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  • This listing has changed to commercial, thus all ratings and reviews from it's time as non-commercial have been archived.
Sell any digital file online. Present previews to your customers.

MyMuse for Joomla! is a Joomla! extension, modules and plugins.

The extension is a shopping cart geared to musicians, choirs, DJ's, record labels and videographers who have individual tracks or videos that can be sold and downloaded including mp3's, video files or any digital file, as well as physical items for sale, like CD's or DVD's.

The plugins enable searching for products and add payment options and preview options. Use jPlayer HTML5 player, Dewplayer or Flowplayer to preview mp3's or movies.

* Create multiple artists and catalog categories/genres for your albums. Assign products to multiple categories.
* Create products for CD's, add multiple tracks for sale and other items like sheetmusic, graphics, books, DVD's.
* Add previews and show them using flash or HTML5
* Set up taxes and shipping rates.
* Multiple views. Create menus for
o The Store itself
o Individual Artists/Categories in several different views.
o Particular products
o The shopping cart
o Shopper orders

* Supports PayPal, Moneybookers, Monsterpay, Virtual Merchant and Payfast.
* Assign users to 'own' categories and they can see sales reports for just their albums.

2011-06-01: Version 1 released!
2011-07-15: Select products to be 'Featured' and they appear under the store description
Force clients to click "Accept Terms of Service" and there is a link to your article "Terms of Service"
2011-09-15: New view with single flash player and PLAY buttons for each preview. Now integrates with Jez reCaptcha
2012-01-07: Version 1.1 released, flash players for mp3's and movies are now plugins. Use Dewplayer or Flowplayer or write your own plugins!
2012-10-06: Version 2.5 released with jPlayer HTML5.
2012-11-23: Version 2.5.1 now with update servers
2013-01-15: Version 2.5.3 new 'no registration' option. Add track time. Skip checkout page.
2013-05-30: Add recording details: Release Date, Publisher, Producer, Studio

2014-01-05 MyMuse for Joomla 3 released! Many new options and new views including all tracks in a category.

2014-03-05 MyMuse 3.2.4 for Joomla 3. Views are now all responsive. Serve your files on mobile devices.

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Reviews: 5
It's hard enough to find something more than a generic paid-download tool when you sell original music; when you sell professional backing tracks by the song and have to make royalty payments on all of it... we knew we were looking at custom work. MyMuse turned out to have most of what we needed built in, with key features like file storage & delivery from outside the public_html, instant fulfillment, a fast, solid payment module, sample players of all types - and clean code! Starting from maintenance-programmer skills, I've developed a good understanding of how Joomla works (like controlling the sort-order of drop down select lists, Gord) with minimal risk to the system because the modular code just doesn't cascade-fail. The customers are delighted - our MyMuse hybrid is faster, easier to navigate, and more intuitively obvious than our former Brand X store - and are now completing their purchases rather than giving up. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
For starters, I am not a savvy person about webs, I am just a musician. My web designer showed me some different options that I could use to implement on our site, so we came across with MyMuse which it has the following benefits:

1. I get to keep 100% of sales, no commissions, no discounts on any kind, except the Pay Pal fee.
2. It's very easy to work with it, (and I know zero about site programming).
3. When we encountered a minor problem with the extension, Gord was very kind and rapid to respond, his service was top notch.
4. It's a great advantage to deal with the owner an creator of the software instead of a middle man.

I highly recommend MyMuse.

Hedras Sr.
Reviews: 2
This works very well. I had couple of issus but the developper give me a very good support and fix it within a day.
Reviews: 1
I like the installation. I like the set up. I like the management and I'm impressed by the simple checkout process. However, I don't like the long waiting for the Joomla 3 version. Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Version 3 for Joomla 3 finally released!

Reviews: 2
It. Simply. Works!

After wrestling with virtuemart and other carts I stumbled across this and it is EXACTLY what I needed. Simple, yet complex. Easy to use, not basic.

Support is phenomenal. I had a couple small issues that related to my template, not mymuse, yet they were sorted out in record time. Install this awesome shop and stop paying others to sell your tracks for you...
Reviews: 3
I use mymuse on a client's site.
Mymuse is an effective and professional niche product.

For all seeking a music store. Stop here you've found what you are searching!
Reviews: 7
Very impressed with this extension to add the ability for people to purchase mp3s from a client's site.

It's much more mature and feature-rich than I was expecting and when we had a few initial issues Gord was very quick and helpful in his response.

Highly recommended to any music sites who'd like to sell directly.
Reviews: 9
It works as advertised. Incredibly great support. Patient to retired developer like me. I needed a "No Registration" option and Gord provided it within hours. Also I needed help with some CSS cosmetic stuff, and he was paitient enough to assist me.
Reviews: 1
Gord is so helpful any problems he's quick to fix. MyMuse takes the effort out of setting up a music store and I highly recommend it for anyone serious about selling both physical items and digital downloads. Well done !
Reviews: 1
The installation is fast and easy. I started selling my music in a couple of minutes. I had some issues with settings but the developer helped me and fixed them. Thank you Gordon.
Reviews: 5
If you want to sell music (or even other products) online, there is no better choice.
This extension works perfectly.
The support is great. The developer, Gord, is a true professional and he goes far beyond the small fee he charges for this product.
I needed a payment system specifically for ZAR and he sent me a plugin that works perfectly.
Get this extension! You will also be a satisfied customer.
Reviews: 1
Hello Joomla Community.
In my quest to build a successful online music store for the last ten years I have tried many different shopping carts and none of them has suited my needs and in fact some have chased the customer away as they are far too complicated to operate! Not only for the user but for the website owner too!

I would like to give ***** (FIVE STARS) to the MyMuse cart!! First of all it was perfect for my music fans as it is a online store to sell music downloads and CD's very easy to use and I was very happy to purchase this!! But what also makes this cart so very valuable is the person who created it.

The after purchase support was very professional as I needed to have some changes made to the cart and Mr. Gordon Fisch was there and handle the things I needed to have changed, he was professional and was able to get things done in a timely fashion! So if you are a musician or music store owner I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful cart and you will be happy you did as you will have a solid support system to see you to your goals. I Thank you Mr. Fisch for your creation and service!

Kindest regards
Marcus Williams
Reviews: 2
MyMuse is simply amazing! The installation is straight forward and clean. Configuration is easy, can be up and running in minutes... it takes longer to populate the component with music. What I like best about MyMuse, from a developer's point of view, is just how versatile it is. If you have just a little bit of php/mysql knowledge MyMuse can easily become whatever you need it to. This component has an extremely bright future!
Reviews: 2
This extension is well worth it, and the developer answered a couple of little issues that I had within minutes! Excellent extension and excellent support. Just get it... You will be so glad that you did.
Reviews: 1
I had the opportunity to use MyMuse on my Online Magazine website, the installation was almost flawless. There arose an issue regarding my site settings, and MyMuse configurations. I received an email from MyMuse letting users know that if you need any assistance with installation or problems "Just Let Us Know". I sent a email May 22nd at 12:53pm, and received a response at 2:16pm. Wow, that was quick. Since then they have been working with me and with my site to get it up and running. But the kicker is.. Today I got an email from MyMuse stating "We found the problem" also attached to the email was an updated version of MyMuse. "Just for me, or that's how I saw it". That is customer service at it's best. So once again, 5 stars over here.
Reviews: 1
I searched for months for an extension that I could use to allow me to market music. I wrote to a number of them and asked questions about security, but none of them had the good manners to reply even - and in my book if you can't be bothered to respond to an inquiry about your product the support must be non-existent.

I wrote to MyMuse and got an instant answer. The guy helped me to install it, set it up and even modified it to suit some of the things I wanted to do.

The product does everything it says it can do and more. It's easy to install, offers all the security to stop the thieves and the idiots who download everything in sight "because they can".

There are an awful lot of options to configure, so you can sell just about anything and the support is absolutely outstanding.

I have already set up 2 Joomla sites using MyMuse and I'm busy on the third.

It's a brilliant product! 100% recommendation.
Reviews: 2
This is a very cool shopping cart system for selling music.

It not only lists albums and their contents, it also goes beyond the single band regular needs by providing the capacity of listing multiple groups.

It offers most of what one would want in such a system:
- Capacity to sell physical albums
- Capacity to sell downloadable albums and tracks
- Track previews
- Shopping cart (purchasing multiple tracks or album)

Support for Canadian taxes was also a pleasant surprise.

I'm using it for my brother's band and have been working with Gord to help me twist MyMuse to our hearts' desire.

Gord is an absolute joy to work with and has given me support that goes way above my expectations.

I'd recommend MyMuse in a heartbeat.

(Yeah, I'm kind of happy :) )