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HikaShop is an E-Commerce extension for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x. It is built for simplicity and flexibility.
HikaShop also has a wide range of marketing tools, but also powerful statistics displayable on your HikaShop dashboard to help you manage your store.
It provides advanced taxes, zones, languages and currencies management for worldwide sales as well as advanced customization capabilities of your online shop in order to meet your website ecommerce needs.

+Highly customizable checkout process (workflow as well as layouts)
+Checkout steps reduced as much as possible to increase transformation
+Multiple currencies, with auto conversion based on currencies rates
+Product prices manageable in several currencies with quantity rebates
+Powerful dashboard
+Coupons and discounts
+User address custom fields
+Advanced tax management with multiple taxes supported + TaxCloud plugin for automatic tax calculations
+Payment and shipping plugins
+More than 60 payment plugins to handle online credit card payments including:
Paypal Standard, Pro and Express Checkout, Google Checkout, with AIM, SIM and DPM, Moneybookers, Bluepaid, EPay, SagePay, Payment Express, Payza, eWAY, SIPS ATOS, CM-CIC, HSBC CPI, iVeri, PayJunction, ServiRed, Innovative Gateay Intuit, CardSave, RBS Business and Global Gateway, AliPay, MIGS (for Bendigo, Commweb and ANZ egate), OKPay, VirtualMerchant, iPayDNA, PostFinance, PayBox, Ogone, Amazon FPS, CECA, eSelect/Moneris, Stripe, BitPay etc
+Credit card plugin to collect credit card information for offline processing
+Australia Post, Canada Post, UPS, USPS, FedEx, CanPAR shipping plugins
+Shipping per weight/volume/zone/post code/product
+Events triggering plugins enabling you to extend easily HikaShop using standard joomla plugins without any hack
+Views customization override interface (Joomla MVC)
+Handle downloadable goods (with possible restrictions) as well as shippable goods
+Products and categories display module with a wide range of options
+Orders invoice, history and edition
+Native vote and comment system and integration with jComments and jomComment.
+Integration with Community Builder and JomSocial for orders listing in user's own profile
+Integration with XMAP for site map
+Integration with Joomla's breadcrumb module
+Integration with sh404SEF and Joomla's SEF system
+Translation interface to easily translate HikaShop in your language and share it with the community
+Import/Export products/categories information and export of orders
+Import from VirtueMart 1.x, VirtueMart 2.x, MijoShop, RedShop and OpenCart
+Integrated Documentation
+Administrator/User email notifications
+Dashboard statistics widgets
+Multilingual support compatible with JoomFish and Falang
+HikaShop is available in more than 20 languages
+A ReCaptcha integration plugin which enables you to display the recaptcha on your registration forms
+Possibility to force SSL on the checkout
and much more...

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Reviews: 4
I can´t really compare Hikashop to other components but I feel like I don´t have to. Here my experience:

I bought ans installed Hikashop. At the first moment I was confused about all the options (backend). It seemed complicated and my first steps without reading the documentation were not so successful. But then I read the detailled documentation and found out that it was pretty easy. The whole shops works perfect and has really awesom functions.

The really amazing thing is the support. I mean it! I experienced great support for other modules and components but the hika team is more than amazing. They replied quickly, took time to answer all my question until everything was solved and even published one update because of a customization (in hika serials).
I absolutely recommend hikashop for everybody who is looking for a professional shop system for physical and digital goods and works long therm with it.
It is absolutely worth it to take time and learn to work with the shop.
Reviews: 1
Hikashop is one of the best Joomla extentions I’ve ever used. Great product and even greater support. Would recommend it for everyone who's looking for a simple and at the same time powerful e-commerce tool for their Joomla website. Look no further, you just found it :).
Cheers to all Hikashop team and keep up the good work guys.
Reviews: 15
I use the commercial Business edition. It lets you build your own Somewhat complicated because it's very powerful and flexible. I never object to commercial extensions that save us time and agony. Documentation could be better but support is superlative. For building full-blown e-commerce sites, our first choice.
Reviews: 5
I've tried so many popular Joomla! and non-Joomla! shopping carts and this is by far the most comprehensive and easy to use. There are 1 or 2 that are better, but are more detailed than typically necessary. This is a winner and worth installing!
Reviews: 2
hikashop very good , very fast , and the support always answer ..
Merci hikashop team & Nicolas
Reviews: 2
I generally prefer paid extensions but decided to try this one after having some issues with paid ones. I was surprised by the easy of use of Hikashop, the admin dashboard rocks, I have all the stats I want in one place... The workflow of the system is very easy and logic for customers. I had to play a little with Html and Css in order to get the look I want but that worths for an ecommerce site.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I too am not a programmer, just a designer, and after extended research and comparison decided to install HikaShop to handle my first e-commerce site. I couldn't be happier. Everything worked from the start, and when I had a question or two about the system, (as well as a more technical request to handle taking deposits), Nicolas provided excellent support. Thank you very much! I am happy to use HikaShop in all my projects from here on...
Reviews: 4
After years using other shop components we finally found the one that is easy to configure, reliable and full featured.
Easy admin control of almost any parameter that is available. The support, even for the free version of Hika, is first class. The updates are always improving the component and it's extensions and from the very beginning we started it on Joomla!™ 3. Great work Hika team!
Reviews: 11
I've tried many shop...
HikaShop is a really good shopping system for Joomla. It is running perfect under Joomla 2.5 and it is really easy to use.
Reviews: 3
I am not a programmer or techie in any way and chose HikaShop based on the feedback of others for ease of install, good performance etc. I wasn't disapointed with the product in any way and it worked straignt out of the box. When I ran into a few issues with my template that were beyond my technical ability to solve, I contacted Hika Shop and received superb support by return - even working on my website on a Sunday. That is way beyond the call of duty. Thank you Nicolas for all your help. Five Stars all round!
Reviews: 37
I built a site using the business edition but it lacked a FREE shipping coupon so I was instructed to buy AWOCoupon and that seemed to work. Overall, I got the impression that the site was a mishmash of code from different programmers held loosely together by old telephone string -- formerly used to connect two tin cans.

It did do very well in the Zone arena, where you may not be able to ship a certain product to just 3 of the 50 states but it was quite slow and cumbersome with the variations a product may have.

Nicolas does do a good job at answering questions on the forum but the forum is a hodgepodge of answers that need to be linked or categorized better. It's bad enough that the forum search is limited to 20 characters. I've never seen a search string limitation so harsh.

As I have tried 4 carts so far, this is not the one that is so open that you can just install and see results as you built. It requires patience. If you have it, this extension is for you.
Owner's reply


Thank yo for your comment.

The forum categorization is indeed unpractical since it was firstly made two years ago when we launched and that we now have more than 80000 posts on it. I agree that it would be great to redo the categorization at some point. It's on our todo list, along with a new website for 2013.

The search of the forum allows for more than 20 characters.
Here is an example:

Concerning the speed of setting up a web shop with HikaShop, I must say that it can greatly vary based on what you want to do. We have a beginner tutorial on our documentation which allows you to sell your first product in less than 10 minutes. But if you want to personalize everything, it can indeed take a lot of time, especially if it's your first use.

Best regards,

Reviews: 2
Just installed, everything ready. Easy to use and fairly flexible. This component made my life easy. The functionality is amazing.
Reviews: 7
I've been a Joomla! user for some time, almost 5 years. I've tried many components, modules, plugins, etc.
I needed a component for shopping and already knew of virtuemart. I've tried it in the past and wasn't sure if I'd want to use it again. Then I came across HikaShop. I read the features, reviews, and thought I'd give it a shot. Was I in for a suprise! The Features! ENDLESS!! Sure, some are paid, but you can tell they took the time to pack this component with EVERYTHING a site owner could DREAM OF! I have to say to this team, HATS OFF TO YOU! Oh but wait...I sent a question regarding a small issue and sure enough, got a response in less than 10 minutes! NO JOKE! Never EVER have I seen a response THAT fast from ANY Joomla Extensions Developer. I think the Joomla team needs to feature this...just saying. 10 Stars to you guys for this!
Reviews: 2
Having launched a few joomla sites I have to say this is one of the best components I have used. Easy to setup and not much or none at all customization needed. Support is blazing fast (within minutes). I highly recommend hikashop
Reviews: 1
Hello joomla users

This is the the best online selling component, simple and functional component for new web for online business. The catalog mode running without online order but can be a good start for online trader wanna be!!!
worth trying.
Reviews: 3
Great component 100% customizable and great support.

I recommend the bussiness edition. I know there are any other free components, but this is the only work fine.
Reviews: 1
Like most people I tried many different carts but no others worked so easily, had extensive payment options, looked as good or were easy to get around. It is like the developers were trying to create a product that worked rather than making a product to make money from. I am happy to give them my money for a product that does what it says. Great job.
Reviews: 2
I'm so happy I discovered HikaShop. After failing miserably with a couple of other shopping cart extensions I was about ready to give up the whole idea in despair but luckily I decided to give HikaShop a go. The documentation could be better - in an ideal world there would be a simple, video explaining how to get started - but the support forum was so helpful that I got myself sorted out fairly quickly. I'm using HikaShop Business edition with Falang for a multi-language shopping site and it was much easier to set up than I would have predicted. Tip to newcomers: following the setup on the Hikashop demo is a good way in, once you have an idea of the basics the documentation makes better sense.
So: good extension and excellent support - friendly, helpful, patient, seemingly always good-tempered - a pleasure to work with. I paid for the Business edition, partly for the extra features but also because I thought the developers deserve to get paid for their good work.
Reviews: 1
My Web Site appears to all be working now. I have created
a strange mixture of Joomla! articles with HikaShop embedded and the HikaShop by

This reflects my first time efforts at a Joomla! web site with HikaShop
coming along later. If I was to start over, I would do all my store in
HikaShop but somehow I did not wake up to the availability of HikaShop
templates until a few days ago. They made all the difference.

I am really impressed with HikaShop. It functions very well. It is a solid
piece of software. It is hard to learn if you have never created a web site
before and only have limited HTML and no PHP knowledge.

I am immensely grateful for the help and quick response to my queries. The support effort of the HikaShop Team
made it all possible.
Reviews: 2
I tested this s/w after giving up on Virtuemart and their 100 files.

So I got Hikashop and got good support before buying the s/w.

To my surprise, after buying the s/w (100 Euro)I am getting 0 response on my 1 (one) email to "support" (mailing by using the "contact us" on the Hika site and regular mails).

The s/w has a potential of becoming a leader, but it needs some advantages in the Business version that seem to be missing.

Thanks for the work, and hopefully you will get better.
Owner's reply


I personally reply to all the messages sent via our contact form within 48 hours.
As far as I know, I've replied to all the messages.

Please send again your question. Maybe it was rejected by the Captcha system. The best is to use the forum for your questions as we have all the team able to answer on it with a ticketing system and no captcha.


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