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Are you interested in running your very own groupon clone, group buying or social buying website like En Masse is the solution base software that you are looking for. EnMasse is a Joomla component that allows users to install a coupon shopping feature to their website, create deals from both of front end and back end, manage order, social sharing rewards plan and many more features. It allows customers to purchase any types of coupons online or download free deals and vouchers for them or their friends as a gift. After our first beta launch in Dec 2011 we have sold many copies and setup numerous Groupon like sites internationally and new releases have been regular ever since.

[Basic Frontend Features]
* Allows salesperson to create deals with tier pricing features. (NEW)
* SEO friendly URL. (NEW)
* Have sub category and category page. (NEW)
* Responsive web design for mobile devices. (NEW)
* Users can check their orders in the frontend.
* Allows salesperson to create deals and view their sales.
* Allows merchants to view/update coupons status.
* Allowing of multiple deals on sidebar.
* Login by social account: facebook, twitter
* Share deal via facebook, twitter and email.

[Basic Backend Features]
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher. (NEW)
* Sending of coupon links to users when deal is confirmed, cancelled
* Payment gateways setting (Paypal integrated with many other payment gateway)
* Coupon editor to edit your own customized coupon
* Salesperson management allows you to manage a team of sales people who bring in deals for you
* Order management allows you to view all orders

[Mobile Application for Merchant]
* Scan QR code on coupon and update coupon status.
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Mobile Application for Customer]
* Buy deals onapplication
* Check their orders on purchased history
* Share deal via Facebook and Twitter
* Choose city to see all of deals of this location
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Facebook Application]
* Allow you to put up an Facebook Application for your fans to directly see the list of deals through Facebook and drive the traffic to your website.
* Share deal via Facebook, twitter and email.

[Feature Listing of new releases]

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.1*~~~~~~~~
* Multi cart function

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.0*~~~~~~~~
* Allow to create Tier Pricing deals.
* SEO friendly URL.
* Have sub category and category page.
* Responsive web design mobile.
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher.

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 4.4*~~~~~~~~
* Allowing of multiple deals on the side.
* Enhancing of slide show functionality.
* Display Merchant Logo on the front-end.
* This version now supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0

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Reviews: 1
I've had a very positive experience dealing with Matamko. I only purchased a short subscription, but nevertheless received very professional support.

I got lots of help with setting up the component and they really took the effort of fixing any issues I encountered.

I can definately say I received my money's worth.
Reviews: 1
I appreciate the efforts of the EnMasse team. They are always trying to improve themselves by having new useful features for En Masse and releasing new versions regularly. I also like the fact that they have created Matamko YouTube Channel with videos manuals that guide users on how to install and use En Masse.
I feel that watching these video manuals will be easier and faster than reading the user guide in terms of setting it up or learning on how to use En Masse :)

Thank a lot for your efforts and your support.
Reviews: 1

I'll like to say thanks to the peeps at Matamko to begin with.

I was considering between En Masse and Contus for my group deal site that is based on insurance products.

Most of the time when I approach product company, not many are that helpful. What made me decided on using EnMasse instead of Contus was due to the customer service difference.

The peeps at Matamko actually went all the way to explain to me all my questions and actually even went on Skype to talk to me further.

The last thing when you have a new website is you end up spending most of your time figuring how to do this, how to do that. What I wanted as a smooth experience and quickly get my new group deal site up to date and get the business running instead of looking at all the minor detail.

If you are looking at hassle free, great support, I guess you really can consider them.

I also had customization help from them with specific requirements which was done pretty quickly. I expect them to anyway, since it is their product.

The down side of it all is, they don't have too many templates which is why I asked for some customization as well. It was not expensive to do so anyway. Saved me a lot of time that I can focus on the more important things.

Overall, I'm a happy customer and that's why I am here to return the kind gesture.

Oh I just remember, one other reason for choosing En Masse was due to Joomla! At least I know can I can manage contents for my site easier, which is important to my business.
Reviews: 1
I’ve been a subscriber for more than 6 months now. Since then, I’ve had a few on going projects to do with En Masse. I really appreciated the support and the advise I get from the En Masse techs. They really help me to build confidence in En Masse. Although sometimes the replies are not always in 24 hours but they do reply to all my questions and support tickets.

Looking forward to your next release.
Reviews: 1
I have purchased this extension, all features are good, but lack of key point. URL is not SEO friendly. This extension is commercial extension. SEO is key point, for any E-Commerce site.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it.

We will be releasing En Masse v5.0 that we will be having a feature to improve the SEF ability for the merchants. We are aiming for a beta launch in the coming month so please look out for it.

By the way, you could map the URL to your shorten URL using tools like sh404SEF

Please also feel free to contact our support department so that we can help provide you with solutions that we already done with many of other users on their SEF needs.

Reviews: 71
Works as promised. We ran into a Paypal IPN issue and Matamko tech support fixed it promptly. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
En Masse is very good like groupon component , also easy to customize it with what every you want! Has a nice support via telephone, via ticked system and email..
I release my company with en masse and i have great support!
i have buy so many extensions and script to make my deal site but this one is the best from any way! Thank you guys
Reviews: 1
After researching about groupon-clone components, I’ve purchased En Masse Joomla. Got it for $331 with 3 months support & subscription. The Price is a little expensive but I didn’t mind as the quality and support of the product is very good.
After talking to many companies, what sold me on their product was the fact that they took the time to answer all my question and they were very forth coming on the limitations of the software. They even installed and set up EnMasse on my host server.
A month into using this product, I realize that En Masse could use some added features, features that I think would give me an advantage in the online deals business. To this, I requested modifications to En Masse. I mean wow, the team at Matamko understood what I wanted to do right away. They consulted with me and provide me with multiple solutions to my request, the cost, and the timeframe in which to complete the project.
They provided my with a test site to view and test my site and to see that all my requirements have been met and although I experience some bugs when testing the site, they fixed it for me and got everything working again.
In terms of quality, service, value, and support, I would rate this product 5 out of 5.
I am very satisfied with the product and the service they provide. Great Job!
Reviews: 1
I have a number of clients using EnMasse Joomla and they have all given me
good feedback on it. In my opinion, Enmasse Joomla is quite simple to set
up and use. It helped me save time and cost, helping my clients set up and
design their e-commerce webpage. I often change the design, functionality
and add new add-on (ex: Google map) for my clients. While I do get a lot of
problems and errors, I manage to get good help through the Matamko Enmasse
support system. Will have give them 5 stars if it is so easy that I could
do it myself. In general, Im also very satisfied with the Matamko’s
support team. They are very courteous and considerate of my of problems and
they provide me with good solutions. I appreciate the very thorough and
detailed standards of communications which in my experience are key
qualities that make a difference in the quality of support provided. Their
turnaround time is something I have found to be very reassuring, because
I've had worse experiences where the support team takes ridiculous
timeframes just to come back with a simple reply. A team that shows such
qualities give me the confidence to work with them even when the products
have areas of improvements, because this is the kind of working
relationship that I believe will offer more long-term benefits for all the
parties that are involved in such an arrangement.
Reviews: 1
I’ve been using the En Masse product for about 6 months now. During this time, ive made a lot of changes to the original product in terms of design, functionality, and language used. I’m from Israel and we speak, read, and write in Hebrew which is quite difficult to implement. I encountered a lot of problems getting my website up and running because of the language integration issue. I finally gave up and asked the support team for help in fixing the problems. They gave me very helpful advice and took the time to explain to me the things I needed to do to get the Hebrew language to work correctly on my site.
Just want to complement their technical skills and their professionalism regarding my case.
Reviews: 3
I would not recommend this product to anybody. I have been struggling with support for 3 weeks now and i dont get a response. They do not know what they are doing and their staff is rude in their emails when they do respond with no help at all. Their payment gateways do not work and they just brush your question off and do not answer. I spent allot of money buying this product which is not working fully.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir,
We have located your ticket. We also notices that it was an ongoing discussion about the issues contained in the ticket and we did noticed the time where there was no reply to your latest questions. This is due to the high volume of support request we have been receiving lately in additional to us releasing a new En Masse version that supports Joomla 3.0. This is also due to the fact that the technical officer handing your ticket was on MC leave and we didn’t realize that we had missed the 24hr response policy until he returned today. For this we apologize and we will rectify it now for you. Please give us your skype contact info in a response ticket and we will sort this out for you ASAP.
We also understand how frustrating it can be for our clients to submit tickets and not have any acknowledgement from the support team of that ticket. As a result, we strictly adhere to our 24hrs support policy and we try our best to maintain this policy throughout our network of clients and staff.
Again, we are sorry for any inconvenienced caused
Thanks and Regards

Reviews: 3
great product that allows me to install a groupon module quickly on my joomla site. If you are looking for a relatively hassle free module that is easy to install and a company that has good support after sales wise, I believe this could be the one that you are looking for. Some minor issues but managed to clarify it via their support. While there are improvements that can be made, I would say this is one of the better choice one can have for groupon module for Joomla! in the market.
Reviews: 1
Love the new mobile buying and selling mobile app. Many of my clients ask me for a mobile app for their online deals business so im so happy that EnMasse save me the trouble and created one for me. The simplicity of the user interface design coupled with the easy usability works well for me.
One thing I was disappointed in was the fact that the EnMasse mobile App didn’t align with PC version of EnMasse in that it didn’t have the dynamic attribute for deals feature.
Overall i am quite satisfied with the whole EnMasse package, product, price and support. I would recommend this solution to anyone looking to start an online deals business.
Owner's reply

Hi Sir, Thanks for your support for En masse. We will look into your feedback and improve on the mobile application step by step.

We are now looking to increase the variety of the features and also to make it more flexible in the ability to customize.

Thanks for your support. Hope that soon, we will be able to earn the last star that is missing now. :)

Reviews: 1
"Love their Mobile Application Release, now it allows me to have mobile application for my consumer and launch it through Google play and iPhone App Marketplaces. Please continue to work hard to produce more features. Love your product plan."

"A bit expensive compared to other joomla extensions, but it is value for money as they provide a solid product and solid technical support, I have extended my subscription for 12 months as technical support is very important for serious groupon clone players like me myself."
Reviews: 1
Bought this extension for my client and I would really like to give this a two thumbs up! With my client in the travel industry, En Masse has given them the opportunity to incorporate a groupon like deal feature to be added to their site. Needless to say, this has given them a boost in sales!

There were some bugs initially while installing but with the help from the team at Matamko it was resolved quickly. I would most definitely rate their support at a 5/5 rating.

I am a strong believer in after sales support as it is perfectly understandable for programs to be buggy at times and En Masse has most definitely proven that point to me that they are willing to go the extra mile in customer's satisfaction!
Reviews: 2
The product's speed of development of new features are very important to the needs of a new Groupon startup. With the constant upgrade of features, it allows my groupon to be updated with the market competitors at a very cost effective rate. The new En Masse 3.1 now has the deal attribute functions that allows me to have new offerings with my client. Keep up the good job. Looking forward to the new mobile application for consumer. Jia you!!!
Reviews: 1
- it is not a groupon clone, don't trust their advertisement on their site
- bad template: this component killed my JA template, actually, it killed my whole site. i need to fix its template which every poor code to make this component usable. their own template looks very bad, poor design, you can see in their demo site.
- when you upload image, the image link turns into weird characters so you can't edit them, there is no way to choose your uploaded images or change the order of your images, you need to upload them in correct order again, so, you waste diskspace and time
- google maps doesn't work functionally, sometimes it only shows a half of the map
- they say they have an "acymailing integration" for newsletter, but, when you create a new deal, a new newsletter is created with deal information in plain text and it looks very bad, there is no template for it, you need to send newsletter manually, there is no auto-newsletter integration there for you to auto send mail to your customers like groupon does
- bad support: i asked question about auto-newsletter, i sent them 6 messages in 3 days but couldn't solve my problem, they didn't understand what i asked because they don't know how to make an integration for auto-newsletter between enmasse and acymailing, or say in another way, they don't know how acymailing's auto-newsletter work, so their "acymailing integration" is really useless, that makes enmasse useless too without an auto-newsletter function
- if you are a guest and you want to buy, you need to register first, if not, the login form will appear instead of a registration form, so you need to register and buy again, it's really inconvenience
- facebook application does nothing, it only list their deals in facebook, when you click buy, it takes you to joomla site, so facebook application is just a deal showcase, not manage buy process, and an important issue, you can access their facebook application without using facebook, because their facebook application is just your joomla site with a facebook component and a template for facebook, that means it could be cached be google and that kills your seo! so who need a facebook application?
Owner's reply

1) Hi, in what way is our advertisement misleading? We do have the features that is needed for a groupon site to run.

2) As stated in our website that we only try to be compatible with as many joomla template as possible and we are improving our CSS compatibility with the other Joomla template along the way. For our demo site, please understand that we given access to the users, thus they might messed up things on the website.

3) We have corrected this issue on the URL link to be decoded.

4) Not sure what are you referring to, but the google map is not from our side that is controlling it, if your template or browser has issue in loading up the google map, we could only try our best to look at it to help.

5) We have hear this, but there is limited features with ACYMailer Free edition, thus we are now integrating with MailChimp in the upcoming version to be able to automate the sending of the EDM, but of course, there will be cost involved. You need to invest in the Mailing System so that this can be done.

6) I am sorry for the confusion during the support period, but my guys are trying hard to explain to you on that the ACYMailer Free version, that cannot be done.

7) We have improved the UI on our new website, but we still redirect the user to login with the link to sign up on the top. We will slowly improve our process along the way.

8) The key for the Facebook Application is to drive the traffic to buy at your website, instead of doing the transaction at the Facebook Page. The Application is for those that wants to have the deals listing on their Facebook page to put up. This is the first version of the Facebook application, which many Groupon clone don't have this. Maybe you could share with us more on what you think will be good to have to put on the Facebook Application, thus we will plan that for the improvement. For the SEO, it is a setting that you can control or manage through other plugins, whether you will like the google spider to index your page.

For us we focus in very aggressive doing fast and quick release of features to we keep on improving our product along the way and providing technical support to resolve issues, as there is no perfect system. We hope that we will improve on our product more, I think that key thing that frustrates you is the Mailing system unable to be sending out the EDM automatically, thus you made the comments and to let you know we hear that and we have moved on to integrate with MailChimp, which cost more money, but it allows you to have the choice of automate sending. (Price vs. features)

Reviews: 1
I am new user to this interesting extension, but not to Joomla. After one month I can recommend the way their tickets support system works. Quick response, good contact with technicians in every case they help us to sort out. Keep up good job and thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
I usually like using wordpress as a CMS but recently iv been using Joomla as well. I like the fact that En Masses gives me a reason to explore different CMS out there. En Masses itself was quite an experience for me. Good price, great support, and excellent functionality. I'm usually a passive person and i rarely blog about these things but this was worth the blogging time. All in all, i think En Masses is a great tool for anyone web base businesses. I truly and wholeheartedly recommend this product.
Reviews: 1
I have just bought the En Masses 3.0.2. At first i was skeptical of what it could do for my small groupon clone business
but after having using it for a short amount of time, must say that the user friendly interface couple with the detailed
user manual has made the En Masses set-up and integration a cake walk.

I highly recommend this product for any small business owners who have little time and little money but big dreams.

Hope you have enjoyed it as much as i did.....
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