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Complete ecommerce solution for joomla 2.5 and joomla 3
Please read our full list of features here

Based on Joomla MVC framework with all its advantage:
- Template overriding,
- Implementation of Joomla Plugins for: payment, shipment, coupons, calculation rules, custom product fields, ...
- Simple installation and integration of other joomla extensions.
- Joomla ACL

- nested categories
- with meta tags for seo
- with description and media

- with meta tags for seo
- short and long description
- dimensions (weight, size)
- multiple media
- variants, attributes
- unlimited child products and derivated levels
- product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
- related products
- reviews and ratings

- pricing depending by shoppergroups
- price display depending by shoppergroups
- payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups

- customizable shopper input form
- input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
- recaptcha
- adressbook
- default Bill-to and Ship-to address
- default payment and shipment method

- stocking/inventory
- stock warning
- virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)

- various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
- prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
- different currency format per currency
- unit price
- quantity based pricing

- auto updating rates
- add your own currencies for fixed currency rates

- default SEF/SEO integrated

- discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
- discounts, tax per product and/or order
- discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)

- based on plugins, already onboard:PayPal, Paypal Pro, Paypal Express Checkout, Klarna and Klarna Checkout, Sofort Banking and Sofort iDeal, Skrill, Heidelpay,, Realex(and a lot more in the net)
- minimal amount / maximal amount to use a payment
- transaction fees
- by countries
- by shopper groups

- based on plugins
- by shopper groups
- by countries

- guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
- option to register at begin of checkout
- cart is an object, competly overridable by template
- cart is stored in the session
- multi-page checkout
- one page checkout

- payment/shipment workflow
- history
- modifiable
- order tracking for anonymous users
- order editing
- pdf invoice, delivery note

- latest
- topten (most sold)
- newest
- featured
- sortable
- searchable
- shipment/payment

- native with joomla 2 and 3
- with extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5

- coupon handling

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Reviews: 2
It's easy to config and use. I used it on 2 online shop sites. Great work!
Reviews: 4
When I have to deploy an ecommerce, Virtuemart is always the safe choice. It can be improved and made more modern, but it's always a win!
Reviews: 2
VM2 has become a mess with several bugs. You can't remove a product with custom field from cart. It says it was removed, but still there. Since june people are complaining at the Virtuemart Forum and they simply does not respond or find a solution. Several posts are left alone. With a bugy product (bugs with more than 5 months old) , bad support, and untattendant forum it is going down everyday. Sorry about that, but VM1 was much better.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your thoughts, sorry for the late response. It would be impossible to identify your specific problems from this post, we would suggest you break down any problems you have and you will find solutions and find answers on the VM2 forum. In many cases people do not clear their cache, which results in products appearing to not be removed. I refer to the website cache, not cash which is not required for the VirtueMart as we all know this is free.

Reviews: 3
VirtueMart offers allot of possibilities! This makes it a little bit harder to begin with.

But everything is hard in the beginning. I always have a period in my learning proces in which I want to throw my PC into a canyon.

But after a while you get the hang of it and try to experience more and more. If it's software or just study books, you just need to put some time and effort in it.

Most people here are like me, they have problems with the module or software, but don't want to look in the documentation of on the forums. Sadly most people like that begin to complain instead of looking for a solution. That's why I wanted to give a good rating for the hard work the guys of VirtueMart put into this software!

Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 1
Good component. I use long ago.
However, often it is necessary to work hard for editing of some not obvious trifles
Reviews: 2
I used VM1 and Hikashop. VM1 was not the easiest to use and to modify, but it was all within reasonable terms.

VM2 is a mess. Basic functions that were present in VM1 have been removed and now need to be purchased as paid extensions from other sources.

Some internal functions are not working properly and the documentation is more than scarce.

Posts on the VM Forum regularly get a reply by the administrator Milbo "You don't understand Virtuemart...You Don't understand...You don't understand..." There seem to be a lot of people 'not understanding. Maybe it is a lack of documentation.

Our internal programmer managed to solve some of the programming errors of VM2...until we updated to the new version VM 2.0.12f Now the bugs are even worse, so that even our programmer can't find out what is going on.

We tried 3 months now to make VM2 work for our client. Our advice...If you think about using VM2 for your shop...don't.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments, which are really appreciated to help focus the numerous volunteers who help build and use virtuemart in many live shops.

I have to unfortunately refer to my car analogy of a 1966 mini copper, which when produced, worked, in a way that we did not realise by today’s standard, might not have been as safe and reliable as mini's of today standards, yet they worked, and through development of technology improved. Both are brilliant cars, however they are very different, much like VM1 and VM2.

The comments towards Milbo are unjust, this is NOT to be a personal area to slate people, we have decided not to have your comments removed, because Virtuemart is an open community that embraces everybody, to aid the same goal, which is to create a world class product for FREE.

The free nature of Virtuemart has helped many people throughout the world, a fact that should make many people happy.

I note your developers were able to correct issues you had, have you shared these on the forum? It would be excellent to know people who can afford developers to make a free product better, return this knowledge to the pool, to help others.

To reiterate, VM2 is growing, in the right direction and with many new features added as time goes by, it does work out of the box, you can set up a shop within an hour and working, problems often come when, third party, extensions and hacks are required, which is a different situation to claiming VM2 does not work.

Reviews: 12
ANYBODY could get VM1 up and running quickly and easily.

VM2 is a HORRIBLE product. There are many issues with product, dealing with options that most people want to use.

If you want product variants (IE colors, sizes) for your shop, go look at the 12 page thread on their forums where virtually NOBODY can get this working correctly and there has been NO response from the VM team at all.

Unless you want a lot of hassle and a ton of extra work, find an alternative.

So sad.
Owner's reply

Re Horrible product!

Virtuemart offers variations via custom fields, which once worked out how to use, are very broad in what they offer.

We are really sorry you are having such problems with Custom fields, however this does not make the whole product, but is a small element.

Many community members have created excellent youtube videos addressing custom fields, as there are so many options it would be a 1000 page document just to see all the possible permutations.

Please revisit the custom fields with a different eye, and maybe view a couple of the many free youtube videos made by people who help support VirtueMart, I am sure that once you have that eureka over what custom fields offer, you will say wow to yourself.

Reviews: 1
I used earlier versions of Virtuemart. It WAS a great extension, however the developers have missed out a lot on ease of use in the present ones.
I suppose they've made/ upgraded the 2.x versions keeping in mind the developers as things do not work at all without applying tweaks. I would say 2.x versions of this extensions are not meant for those without coding knowledge. Still a great extension but only for those who can apply Hacks and Tweaks
GO FOR THIS EXT. IF U HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF CODE - Does'nt work out of the box
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments, however I would like to suggest that VirtueMart is perfect for people who just want to install a shop and get it working, based on their own limited development ability, and likewise it is perfect for developers who want to take a free product, power bulge it for their clients, and provide a world class product that works.

As with any product, when you start hacking and tweaking, there are other implications to consider, this is where sometimes issues arise.

Reviews: 1
I had the VM1.1 (it was nice) and installed the VM 2.
The migration tool is bugged, no price, VAT ... imported.
Downloadable products arn't imported, and it even seems that you have to pay an extension to have downloadble products, it was free in the VM 1.1. The front end crashes very often (DB error).
So, I will look for other e-commerce solutions...
Owner's reply

Re Migration tool!

May I explain, the migration helps many people move from different versions of Joomla, as well as different versions of VirtueMart, which is pretty slick Considering the number of uses people have found for VirtueMart, buggy is a word that is different to many many people, and is caused by different issues, so the word used in this example is very broad in meaning.

Please consider this, many people are using VM2, so maybe there are some local issues you have that are causing the problem of the front end of your site to crash, have you checked the storage URL of your downloads?, please try and revisit the problem, by setting up a standard install and ensuring everything works, then try using the migration tools.

Reviews: 2
This is a good component to build a shop with Joomla, i use it for 2 Shop-sites. But it needs more stability in the core-functions.
Owner's reply

Thank You

Reviews: 5
About 2 years ago I made a shopping site with Joomla 1.5 and VM 1.1.9. Although both systems were new to me, I could make a workable shopping site with a bit of elbow grease and a few compromises.

For my new web site I needed VM only for the display of products, without a shopping cart. I thought this would be an easy task and started with Joomla 2.x and the new VM 2.x. To wrap it up, it is a mess and after months of hard work I am close to giving up. What pulls me down are the numerous things that do not work and for which you cannot find a work-around. The system has become hard to understand and there is no useful documentation. Since I started with VM 2.x I have followed every update, hoping that the bugs would disappear. Not one has disappeared, but one more got in with 2.1.2. And after each update I the code with the "hacks" that I found in the forum and that remedied at least some of the bugs, has to worked in again. That is frustrating.

For my purposes the functionality to add products with good images is vital. This was not quite easy in VM 1.5 but still manageable. Now it has become a total mess. The image management does not store/display my product images with the sizes I want nor the names nor the storage location I want. It just does some wild things and to clean up the mess you have to spend hours with FTP.

The system has some good new features like defining your own product fields. The main problem are simply the bugs, and that apparently nobody tries to fix them in updates.

I acknowledge that this is free software, but it should work nevertheless. Sorry folks, but I cannot give this product a good rating anymore.
Reviews: 1
I have developed a lot of shops in version 1.1.x - thanks for that - but version 2 is simply impossible to be used ... The "approach" used in child products, stock variants, cart attributes, prices calculation ( cost base final ) ... doesn't make any sense.
Search VM forums and look how many people have the same questions about these.
Well ... sometimes take a step back could mean many forward I think.
Reviews: 4
I've tried a lot of new carts/ecommerce extensions for Joomla. None of them are as polished as Virtuemart. VM 2.0 is still the best out there and possibly the best ecommerce platform period. This may change but VM is the only cart I'd recommend to clients.
Owner's reply

Thank You

Reviews: 5
A great extension, need more extensions like wishlist and/or gift registry!
Works great hope they can add this features!
Reviews: 11
I have been using Vm for a number of years. For my shop with download products. It worked fine together with paypal.
It was recommended to upgrade to 2.0.12. So i did. What a nightmare was that. Now finally up and running (lost 4 days selling) there are no downloads possible (not implemnted in VM 2. Except when you buy an special plugin.
Very very disappointed. I will downgrade to 1.1.9 again. So i have time to find an other e-shop.
Reviews: 2
I've been a virtuemart user for some years and can now say that VM2 is truly great. The gap to VM2 meant a full rewrite and makes it much easier to customize. Not only because the code is now organized, but it allows a great flexibility with the integration of content plugins but also its own vmcustom plugins and custom fields interacting on the product details page and cart. Only cons are support for forsale downloadable goods is now a paid option, and the developer documentation is weak. Overall is excellent especially for a non commercial extension.
Reviews: 2
I was a user since VM's inception and would have preferred to continue using it, but version 2.x is simply awful. It is so difficult to use that many long time users question whether it is broken or simply impossible to understand and implement.

Previous versions of VM had good functionality "right out of the box". This is no longer true. I would have been happy to be able to be able to duplicate the look and feel of my VM 1.1.x site but it was impossible to do so.

So instead of rebuilding my entire shop structure to suit VM, I simply decide to look elsewhere. It is a shame, I used to consider VM and five-star product.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your helpful insight, I am forced to agree with your point that VM2 is not like VM1, thankfully, and would like to offer you an alternative view to your points raised.

Joomla 2.5 and soon to come out V3 are completely different products to the first Joomla back in the day, this is known as progression, Virtuemart has also matured into a vastly superior product than previous was available in VM1.

The upgrade path from VM1 is easy, the upgrade path from Joomla 1.5 is easy, but only if you take the time to learn slightly different procedures and encompass new ideas, that were never available or needed in VM1, transferring your site can be done with a few clicks, which is explained in the forum, in fact if you view the forum you will find a number of people very helpful, all supporting and using this free product.

We have many successful sites transferred to VM2 and I implore you to reconsider using Virtuemart, a free shopping cart used throughout the world.

Please visit our forum and see for yourself. If your dislike was based around a bug that could never be fixed, that would be different, but maybe your dissatisfaction could be addressed with a little help from us and learning how things are done in VM2.

Thank you for leaving this feedback, your help will help us to improve further, each days brings news ways or new ideas.

Reviews: 40
I am very unhappy that have to give one star for what use 5 years. Situation of VM for now is alfa or max. beta. But we wait for this long, long time. Many thngs is not working. You can not ordering product by hand, can not cancel, remove custom fields if you add for product. Also can not remove Parent & Child Products / for this find solution on forum it was css bug in admin/ ... And for many things have to look in forums, try to find on internet. Like before many years with version 1.1 Things have to going better, not opposite. Also admin, and to make something with product size, weight, custom things... Its not friendly and logic. Uf.
Owner's reply

Hi, I can see you are a serial reviewer, thank you for taking the time to review Virtuemart VM2, your issues seem to be relating to many different areas of the products use.

I would be interested to understand if you did a fresh install, or upgraded and what versions you are using.

Whilst the forums do offer an extensive amount of help, they can sometimes be a little daunting. For a product to offer such a high level of possibilities it can sometimes seems impossible to understand, some people experience issues when they are trying to customise the product, however we are confident that in most cases, an out of the box Virtuemart 2 provides you with products and categories operating in a way to get you started and trading quickly.

Reviews: 1
I have been using this extension for years. I didn't like Virtuemart 1.x too much. But with 2.x version, I am satisfied! It is free (like always), payment plugins in 2.x are so easy to integrate and developed. The code structure is now simple and easy to customize. These things make my projects more easier to finish and my clinets are so happy!

If you want to build a shopping site. I recommend Joomla and Virtuemart!
Reviews: 1
I would strongly recommend this component which is the best in its class.

Virtuemart is fun, easy to use and very powerful. Many webmasters use it and is there a large number of add-ons and plugins available.

I can only advise you the choice to create your store e-bussiness
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