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Complete ecommerce solution for joomla 2.5 and joomla 3
Please read our full list of features here

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:
- Template overriding,
- Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields, ...
- Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.
- Joomla ACL

- nested categories
- with meta tags for seo
- with description and media

- with meta tags for seo
- short and long description
- dimensions (weight, size)
- multiple media
- variants, attributes
- unlimited child products and derivated levels
- product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
- related products
- reviews and ratings

- pricing depending by shoppergroups
- price display depending by shoppergroups
- payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups

- customizable shopper input form
- input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
- recaptcha
- adressbook
- default Bill-to and Ship-to address
- default payment and shipment method

- stocking/inventory
- stock warning
- virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)

- various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
- prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
- different currency format per currency
- unit price
- quantity based pricing

- auto updating rates
- add your own currencies for fixed currency rates

- default SEF/SEO integrated

- discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- discounts, tax per product and/or order
- discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)

- based on plugins, already onboard:PayPal, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, Klarna and Klarna Checkout, Sofort Banking and Sofort iDeal, Skrill, Heidelpay,, Realex(and a lot more in the net)
- minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
- transaction fees
- by countries
- by shopper groups

- based on plugins
- by shopper groups
- by countries

- guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
- option to register at begin of checkout
- cart is an object, competly overridable by template
- cart is stored in the session
- multi-page checkout
- one page checkout

- payment/shipment workflow
- history
- modifiable
- order tracking for anonymous users
- order editing
- pdf invoice, delivery note

- latest
- topten (most sold)
- newest
- featured
- sortable
- searchable
- shipment/payment

- native with joomla 2 and 3
- with extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5

- coupon handling

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Reviews: 1
I really have to hand it to the cart. It could be totally seamless and the features as far as inventory options and shipping integration are very good.

There are two key issues that (unfortunately) forced me to choose another option. I didn't want to because this cart IS so very promising with tons of potential.

1. There needs to be an allowance for more than one product image. Of course a merchant can always find a way to creatively do this, not a big problem, really.

2. This one is big -- to me :)-- The user registration at checkout forces the customer to leave the site, and then confirm their registration after they have shopped and gone half way though the checkout process. I think the entire point in having a seamless solution like this is so that it's seamless. I personally like the registration process but a simple continue checkout button, allowing them to complete the order and get their info afterward would help with cart/sale abandonment.

It's a good free feature and I do see the longterm potential.
Reviews: 2
I love it! Saved me the hassle of having to design a shopping cart template that replicates a main site. Just plugged right into my site and worked. Thanks a bunch!
Reviews: 1
I set VM for my ecommerce solution. There are many problems, but so little answers on VM forum, bad assistence. Almost all things I must do myself, or cant do, waiting solution for other time.
Reviews: 4
This shopping cart blows alot of shopping carts out of the water!
Reviews: 1
After a great deal of frustration with X-Cart, then OSCommerce and then CRE Loaded, Virtuemart was like a gift from heaven - really easy to set up, easy to get a basic store up in just two days.

It became a little tricky when I was trying to add attributes and assign stocklevels via these attributes, (I'm setting up an online clothing store, so needed to have the system recognise how many small, medium, etc sizes were left when people ordered them) - BUT after hours of research, I found out how to do it (should have bookmarked the resource)
Reviews: 1
...But how about the payment module? - It's impossible to turn off the registration! When you have filled your cart with good, and want to pay - You'll have to fill in loooong registration-forms and so on and so on and so on.... This is not appropriate for a shop. Personally I remove myself from a site where I cannot finish payment within 1½ minute! How much patience do You have?
Reviews: 1
I personally, really like this code. There are several very complicated features, but with a little work, their not to hard figure out. I highly recommend this to ANYONE who needs to sell items online.
Reviews: 97
Why you all praise this component so much ?

Today I began to test it and thought it must be very good. Finally, I realized that this component was disigned wrongly from the first line of code.

It requires to disable the registration system of Joomla, and can't use the registration of Community Builder.

Why it need a new registration system when everyone agree that CB must be the Core of Joomla?

Very bad idea. I will give up it even if there is no shopping cart component for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for creating such an amazing product! I re-developed a small e commerce site, used Miva in the past and it does not even come close to the functionality of Virtumart. Easy to install and configure, worked flawlessly with

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I have been managing Joomla sites for about 3 years now. I am currently running 4 of them. One of them is a Salmon Derby Site for a non-profit. We wanted to be able to sell derby tickets and apparel. I know its not much but I understood the complete system in 30 min. and in 2 hours I had my on-line store complete. I didn't even understand what I needed to provide to our customers. This is so intuitive and complete that I can offer much better service than I had even considered.
Reviews: 1
I expected this to be much more difficult than it was. I consider myself an amateur with extensions and definitely didn't know what I was doing with e-commerce. It installed quickly without any problems, set it up for Paypal, then spent an hour or two customizing the look and loading images of my product. Very excited to make first sale!
Reviews: 7
VirtueMart is the best. A lot of plugins, flexible, easy to use and support a lots of payment processors.
Reviews: 5
I don't think there is any other Open Source ecommerce solution that better than Virtuemart at this moment. I've tried OSCommerce, Zen Cart and XT commerce but end up with Virtuemart due to its integration with Joomla. Better security than OScommerce despite its lack of design templates. Hope in the next version even better with more features. Thank you for feeding my small kids. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 2
It took sometime for me before eventually got version 1.08 works. Excellent work! Now I got to know v1.0.10 definitely will check it soon. Thanks VM! Will definitely donate when I get the cash inflow from it :-)
Reviews: 2
VirtueMart Shopping cart is easy to install configure and add product items to. The developers have done a great job, with this very user friendly shopping cart the admin tools are simple and straight forward.
Reviews: 2
I really love this cart. I set it up quickly and and does everything except there is no affiliate system. i really need that. I've tried to search in the support forums for the cart and have asked whether or not there is an intention to do an affiliate program but have received no response. So, I'll be switching to a commercial cart. Unfortunately...
Reviews: 1
I tried VirtueMart a few months ago but found the template layout frustrating so I gave up on it.
However, just yesterday i noticed that VirtueMart had upgraded so thought i'd give it another go and it has improved heaps. I've been trying to find a decent Joomla shopping cart for at least 6 months now and nothing really worked - I even bought a competitors component (ECJC) which was OK at first but that's also frustrating now. VirtueMart seems to be the best option for me at the moment. It also makes it easy to connect to payment gateways which for someone like me is a god send!

Well done on the much needed improvements - thanks for sharing this with us mere mortals. keep up the good work.
Reviews: 5
Ok, I admit it, I am a complete newbie. In fact, I am not a dev or programmer--I am just a middle aged lady who wanted to sell my art and create an online community. Joomla and CB (more fantastic people and products!) solved the last two wishes, but I can only say WOW to VirtueMart for sharing such a SUPER extension! It was incredibly easy to install, fantastic documentation on the website for the minor issues I have experienced and best of all, it works perfectly with my Paypal account. If this little-old-lady can figure it out, it really IS a dream product! Thank YOU!
Reviews: 1
I must say, VM goes above and beyond competing projects.

Support is remarkable, as the community is a bustling and thriving smorgasbord of users and developers, all of them ready and willing to offer their support.

Customization of this component is easy, but you'll need a working knowledge of basic PHP functions.

All in all, if you need an e-commerce solution to integrate into your Joomla! installation, this is it. If you're using Joomla!, use this project: don't try to integrate anything, as they won't work as seamlessly as this one.
Reviews: 1
It's a GREAT start on an excellent shopping cart, but it requires too much work to get it running in a seamless fashion.

The templates don't work well (new templates don't work and even when you customize the default templates there aren't enough options to make it worth doing. You have to re-code the back end to provide enough flexibility!)

Tax and shipping configurations are buggy and confusing. I STILL haven't figured them out yet.

The overall code complexity is higher than it needs to be which makes for difficult customization (which is required to get it running, they say so right on their website).

It's a noble effort, and one that I hope succeeds, but they need some seasoned developer help.

After 40 hours of development time on my end... I'm giving it 2 stars, grudgingly.
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