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Everyone using a version lower than 2.0.22c should update as soon as possible for security reasons.

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:
- Template overriding,
- Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields, ...
- Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.
- Joomla 2.5 ACL

- nested categories
- with meta tags for seo
- with description and media

- with meta tags for seo
- short and long description
- dimensions (weight, size)
- multiple media
- variants, attributes
- unlimited child products and derivated levels
- product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
- related products
- reviews and ratings

- pricing depending by shoppergroups
- price display depending by shoppergroups
- payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups

- customizable shopper input form
- input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
- adressbook
- default Bill-to and Ship-to address
- default payment and shipment method

- stocking/inventory
- stock warning
- virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)

- various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
- prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
- different currency format per currency
- unit price
- quantity based pricing

- auto updating rates
- add your own currencies for fixed currency rates

- default SEF/SEO integrated

- discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- discounts, tax per product and/or order
- discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)

- based on plugins, already onboard:PayPal, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, Klarna and Klarna Checkout, Sofort Banking and Sofort iDeal, Skrill, Heidelpay,, (and a lot more in the net)
- minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
- transaction fees
- by countries
- by shopper groups

- based on plugins
- by shopper groups
- by countries

- guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
- option to register at begin of checkout
- cart is an object, competly overridable by template
- cart is stored in the session
- multi-page checkout
- one page checkout

- payment/shipment workflow
- history
- modifiable
- order tracking for anonymous users
- order editing
- pdf invoice, delivery note

- latest
- topten (most sold)
- newest
- featured
- sortable
- searchable

- native with joomla 1.7
- with extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5

- coupon handling
- recommend a product to friend link
- mail to shoppers who bought the product

- debugging tool

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Reviews: 1
I have not attempted to create a shop yet with VirtueMart (I will in the next few months) but I can confirm that the core functionality of this extension was more than adequate for me to create a fairly elaborate catalogue of items (record releases) in only a few days.

On the upside - some of the winning features:

1) I easily added a new "Product Type" (which I simply called "Features") and then added a number of new descriptive attributes (as drop down lists with multi-selection if desired, free text, dates etc) to each "Product". This allowed a significant number of extra and searchable (filterable) attributes for each of my products (items in my catalogue).

2) Adequate multi-language support - that meant I could (and did) change every reference of the word "Product" to "Release" by simply changing one file - and this is reflected in both the user and admin interfaces. I also changed "SKU" to a more friendly "Release ID" (and published it - see below).

On the downside.... it's a little hard to customise the user interface as there is:
1) extensive use of inline styles (I repaced those when I needed to) and
2) inconsistent coding for some of the modules (they were written outside the original project and tacked on 'as is' I suspect).

The impact of that was that when hacking, I got used to the way the core product had been coded and then found that I had to (a) look in a totally different part of the site and (b) adapt to a whole different way of coding to make the change ("featured products" being the an example).

But hey! What should I expect for nothing?

(Hint, in the absence of a easily found Component / Module to -> backend file map, I went into english.php to find the language variable and then used Grep to find where that was referenced in the site files.)

Anyone who's worked in application development (corporate or for yourself) can atest that creating something with anywhere near this level of functionality takes hours (and hours and hours).

I should point out that I do not expect to take any upgrades for this product. I've left the core Joomla well alone but I've hacked this to the point where this will be the only release I use on this site (other than my own future customisations of course).

For the next site, I'll take the latest release and, using the experience I've gained in the last few days, do it again but hopefully a bit quicker and/or better....

Listen to that!! "The last few days" - that's all it's taken to get something pretty decent up and running and it's my first attempt at a Joomla site.

Many thanks to the people who've created this. If I ever make a dollar or two profit I'll send a bit your way.
Reviews: 5
Virtuemart is a very handy component, especially if you are only using 10% of its capabilities. The problem occurs when you try to use csv upload or multi rate shipping or even to set minimum values on items before orders, these are just a few of the questions that churn up time and time again on the user forum only to never get a reply.

You try and scan the docs for the solution but they only show basics too so the user is left in a stalemate. I would love to show support for virtuemart and donate to the developer if on ANY occasion I have had a question about functionality it had been dealt with or at the very least be in the documentation, as it stands though this is the best cart software available for Joomla and I find that very off putting.

Dont get me wrong, I dont hate it, in fact I use it for a couple of sites I designed but if I had a choice I think it would be put to the curb. Developers, consider a similar method to SMF charter members to gain revenue in order to provide a higher level of service, I would pay as long as there was a decent support system in place and I KNOW there are others that would do the same. We need a product that works and works well and one we know how to use..

Reviews: 1
I've been examining Virtuemart (VM) for a little over a month now. IMO, the most compelling reasons to use VM is because it is a component of Joomla and easy to setup and use out of the box, that's it. If VM were a stand alone application it would not be very impressive, just another cart, and there are a lot of carts out there that do much more than VM. A lot of the VM code base is not pretty (hard coded HTML mixed in with business logic) so layout customization beyond the basics requires digging into the code. The good part is, there seems to be a lot of interest in VM and if it could ever take full advantage of the Joomla framework and get a good templating engine, it would have real possibilities.
Reviews: 12
Amid the many web stores I have developed, populated and managed, this is by far the best and the easiest to use. It is laid out lagically and highly functional in its approach. The way is is constructed is very search engine friendly, particularly with the write hands tapping away at the keyboard. And although not totally neccesary, the store produces completely search engine friendly URLs with the use of OpenSEF, even when products are loaded into multiple categories. And best of all, it works with Joomla. Just take a look upon this site to see but a few of the possibilities that the Joomla network of components provides. As for complaints, when considering all the other software I have unfortunately used to develop online stores, I am quickly reminded that the only complaints I have is that I wasted my time using such stores as Miva Merchant, OScommerce, ZENcart and a handful of others before realizing the impact that the Joomla / Virtuemart / OpenSEF / Gallery2 / Joomboard / Other component packages have upon you, your retail efforts and those retail efforts of your clients.
Reviews: 1
This component its functional, but has been coded using very ancient php techniques.

Joomla definitly needs to demand a code standard fromt he component developers , as until now is just a carnival.

In Virtuemart for example to print a Thumb , 800 lines of redundant code is needed and is not at all OOP.

Unluckly is the best cart solution for joomla. And you will endup using it. but i dont recomend.
Reviews: 1
The only thing I have a problem with 1.0.5 is that a customer must be a registered user. This means if they are a new customer and they want to buy something, they have to register (which is relatively painless because an activation email is sent immediately). However, and this is the bad part, the customer must then activate the account before they can buy anything.

If the system isn't easy and seamless (and requires extra steps be taken by the customer) then the customer will shop elsewhere.
Reviews: 1
Just want to add my recommendation for VirtueMart. I've been using it for just over a year now, and it's been great. The level of detail in this cart system is great, and the add-ons (postage calculators) for example really make this a powerful tool. Mahuti was suggesting in a post that it's difficult to customise the CSS. The open source community doesn't have the best reputation for great looking websites to say the least. But as a designer I decided to get into the CSS of the cart (and Joomla) and make it look good. Check out if you like and see how it looks. These guys have done a great job getting a functional cart together, with a bit of styling the whole thing can work really well and look great.
Reviews: 3
Fully functional, many options. Working like a charm. They deserve your donations guys. If I sell anything on my site I'll send them something over...
Reviews: 5
Im only a few weeks in to Joomla and all, and VirtueMart was just what I needed to help finish my site! My knowledge of programming etc is extremely basic, but installing VirtueMart and setting it up to how I want it to look was no trouble at all! I installed another very popular ecommerce component, but was very difficult to modify compared to this. I have hundred of products, and that has been the slowest thing - adding them almost one by one - but I would definately recommend VirtueMart.
Reviews: 1
I agree with the fact that it is difficult to edit the layout and that it seriously needs and ovehall to ensure its long term future. In terms of the road it should be taking I beieve intergration with a templating system such as Xtemplate will make it possibly the best component joomla will ever see, don't get me wrong in terms of functionality and used in conjuction with other components and joomlas strength as a CMS you could hack some amazing things with this component.
Reviews: 1
I am sort of new at this Joomla thing but this was very easy to install and configure. I am only using this as a catalog system and so far it is working great!
Reviews: 1
I like vituemart. Of course you have to spend a bit of time and make some hacks to perfect it but it's worth it. It is actually quite flexible. It's a true joomla component (not bridged) which already gives it an advantage. For larger, more complex stores, it might just do it but you have to bear in mind that it's free and most large stores don't typically rely on free ecommerce software.
Reviews: 1
The template system of VirtueMart, is very, very poor. There are many instances of inline styles throughout the PHP, and if you really care about the layout of your site, you will find it very difficult to skin this application. CSS support for Virtuemart is also very poor, generally I found the included CSS styles to be fairly useless, while the really important visual items either had no CSS styles applied to them, had generic Joomla styles applied to them, or had inline CSS styles applied outside of the PHP template files. Additionally, the CSV import / export feature (one of the most important) is somewhat tricky to use in real world situations. I found myself poring over the CSV file to correct errors that were stopping up the import. Also, the CSV does not output orders that have been placed with the store. If you have accounting software, you'll need to hack, or manually input the order data yourself. On the positive site, the cart integrates nicely with Joomla, and the backend administration does as well. There is a good forum community, and many questions get answered in a hurry. Though a bit difficult to work with, the cart can be adjusted to a variety of purposes with a few days of hacking.
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