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We brought to you for free this $77+, great, easy and user friendly Joomla Shopping Cart / Membership / Subscriptions component. DigiStore is the ultimate Joomla Shopping Cart / Membership / Subscriptions extension that allows you to set up a Shopping Cart / Membership / Subscriptions Joomla site easily and effortlessly.

* Do you want to sell downloadable products (e-books, mp3s, software, etc) from your Joomla website and don’t know where to start?

* Would you like a powerful, attractively-designed, easy to use, and easy-to-setup Shopping Cart / Membership / Subscriptions specifically made for Joomla--that doesn’t cost you a small fortune?

* Do you currently have a shopping cart installed on your Joomla site and are frustrated with all its bugs and crashes?

* Do you wish you had a Joomla Shopping Cart / Membership / Subscriptions that was reliable, stable and could easily integrate into your existing Joomla website..with no manuals needed?

* Do you want to sell membership / subscriptions using Joomla?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, here’s an Joomla Shopping Cart / Joomla Membership / Joomla Subscriptions solution we think you’ll love!


- Selling multiple product types:
-- Downloadable product (domain not required): downloadable product that you don't want to require your buyer to enter a domain name to download it. For example: ebooks, songs.
-- Downloadable product (domain required): downloadable product that you want to require your buyer to enter a domain name to download it. For example: template.
-- Shippable product: shippable product. For example: t-shirt, smartphones.
-- Package product: bundle that contains more than one product.
-- Service product: choose this option if the product you're adding is a service.
- Nested Categories
- Subscription Plans: create unlimited subscription plans based on time period of download-times access. For example: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or 99 download times subscription plan.
- Email reminders: create email reminders to your customers before, on or after expiration.
- Product Image gallery
- Product videos
- Mailchimp integration: add/remove customers into Mailchimp automatically base on order status.
- Promo codes: powerful coupon code system to handle all of your needs for offer promotion programs to your customers.
- Attributes: flexible attributes for shipable products, for example: colors, sizes.
- Customers: able to create customers from DigiStore Joomla extension backend.
- Orders: able to create orders manually from DigiStore Joomla extension backend.
- Flexible Tax handling
- Logs for system mails, downloads, purchases.
- Statistics: graph charts statistics for your store to track sales
- Flexible layouts with Twitter Bootstrap UI
- iDevAffiliate support > way to earn money with DigiStore.
Joomla Shopping Cart / Joomla Membership / Joomla Subscriptions never made easier!

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Reviews: 3
I'm Using "Digistore" for a year and I'm really pleased with it. Very simple and intuitive understandable.

P.S. Keep improving your extension and reach the highest place among online shop Joomla extensions.
Reviews: 7
After a full day of research, I choose DigiStore for my online digital products store. This is really a good extension. You can't ask more for a free product. If you would like a to have a hand for your issues, fairly paid for it!
Reviews: 2
Guys, your extension are really amazing, but! your support.... I'm really angry on your support team. I have asked 2 questions, and I didn't get any reply from your side during 1 month.

5start for extension + 1 star for support = 3 star. I' really

Make your support better and you will the best
Owner's reply

Dear Ritaniolka, thanks for your feedback.
Actually, the DigiStore has GOD support plan, you will get your problems solved within 24 hours. We do offer support for free users but only when our schedule opens.

Reviews: 11
I have tried all of the top rated e-commerce cart extensions and they all failed. This is the first one that worked out of the box. Nice and plentiful features, great layout, and works!
Reviews: 2
all look excellent, but much very raw pieces,
Ask from support - reply silence
Owner's reply

Dear SemKent, the DigiStore has GOD support plan, you will get your problems solved within 24 hours. We do offer support for free users but only when our schedule opens.

Reviews: 14
Overall it is a very good component, very good configurable but too much problem I have experienced.
Shopping cart: "Remove" button does not shown (so I cannot empty my cart) and the "Inside template" style does not working perfectly because it throw the right panel under the basket.
Registration button does not works it does make nothing when I clicking on.
Managing of the pictures is catastrophic. When I choose a bigger picture as "product picture", it will be shown under the product name and description as a background image, and if I choose more product images the first one -what I choose as default image- will be double shown.
When I choose the image scroller in the settings, the actually image will be shown as a background image like that "bigger product image" problem I wrote above.
Lightbox function does not working only an empty box will be shown.
I tried your component under Joomla 2.5, 3.1 and 3.2 and these problems I experienced in all three versions.
It is FREE. No comment (in a good way!). Thanks for it!
I like "Plans" function. This is a very good idea for a shopping cart component!
I like "Downloadable with and without domain" function. I have not tried it so far but I think it is a good idea as well and it can be a good way for me in the future when I selling my products.
Very well organized statistic page for overview of your selling.
And much more...
Reviews: 3
Prior to purchasing the component, I was using another shop and had a few issues, but nothing like my customer. I spent more time walking them through certain steps to insure they were completely satisfied with my services I provided the.
I asked another component developer if their product could do what I was in need of, but their referenced to to this product and have been pleasantly pleased.

My needs were to allow my customer's visitors to be able to choose to download their product -OR- the have it shipped -OR- to to have it downloaded immediately and have the final product shipped to their address.

I like the tutorial video links in the backend component, to refresh you when endless hours causes your memory to get a little clouded.

I like the support offered from either a formal support ticket or from their forum that get a lot of attention.

Most of all, I like the simplistic approach to took when developing their product.

If you are questioning the price, please take into consideration that certain formats are free, but quality takes the resources that everyone is willing to pay for. If your store's first impression means anything to you, then look no further that all of the products this developer has to offer. If saving time walking your customer through hand-holding educational steps once a week, then look no further than this incredible product.

Take Care All,
Owner's reply

Thanks for a great review, we appreciate your support!

Reviews: 7
I'm using Digistore for online selling of RTL templates for Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and HTML. After many years of using Virtuemart for online selling of products, I looked for a dedicated component for downloadable products and all though VM has this feature, I found that Digistore is the perfect answer for selling downloadable products!

After installing Digistore, I had more than a few issues regarding the store's layout and functionality. Ijoomla's support it absolutely AMAZING! Alin solved every problem I presented to him, whether it was a minor bug or even personal customizations to the component. Merav is very attentive to each post on the forum and each ticket at the help desk.

At the moment, Digistore component is running smoothly on my website and fits the website's design and the downloadable products (RTL templates), like a glove!

My favorites:
1. Each downloadable product can be set to require a specific domain on which it will be installed. Very useful for supporting paying customers and increasing sales by specific licenses.
2. Automatic reminder emails are sent to the users as defined in the subscription plans.
3. Store layout: store categories, category products, product page, cart - are symmetric, aesthetic and very pleasant for browsing and making a purchase.
4. Control panel is very user friendly and allows quick access to all features, including the language file!
5. User account is very well organized and allows users to manage their downloadable products, orders, invoices and personal details.

2 Things I think should be improved:
1. System auto emails requires configuring the editor (JCE in my case) to full paths instead of relative paths to images and links send via auto emails.
2. Digistore functions perfectly on RTL websites such as mine, but manual customization is still needed.

With all that said, I think Digistore is a PERFECT component for selling downloadable products and online services. Adding to that the AMAZING support by Ijoomla's help desk and forum, you can rest assure that you buy a very good component which will serve your needs better than you can imagine.

Amiel Horowitz
Reviews: 6
We have been using this shopping cart on for many years. It is perfect for a digital software company. We have also used it on a few client sites for tangible products and our clients also like it a lot. It is much less bloated than Virtuemart and way more stable as well. The developers have always been responsive when a support inquiry was posted. We have used this cart in Joomla 1.0, 1.5, and 2.5 implementations for years now and it always improves every year.

Things I like about this cart are:
* It's absolutely great for digital software products.
* It has a very streamlined buying and checkout process.
* It is very intuitive for our users and customers to come back to purchase additional products and print invoices.
* I love the fact that you can assign subscription terms to a purchase.
* I like the email templates that are available to send out scheduled emails.

Things I think could improve are:
* The coupon/Promo codes could have a lot more features. It's extremely limited and generic.
* The developer has been VERY slow at releasing new features. Bug fix releases have been fast but new features are not added very much. I hope to see this change in the future.
* Automatic email reminders and follow ups could have more options. For instance it would be nice to have the ability to set up a custom parameter of when the emails should be sent, not restricted to a per-defined list of those settings.
* I would like to see the ability for shipping calculation integrations with UPS, Fedex, and USPS. This is pretty standard in most other carts.

Other than what I mentioned above it is a solid cart solution.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review!

Yes, the development has been slow mainly because we did a major upgrade and added 2x more features than before, we didn't release one feature at a time, but all of them at once. We also spent lots of time converting it to Joomla 2.5. Now that the cart is stable and all the new features are in place, we will be able to add features faster.