5 main categories with 3 subcats each, and less than 50 products.

First, a couple of menu assignments to the extension's links didn't work, showing notices like 'no category found' or errors like not displaying products at all. This didn't make any sense since the categories were there. Still, i tried tweaking all settings under the configuration tabs, in joomla menu and even in the products and categories views themselves to no avail.

Also, the site became significantly and quite noticeably slower since its' installation. It is noteworthy to mention that I had received excellent compliments by my client on how fast and 'responsive' my site felt (while still in dev) just prior to installing it. There is no way anything 'else' interfered with the site's performance before and after.

In addition, i spent days trying to get thumbnails to function as expected. The thumb image in product management page is actually the main image and the primary image is the thumbnail. Adding additional images for each product felt like a mission too.
The images were indeed shown on the product's page but when hovered over them the main image would disappear and was being replaced by a very small thumb of the additional images. Answers to similar problems in forums suggested to set them open in lightbox to avoid this problem.
In the end, the solution to all thumb related problems was to remove all images except the main and give a rule in the configurations page on how to handle that one image. So why give options like 'additional image' or 'back-view of product' if they work only sometimes. If i was developing the shop for myself, I would probably be ok with all that and just swallow the pain of overediting manually stuff. However, this was being developed for a client and I can't see myself giving him such funny instructions under any circumstance.
In addition to the 'primary image', the product editing page gives u an option to set a size for the 'additional image', 'additional image 2' and 'additional image 3'. But when adding additional images u dont have a limit, so what defines the size of those additional images 4,5,6 etc? This is just one example of the many confusing options.
On the add images dialogue, 'upload image from computer' appears twice. The first allows you to upload images whereas the second button returns a 'no records found' page. I came across this kind of bugs / inconsistencies on every corner of the component.

On the positive side, the component has indeed the potential of a fully fledged and powerful shopping cart. It gives you multiple options to customize your shop like you won't anywhere on other components in this area (including virtuemart, hikashop and others). The ease and approach of redShop is just fundamentally different. This allows for easy modification of the layout of almost every page under it.

Also, to be fair, i must state that i haven't used the component's support other than than reading the forums. I tend to get well acquainted with apps / extensions first and then request any support. Unfortunately, this extension did not impress me and continuing to get support would result in a myriad of questions
about why a,b,c is behaving this way and not in the obvious / logical one or, why d,e,f,g appears not to be working.
Instead of 'patching' and 'tweaking' its sensitivities, i simply chose to go to another, more reliable component.

It would be amazing if it was just me (difficult to believe if you see how many people have inconsistent behaviour problems in forums), since I would love to see the concept of this component take flesh and bone and i sincerely hope your experience with it is different than mine.
Reviews: 1
redShop is a really excellent product. I've been happy with it's performance and the quality of tech support.
redShop pros is it's power. You can pretty much do anything with it that involves e-commerce. If it's not already something done internally, it's easy to extend with tables and source code that is easy to follow and read.
BUT the con is it has a lot of pieces to it with the mix of standard nuances of Joomla can be tricky to setup sometimes. Anticipate your first redShop to take weeks, not days. Give yourself plenty of breathing room and trust me when I say it's worth the effort.

I've read quite a few comments that read "I waited to the last minute and gave my customer a unreasonable time line on a piece of software I've never deployed and it made me look stupid." ... Well?! That would be my definition of stupid. Consider web shopping cart software is like a popular vertical market POS software. How many quality consultants would send a guy in that has absolutely no experience in setting up a particular POS for a large hotel without even test runs? Just go in there and fiddle with it till it works.
The quality in web service consultants is what I think is lacking now days.
Everywhere I go in comments and forums for different web frameworks and extensions is people complaining with the same complaints. They didn't quote their customers enough time, its more complicated than they thought it should be and no one is jumping through rings of fire to help them. (Even though most are.)
Ok i'll get off my soap box.
But with so many options of how to handle e-commerce today you really should stop and think what it is you need to accomplish. Do you really need the extra complexity of a shopping cart software or could a offsite cart like from PayPal or Google work for you better?
If your anticipating a low volume with just a few products, I steer my customers to just having a cart hosted offsite. Shopping cart software is only really necessary when your going to have multiple price levels, promotions, discounts, coupons, B2B, etc.
Best advice I have is to be honest with what you really need. If you really need a POS or shopping cart software no matter which product you pick ... make sure you give yourself plenty of time to setup and test before your grand opening.
Reviews: 5
For a long time i have been using VM. Once, one person told me to try the RedShop.
Now, what i can say - YES, if you want to have perfect elastic solution, which you can customize to your needs, than use RedShop. I did not use VM anymore, and migrate from it to RS.
That is true - it needs time to prepare it to your needs. For luck, there is GREAT SUPPORT (paid but WORTH) - people who are ready to help you with simple and difficult problems.
I have also build a really powerfull Shop using Redshop.
With support there is no problems! and you can sell products ansd earn money :)

Additionally, there is a lot of ready plugins and modules thanks to which you can save time.

I am working on indywidual templates - thank to easy to use templates "framework".

I am VERY GLAD that i decided for RedShop.
Only thing which i would like to have it's better dokumentation (otherwise i have to take support time :) ).

Thank You RedShop Team!
Reviews: 2
I have been using Redshop on my site for years and have build a really powerfull Shop using Redshop.
It has so many features, and has gotten really stable especially the last 6 month.
My key features are :
- Integration with Accounting, shipping and payments.
- Calculation of prices e.g. stickers.
- Easy to template.
- Great (paid) support.

My only would be a little better dokumentation, when there are so many features :-)
Reviews: 3
I have now completed 5 different redshop ecommerce solutions and with each new installation I am learning more about the power of the application.
Once setup it is intuitive, and easily managed by my clients.
The support offered is excellent with great turn around and it integrates well with SH404SEF.
Customising the redshop templates is a learning curve, but once mastered gives unbelievable flexibility.
A complete Ecommerce solution.
Reviews: 13
I set up redshop for a client of mine who was looking for a complete yet easy ecommefce system for joomla. After the initial love for the amount of features it has, it became clear that its configuration and use isn't quite simple.
Suggested only for very complex projects where usability is tradable to features.
Reviews: 3
I used Redshop on two sites. I´m a not-stupid but-no-programmer-Joomla user, I don´t know much about PHP and CSS.
Redshop appeared to be a BAD choice then.
It took me HOURS of tweeking, contacting the support, waiting, contacting again, trying myself and so on.
Especially the tweeking the graphics is a pain in the b...
The support is okay, a little slow sometimes, they know what they are talking about, but they are (as programmers) not very good in explaining one like me, what to do. So you have to define your questions VERY precisely.
Even if you pay for the Pro (which I did) you won´t get better or faster support. I actually never found out what I paid for.
It took me a couple of weeks to set up each shop. The second shop wasn´t easier than the first one: I simply couldn´t remember the menues again, even though I tried the whole process before.

I´m an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and have been working professionally with 3D for 15 years. But I really don´t understand the menues in Redshop.

In the end I thought it was me that was stupid and that I shouldn´t work with webshops (even though it just SHOULD be software that everybody can learn).
Untill I found Hikashop.
Other Joomla based shops are probably good. But it took me a SINGLE day to set up a simple shop.
I contacted the support a few times and got an answer in 20 minutes. And (even though they are French;-)) I understand what they are talking about.
Reviews: 13
There is so much to like about RedShop - the templates, the options, the stockroom. I didn't even get a chance to consider the extra extensions and paid-for areas because the documentation gets you started and then drops you off a cliff. The free version is buggy and the forum feels like the blind leading the blind. It's just users and it seems like most of them are having the same problems with nowhere to turn besides the paid subscription.
Reviews: 4
This appears to be a very slick product. Feature rich, nicely styled, fairly intuitive interface, and mainly I was hoping it would be a great alternative to virtuemart because it uses a nested, tag based templating structure.

2 thumbs up for that, however customising that structure is basically impossible without painstakingly working through them manually and hunting around on forums because there's simply no documentation on the template tag meanings, or their hierarchy.

The relevant page on their support wiki just lists 4 empty subheadings without any content! Same deal with the css parts of the documentation - just 3 empty subheadings!

It boggles the mind as to why they'd go to all that trouble of building a nice templating system, and then leave people hanging without the most basic documentation on using it when the extension has been around for 3 years now.

(Yes, many of the templates/tags are intuitive, but plenty aren't and you really have to go hunting to find some of the most basic things that you NEED to customise to get it working out of the box)

Other programs like xcart use a similar system but they have a "webmaster" mode which lets you hover over parts of the site on the front end and get visual cues as to which template/tag to edit. Or at the very least they could have commented the code so that the relevant tag could be identified by using firebug.

Not sure if it's just an oversite, a gap in documentation due to version changes or a deliberate attempt to make the free version look good, but very difficult to use without signing up for the $250 version that comes with some support, though from what I can see you don't get any extra documentation or user manuals if you sign up for a paid membership.
Reviews: 3
Redshop funtions are great, it has many useful functions, you need to read wiki to config it properly, but some functions are hard to use, and document is not completely so i have submit some tickets to ask how to config(for example: custom field for product).

They did NOT support via forum at all, if you post a question in the forum, you need to wait until die to get answer, event you report bug, it seems be ignored in the forum.
You need to paid to membership to ask anything. But support via ticket(paid membership) is effective but sometime it takes few days to get bug fixed.

The template is terrible, it's VERY HARD to use, if you use built-in editor to edit template, it always strip out the code and make me crazy. If you want to make many changes for redshop template, it seem be impossible to edit via editor. Some tags seems not be updated as they will not be replaced properly by redshop, and description for the tags is poor, so hard to understand what the tag use for. And redshop template use many tables that does not meet the model web standarta and have some W3C error in their template. I asked for support, they said that i can overwrite redshop template, but in this case, it's not friendly because it use mixed redshop tags and php code, and i have to go to backend to check for each redshop tag. And in some case, it's hard to use(For example, check for condition, because it's not php varible, just a string that will be replaced when redshop parse the template), it think redshop MUST improve their template in the next version.

Redshop backend config is complex with many settings, and it's not friendly for end-user, if you are developer and want to use redshop build the shop for your non-tech clients, you need to spend time to teach them how to use.

And if you need a any cusmization, the fee is VERY HIGH, you need to consider this before you buy if you can do any customization by yourself. The price of Membership subscription is higher when compair with other shop cart extension in the market, and they will charge you 350 Euro for new payment gateway(i asked), event they will have right to sell it to other users. And 100Euro per hour for any custom work, event with some MUST HAVE features that redshop is missing, for example: Redshop will not send active code on registration if you use this feature in native joomla registraion form(so you MUST turn this function off to use redshop registration form), or captcha on the 'Ask question about product' form(i get many spam email via this form and have to build it myself because i ask them but they did not want to impove it, they said they don't have any plan for this but can do for custom work, and the fee to build it is very high(100Euro/h)),...

So redshop is not for simple shopping cart and just with few products, it's only for complex shopping cart and for who are expert in code, and can config and do customization theirself(i need to spend a month to learn how to config it, edit some code to fit my needs and test it all) or for who willing to pay 100 euro per hour for custom work by redshop staffs.

For now, i just give it average rating and wait for the new version if they improve the component, i'll consider to give it higher rating.
Reviews: 7
I have tried using this on one of our corporate website and I can say everything is easy to create using this component, the only thing I have seen is they don't seem to support the community (only the paid customers) and I think they just leave the forum stagnant even on the BUGS section. Though it is understandable that they need money to support themselves, the bugs must be fixed even if it is not reported by a paying member since it will help them get more potential customers. I'm planning on buying their support but seeing that there are more than 50+ unfixed bugs (totally ignored) in their forum, that is a major turn off. Again, I can only recommend this on a basic webshop if you want an easy to design framework, but if you want a fully featured cart, then get ready to fix the bugs on your own and get messy with the code.
Reviews: 29
The best e-commerce solution for professional web developer. It has many options and lets to modify almost everything without core hacks. It is very important that my customers can easily update to new version of redShop
Reviews: 5
I foresee redShop becoming the primary solution for Joomla shopping cart system. Sure it has growing pains just like so many other applications (If you have been working with VM since inception then you'll understand and the latest VM will cause nervous breakdown:-() and from appearances, the redShop dev team are committed to making it perfect.

The Notable Pros (Because they are so many)
Super flexible and scalable with its excellent smarty-like template system and custom fields which are easily edited right within the administration. Great that different templates can be assigned per item, per category.

The Attribute system is supreme and idiot proof (debatable) and further extends the flexibility.

Can function simultaneously as Catalog and Cart where VM is one or the other.

These guys get it when it comes to online shopping cart. So much flexibility I thought I was using a Magento enterprise system!

The Cons
Lacking 'perfect' documentation so a lot of logical figuring and Googling has to be done, but the same can be said for numerous components. Documentation or technical writing takes lots of time and usually requires totally separate staffing to do that accurately. Give it some time. I would rather the developers spend the time perfecting the functions and let Packt Publishing and other such services develop a manual.

Keep doing what you do redTeam! Your innovations are dynamic and well appreciated.
Reviews: 6
Red as a company seem to have perfected the art of over engineering an extension.

So much so that last year I lost a customer that grossed me well over 3,000 GBP per anum all because every time red cart fixed something (sometimes taking days to login and apply the fix) some other element of the extension went wrong. Badly wrong in some cases.


It worked right out of the box and I could setup a basic (and I mean very basic) shopping cart


Support was rude and arrogant (my customer saw some of the comments and of-course this reflected badly on me)

Admin UI extremely complex and difficult to use

Fit for purpose (as mentioned above) if all you have is a few products


I've hand coded carts, websites and web applications for well over 17 years and switched to Joomla simply to save development costs as clients are very concious about the cost of a project these days. Bad move in this case as Red cost me well over 5,000 GBP now as I would still have the client if it worked properly.

I've also held off writing a review as red was indeed still installed on one website of mine and I could not get it to uninstall without messing up the website but now I am free of red 100% and happy.

Sorry guys... You need to move the R&D in house and have more control and quicker, more professional response. It would help your business no end.
Reviews: 1
Have wasted houers trying to use the product i have paid 12 month in advance for... but what a waste of money. My users dont understand the systems and it's totally ugly and difficult to configure templates. Furthermore lack of compatibility with joomlart templates and modules.
And REDsupport just refeer to joomlart support
Owner's reply

If you are unable to make your own template and decide to use a template club template and have problems getting it to work you should contact the template clubs support.

We do not offer support for any template clubs templates - this should not be a surprice to anyone.

There is no other ecommerce components for Joomla that makes it easier to create template views than redSHOP does and it supports the Joomla Template Engine 100% and you can do template overrides for _all_ views in redSHOP directly in your Joomla Template.

But it is a requirement that you know how to work with Joomla templates to do that - again that can not be a surprice to anyone.

If you dont have the skills to work with templates and you want to do uniquel and custom webshops i suggest you hire someone to do the work for you - after all redSHOP can not come styled up for all template clubs templates and expecting so is completely unrealistic.

Reviews: 2
At first sight I thought this would be the best shop available.
Customization is endless with full access to page and module temples using tags.
Be prepared to spend weeks if not months to do this...Unfortunately these tags are not up to date or change without warning then display like COM_REDSHOP_TOTAL_PRIC...

The developers don't know how to handle tax rates and discounts; if you use coupon, vouchers, discount options the calculations are ALWAYS wrong! I posted on the forum, this topic is active since more than two months but no solution. Here I would like to point out that other Joomla e-commerce components DO handle this tax issue without problem!

Talking about their support; yes they answer very fast!
In fact the fast answer is "I will ask the devs for you"...then you can wait, wait, wait, post a message to bring the post up the forum and wait, wait, wait...
Another answer is always "Could you please send me following on 1. super admin details 2. ftp details 3. link to this post"
This is because their component is NOT working out of the box. they make adjustments to users website but do not update the downloadable files. The result is more and more errors issues for users when they update.

New releases with "No known bugs", a perfect joke. Take a look at their website and release news, look at changelog and the (long) list of bug fixes...
Also have a look at the recent topics of their forum and growing list of errors/bugs messages before you buy the (very) expensive component that is NOT working out of the box.
I should add the commercial version does not include support but have to pay 75€/hour to have them fix their buggy (this word is forbidden by the owner) component and modules.

Multilingual; it is not multilingual, you can only use one language and these languages (even the original English) are full of spelling mistakes. You will have to check the language files to correct the many mistakes and missing fields. No, they do not update the files themselves, they leave the errors for you...

I use (must say installed and customized) since end 2011 but today end April 2012 I still cannot use it live !!

If you find reviews helpful then read the ones below with many stars, read between the lines and you will understand these people are "happy with the many problems they face"!

I would have given a 5stars for this component if it only worked as the owner says it works. Unfortunately the main features like tax handling-coupons-discounts-gift and price update when products are added/removed from cart are not working.

I am very very disappointed but I still have hope the new 1.2 version will finally correct all these very soon and download a component and modules/plugins working out of the box, well I really hope so...or am I dreaming??
Its a shame because redshop includes many many interesting features other components don't.
Owner's reply

I am not quite sure you review is fully deserved.

However on two points i would like to agree with you.

1) our support system did not work and offering free support even onsite to all users have spread our efforts too thinly and causing to much waiting time and ineffeciency.

Therefore we will be introducing a new support ticket system for subscribers as part of the launch of the new website on the 1st of july.

This way we can garantee and dedicate the support to those who have a subscribtion and insure that the quality of the support is on par with what we want to do.

I guess with 100.000+ users running a support on a forum is just not working out.

2) Ease of use

redSHOP is built as a tool for ourselfes.

We do Joomla Ecommerce sites from 5000 to 200000 euros per website for clients - the tool we use is redSHOP.

So we released the exact same tool for ecommerce as we use in our consultancy business to the general public and there is no differences.

We are without a doubt the largest pure Joomla company on the planet and we work with our own tools including redSHOP.

Yes - our tech level is fairly high so we have no issues using redSHOP but part of the history of redSHOP is making it more and more userfriendly - even with lower tech skills.

In the coming relaunch we are introducing new templates that available for download + new kickstart packages so you can get going with a full redSHOP in less than 5 minutes.

Our new Demo site is actually built on one of these templates and can be found on

I hope to see both of these points drasticly improving your experience in the future.

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