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Are you interested in running your very own groupon clone, group buying or social buying website like En Masse is the solution base software that you are looking for. EnMasse is a Joomla component that allows users to install a coupon shopping feature to their website, create deals from both of front end and back end, manage order, social sharing rewards plan and many more features. It allows customers to purchase any types of coupons online or download free deals and vouchers for them or their friends as a gift. After our first beta launch in Dec 2011 we have sold many copies and setup numerous Groupon like sites internationally and new releases have been regular ever since.

[Basic Frontend Features]
* Allows salesperson to create deals with tier pricing features. (NEW)
* SEO friendly URL. (NEW)
* Have sub category and category page. (NEW)
* Responsive web design for mobile devices. (NEW)
* Users can check their orders in the frontend.
* Allows salesperson to create deals and view their sales.
* Allows merchants to view/update coupons status.
* Allowing of multiple deals on sidebar.
* Login by social account: facebook, twitter
* Share deal via facebook, twitter and email.

[Basic Backend Features]
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher. (NEW)
* Sending of coupon links to users when deal is confirmed, cancelled
* Payment gateways setting (Paypal integrated with many other payment gateway)
* Coupon editor to edit your own customized coupon
* Salesperson management allows you to manage a team of sales people who bring in deals for you
* Order management allows you to view all orders

[Mobile Application for Merchant]
* Scan QR code on coupon and update coupon status.
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Mobile Application for Customer]
* Buy deals onapplication
* Check their orders on purchased history
* Share deal via Facebook and Twitter
* Choose city to see all of deals of this location
* Support IOS and Android version.

[Facebook Application]
* Allow you to put up an Facebook Application for your fans to directly see the list of deals through Facebook and drive the traffic to your website.
* Share deal via Facebook, twitter and email.

[Feature Listing of new releases]

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.1*~~~~~~~~
* Multi cart function

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 5.0*~~~~~~~~
* Allow to create Tier Pricing deals.
* SEO friendly URL.
* Have sub category and category page.
* Responsive web design mobile.
* Add Dynamic attribute and Security code in voucher.

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 4.4*~~~~~~~~
* Allowing of multiple deals on the side.
* Enhancing of slide show functionality.
* Display Merchant Logo on the front-end.
* This version now supports Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0

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Reviews: 2
I bought the extension a bit reluctant as it was quite new on the market, but I made a great decision. It built me a fully functional social buying website, very groupon-like, with everything it needs to run.
The support has been fast and reliable, even when the problem was due to my limited knowledge in some areas.
Reviews: 1
First off, I've never given comments before, but i'm taking the effort to write this review because the guys who develop this extension deserve an excellent review. They are the most responsive; humble; friendly and helpful bunch of people i've ever met!

As for the extension itself, it is generating much interest as it is the first of its kind group buying extension available for Joomla.

And they have the Release Strategy clearly mapped out already. I very much look forward to the new features that will be added to the extension.

- Hooi.
Reviews: 2
For the price of this component it should offer a plugin to add coupons to articles.
Owner's reply

Hi I understand that our extension's pricing is not low and we strive to offer good support for that.

Also, hope you don't mind but according to JED's policy on posting reviews:

"What are the guidelines for a review?

You are evaluating the extension based on your experience and usage. Only reviews that meet these guidelines will be published. You MUST first use an extension prior to submitting a review. If you need to report a listing, you must use the "Report Extension" button on the listing, and not this review page"

I understand that different customers have different take on our pricing but JED is for evaluating the extension and not for pricing. :)

Do keep your feedback coming though.

Reviews: 4
This "En Masse" joomla extension brings a much needed business model tool that should offer financial reward to web concept designers!
If only:
+ There will be access at virtuemart (plugin) allready developped payment world wide bank systems AND a joomsocial plug ... would complete the system! .
I am waiting end of lunar new year & fully operational version to purchase this gem !
Reviews: 6
Every now and then a much needed extension is added to the Joomla family, that enables a whole new range of activities and business models. Jomsocial did it for social networking and now En Masse is doing it for social buying. It's still new but the people behind it are very responsive and ambitious in terms of features and integration with other components.

It looks like this extension will eventually have more features than Groupon itself. Thank's to En Masse, Joomla is now a social buying system also.
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