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Everyone using a version lower than 2.6.10 should update as soon as possible for security reasons.

Please read our full list of features here

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:
- Template overriding,
- Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields, ...
- Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.
- Joomla 2.5 ACL

- nested categories
- with meta tags for seo
- with description and media

- with meta tags for seo
- short and long description
- dimensions (weight, size)
- multiple media
- variants, attributes
- unlimited child products and derivated levels
- product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
- related products
- reviews and ratings

- pricing depending by shoppergroups
- price display depending by shoppergroups
- payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups

- customizable shopper input form
- input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
- recaptcha
- adressbook
- default Bill-to and Ship-to address
- default payment and shipment method

- stocking/inventory
- stock warning
- virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)

- various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
- prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
- different currency format per currency
- unit price
- quantity based pricing

- auto updating rates
- add your own currencies for fixed currency rates

- default SEF/SEO integrated

- discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- discounts, tax per product and/or order
- discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)

- based on plugins, already onboard:PayPal, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, Klarna and Klarna Checkout, Sofort Banking and Sofort iDeal, Skrill, Heidelpay,, Realex(and a lot more in the net)
- minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
- transaction fees
- by countries
- by shopper groups

- based on plugins
- by shopper groups
- by countries

- guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
- option to register at begin of checkout
- cart is an object, competly overridable by template
- cart is stored in the session
- multi-page checkout
- one page checkout

- payment/shipment workflow
- history
- modifiable
- order tracking for anonymous users
- order editing
- pdf invoice, delivery note

- latest
- topten (most sold)
- newest
- featured
- sortable
- searchable
- shipment/payment

- native with joomla 1.7
- with extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5

- coupon handling

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Reviews: 2
I have been using VirtueMart for over a year now. Unfortunately, it has too many problems and bugs and I have made the decision to find something that is more dependable and functional for E-Commerce.
This was not an easy decision to make however, I have come to this conclusion:
If you want a serious E-Commerce Shopping Cart Do NOT bother with VirtueMart. You will spend MUCH too MUCH time simply working the bugs out of it BEFORE you'll be able to start actually using it.

I have spent countless hours performing "hacks", "tweaks" you name it... just to get this cart to work right. The final straw hit when I decided to update my version to the newest version. I have run into so MANY problems simply trying to do this that I have decided to find something else. I'm an online seller... Not a computer programmer and this has become way too much of a struggle to keep this cart going.

Integrates easily with Joomla! Has nice presentation capabilities.

Too many bugs that are too complicated to fix for the average computer user. No real support for this software.

I honestly gave this Cart more time, effort and attention than it's worth. If you want a practical, functional E-Commerce application I strongly suggest that you look for something else.
Reviews: 1
Just for the record I've been working with VM for a few years, and one of the reasons that I use it is because it can be modified for other things other than just a shopping cart. A catalog or a city guide etc. I just love it..

There it is.

Now on the other side, it's not perfect.
Some things that I find fault with; have to do with the silliest annoyances, such as clients thinking they could pull off using VM on a cheapo oversold shared hosting account. If you plan on using VM with SEF/SEO components (a must!) than think about upgrading your server to at-least a semi dedicated server... period -- shop around.

Also, you must use the 1.1 or better version, anything less and you would be just cheating yourself. If you are that guy or gal--using something older; you need to update now!!

If not for the security updates (that are maintained quickly, unlike x, zen or oscommmerce) but for the extra features and performance gains that seem to get better with each update.

Otherwise, While I like some of the other carts available.. I'm betting on VM over some of these newer and fancier systems that cost my clients 3-5x as much in development costs.

In an nutshell, VM works out of the box with features comparable, if not better than other carts... and better yet its built on Joomla! 1.x and 1.5.

Right now, I have a client that wants to do a streaming pay per video app... yep there's VM. God bless, (or praise whomever) I can pay my rent this month.

But, be realistic.
with the new auto update feature that has have been implemented in 1.2? (please check) any custom jobs may require a developers touch.

whatever. donate or be cursed to failure.

I have, and will drink less coffee next time.

Best Regards

P.S If you decide to take advantage of the free help that is often offered in the forums:

It would help to mention:
what version of joomla
version of os - win or linux
version of VM
Reviews: 1
I just moved from CRE Loaded to Virtuemart due to its integration with Joomla CMS. I didn't migrate my CRE site to VM (too much efforts), instead I decided to use VM for my next ecommerce sites. It looks like CRE has reached its maturity point and not too much room for improvements, while VM is having a brighter future. I'm seeing, in the future, VM will have more features than any other ecommerce sites because it combines its own cart features plus Joomla extensions features. I can have a shopping cart complete with forum, FAQ and animated contents.

I can't go with other Joomla shopping cart solutions because not only they lack of community support but also some are too costly.

Hope version 1.1.2 can be released soon (with as few bugs as possible). Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is FULLY featured. I've begun setting up shop and so far I'm not sure what else I could possibly want. This program looks like it could almost be used as a makeshift in-store POS if you needed to. I guess that's the idea though. I think I actually like the capabilities of this better than I do of the POS I use in my physical storefront. Spot-on on everything. Even allows a catalog mode if you're not quite ready to open up your store but want to display your inventory. I am currently implementing that feature, then once we're ready to sell online we'll be ready to go with the flip of a switch.
Reviews: 1
Virtuemart 1.1 rulez! I use it on several websites. Superb that it is for free! the only thing that would make it perfect is an invoice manager, but it makes a small difference ;-)
Reviews: 1
After atually reading some of the reviews on this product I am putting in 2c.

Virtuemart is a fantastic extension. Works well, integrates well and to be perfectly honest Soren is very respondent to email and issues on the forum. You just have to be a little patient for day or so.

Please remember that folks have jobs to pay the bills. And if we want to have a FREE community to work with and support we need to give developers time to do this and no sit and answer our inane questions...

Utilise the forums... members on the forums and you will get any and all questions answered.

Take the time to go through this Component and you will get it very quickly.

It is easy to install, configure and manipulate to your specifications if necessary. I am not a programmer... Don't even get the php language andy more than I speak Upper North West Mongolian.... But folks if I can build 10 e-commerce sites with Virtuemart.... Well anything is possible with it really...
Reviews: 7
VirtueMart has revolutionaized my web development arsenal tremendously (along with Joomla, of course)! I can't imagine putting together anything less than VM. It's absolutely free!!!!!!!! You can't beat that. Not only is it free, but I know NO OTHER shopping cart extension for Joomla that can top it - not even the commercial ones!

I'm THOROUGHLY impressed with this extension!


Great job!
Reviews: 1
I just spent several hours setting this up and testing it before I realized it doesn't work with Canadian taxes. Someone in their forums has developed a hack for this, but they are charging $100 for it. Very disappointing, but if you're in the US I'm sure it's great.
Reviews: 3
I can't believe all the bitter comments toward a full featured, completely free piece of software.

I've tested VM on smaller personal sites for over a year before being comfortable enough to use it on a client site. I set the client up with the FedEx real-time shipping module processing payments through Authorize. The website processes 2.5K - 4K in orders per week. We've had it running for a little over 3 months with no problems whatsoever.

The software required a little hammering out to make it work exactly as we wanted it, but as a non-programmer I was able to get it exactly as the client requested.

As a result, this is the first open source software I've made voluntary donations to. It's an excellent piece of software. Installs easily, completely customizable, and always forward moving.

Install VM and test it out. You won't be disappointed.
Reviews: 1
On first review looked complicated but I'm getting to grips with it after a couple of days. I like it. Fits very well with joomla with a look and feel matching the joomla site. Covers most things and only a couple of small problems setting up states and dropdown values for registration fields. Integrated with Paypal in a few minutes.
Reviews: 1
Well I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised when I installed virtuemart, esp after reading all the other recent reviews. The install went smoothly, and I had my product added and listed in about 10mins without any trouble. Maybe that's the secret, do a fresh install??

Anyway, very pleased with this version of VirtueMart.
Reviews: 1
I am not one to give a bad report, and actually this is the first ever in 3 years with Joomla & Mambo. After installing 1.1.0 new version - I found my category views of content were not coming up at all. I figured well easy fix... Wasn't easy at all, and as a matter of fact I had to uninstall it.

After uninstalling the component, I continued to get another error in the menu settings, I had to hand remove the other part that didn't remove from virtuamart. I really LOVE the way Virtuamart installs, blends with the templates in Joomla and the back end admin area - WOW... BUT having to drop back to the older version just to get it to work.

YES - I did review all over the web - to include posting on Their Forums and NO one would ever answer me or bother to help - They say it is active, but seems to be pretty dead there unless it is just one main topic. I Really hoped for more from such a high quality group of creators to be honest - and Yeah I know this is free, but still to someone that didn't know any code, this would have just ruined their website and they would have had to rebuild.

Anyway - I hope to upgrade to 1.1.0 when the bugs are worked out of the category area - as we draw traffic now really well and just wanted to add in a great shop. THANK YOU for building it, just please support what you do built when you have time, please. It matters! Specially when you have people that love what you do and want it badly enough to come to you to ask for help, don't ignore them - bad business. Wishing you well with the bugs.

Reviews: 5
Be very wary of this software. It is very badly structured and thus if you are trying to style it up, it can literally take hours trying to find out where class tags are.

Imagine that you are holding the end of a piece of string. The rest of the string is on gigantic knot that fills the room. You then discover that there is more than one ball of string knotted into this bundle.

Now unravel it - welcome to Virtuemart.

The forums are littered with people asking questions that rarely get an answer.

I am a professional web designer/developer and even I gave up on it in the end.

If you want to know how an open source shopping cart should be done, go to This was recommended to me after I gave up on Virtuemart. It doesn't work inside Joomla, it is a standalone product but if you are looking to build a store I strongly advise you go to Zen. The code is elegantly and logically structured. The site is easy to mark-up with CSS and there is a search function so you can find where code is in any document.

Oh, and the developers of Zen don't put a message on their site saying code is more important than design so they may or may no get around to looking at design problems.
Reviews: 1
I tried the latest release of virtuemart for Joomla 1.5 and I have nothing good to say. I appreciate all the efforts of the virtuemart team but they must understand that their component is still not ready for Joomla 1.5.

Personally I had several error warnings setting up the shop and as not being an experienced user I got afraid and gave up.

I am currently using another component (unfortunately a commercial one) and I do not have a single problem.

All I regret is the time I have lost trying to make virtuemart work.

Not for me.
Reviews: 1
What I feared with having read some of the reviews of VirtueMart came true: Lots of questions on the forums, but no answers. Don't get me wrong, the whole idea behind this product is great and ought to be supported. But I'm afraid this current version just doesn't work. My Joomla 1.5.3 site hardly has any modifications to it as it's currently in the development stages, and yet a simple and basic configuration change on the payment module nets nothing. It's too bad that many here waited for this new version only to be let down at the end.
Reviews: 3
This has to be the best shopping cart for Joomla out there! It really has everything you need to set up a store using Joomla.

All you need to do is install it, set up a few categorys and your good to go.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
The back end is painfully slow! Problem in co-operation with Joomla 1.5? The old versions were nice!
Reviews: 1
I am a big of the Joomla Project. I think Joomla has great potential. I tried to install the Joomla Ecommerce package from the VitueMart's website and had several problems from the start. One of the biggest problems was that I could not see the administrator menu bar in the joomla admin site after i the install.

If i was going to install this on my own site, I would love to test it out an report bugs. But since its for a customer, I don't want to upset them and I am going to use a more tried and tested shopping cart.
Reviews: 1
I have been a huge proponent of VirtueMart for the past years. However this latest version is a nightmare. I installed it for a couple clients and ended up losing both of them because of all the bugs. I still recommend VirtueMart just not the most current version.
Reviews: 2
This new version is screwed up, the add to cart button, quantity boxes and a the whole template system is jacked. I cant get the add to cart button on the product list pages to show not matter how much I mess with it. Also, it has an issue with Joomla template assignments. On top of that, there is no support for these issue on their site.

I would wait until the next version, because this one is not ready for to be distributed.
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