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J2Store is a smart joomla shopping cart and a native joomla e-commerce solution. It lets you to turn articles into products. This means endless possibilities.

Use articles as products, define zone based tax rules, create variants and do more. J2Store makes it all possible

Sell any type of products including Digital Goods with J2Store.

Key features of J2Store are:

- Responsive / Mobile friendly design

- Multi-currency support & currency switcher

- Joomla Articles as Products

- Unlimited Product options / attributes / variants

- Sell both downloadable goods as well as physical goods

- Geozone based, international tax rates and tax rules

- Geozone based, shipping methods

- Store Pick up / Free shipping / Flat rate shipping methods

- Shipping per weight / price / quantity

- Guest checkout

- Custom Fields manager to control core checkout fields.

- Orders management

- Order notification for administrators and customers

- Frontend order history for customers.

- Custom order statuses

- Custom Invoice number format

- Order statistics in dashboard

- Catalog mode

- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.

- Billing and shipping address

- Country/zones tables

- Multi-lingual / Translated in more than 15 languages

- Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

- 100% Joomla MVC design - You can override the layouts

- Package includes the following payment gateways
* Paymill
* SagePay
* Cash on Delivery
* Bank Transfer
* Money Order
* Offline payments

USPS, UPS, FedEx shipping plugins can be downloaded FREE of cost from our site. More information about payment gateways and shipping plugins can be found in our website.

Visit our site for more information

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Reviews: 1
Anybody looking for a simple and effective e-commerce application, should try J2 Store. I have chosen J2Store instead of VirtueMart and Hikashop, and J2Store gave exactely what I was looking for. Something not to complicated that can use your existing articles to integrate an e-commerce cart. And all the main features of a "big" application are offered : payment plugin, stock management, shipping options, taxation option, geozones, etc... For most of small business, J2 is an excellent answer. And the support service for newcomer is fast and efficient.
Reviews: 2
If you need a simple cart component linked to your joomla articles, this is it.

Easy to install and setup. Full featured checkout with shipping address, payment methods and invoice.

This is a must !
Reviews: 2
This is one sweet store component. Virtuemart has more bugs than Beetle Juice. Will be using this for all my ecommerce needs. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I am used to working with ZenCart but wanted something that could be easily integrated in with my Joomla site so started testing different extensions, only finding ones that were good "in part" J2 is very easy to set up and use, is customer friendly and attractive, AND when I ran into a problem (my own oversight) I emailed their support and had an answer quickly... excellent!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install. So easy to use, we only have to worry with the products of the store. Great css style by default. I bought the paypal plugin. Very nice.
Reviews: 1
After trying a couple of shops on my site, I love the one I currently use. Setup is a breeze. And works immediately. And if there are any problems, they help you out. Allmost on the fly.
Reviews: 3
I have used a lot of Joomla! stores in the past, this one by far surpasses exceptions! Easy to install, easy to configure, easy to use. Great customer service! Had a question about the product and got a return email the same day! Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
Excellent store simple to use. Developers are very friendly and go out of the way to help you. Thank You. However need to improve on their documentation for novice/first time joomla users.
Reviews: 1
The extension works perfectly! Was using the VM before, but this one is totally better. Also, support is very nice and helpful, and they are always could help you in any problem. Will use it always and i'm offering you to do the same:) Great job!
Reviews: 1
After testing different e-Commerce Extensions i decided for j2store, because it works simple and i can customize it without a deep knowledge of php and css. This extension can turn content into a product just by adding the 'Add-to-card' box. My shop sells plants and herbs and so i can add the 'Add-to-cart' box to every plant-description i want to. I am a local nursery and i dont have to worry about international taxes or different shipping costs.
The forum is managed by the developpers and i got all problems solved and all questions answered. I like it.
Reviews: 9
Just a heads up for folks looking for a cart system for artists or those selling one of a kind items this isn't the cart for you. Sadly I got this set up before finding out there was no way to limit the item for sale to 1 unit.

That said support was good and refunded my purchase. I just wish it had worked out. It was very nice to work with otherwise.
Reviews: 1
This component is excelent for small shops which don't need automated stock! And I really must say that theit support is really great!

Reviews: 3
Excellent support and great thinking and executing about how to integrate a simple, yet powerful cart into the core of joomla.
Reviews: 35
this extension brings a beautiful cart to your Joomla, and has a complete and useful documentation; note that, as it's said in its website, you'll need a commercial plugin to checkout by Paypal, however I think worth the price
Reviews: 2
I am new to CMS website development and I trying to learn all this coding stuff. However, at 60 years old, it's not as easy as it use to be.
J2Store is one easy and simple extension to use. It works right out the box and is easy to install.
The configuration is straight forward and the documentation is written in plain English. I was on the forum yesterday (day after Thanksgiven) and the staff was manning the forum.
I tried this after trying several other extension and this one is the best.
Reviews: 2
I was skeptical at first because it is so lightweight. But I believe they are charging a good amount for a great product. It is all but useless without the PayPal plugin which you pay $10 for... But with that you are golden!

This is a "non-commercial" version but only the base is. For any functionality you need to pay at least the $10.

You can pay to have them install it too but it's really simple and I doubt they do a lot of installations, but a novice user would find it worth it to have it installed.

The features are so straight forward it's scary. Just make an article with product info and add a price. Compare this to RedShop that charges you out the *ss and gives you a complicated system that hardly works.

If you need a shop, use this one. Stop wasting your time elsewhere. :-)
Reviews: 1
This cart is simple and easy to use as the developer described. The developer lists that the cart has a tax profile feature. This feature is only useful in a place like the UK where the VAT is 20% everywhere in the country. In the US, where sales tax is calculated based on the location of the vendor as well as the customer, this feature is limiting. In the current form, it is not possible to create multiple tax profiles based on the location of the customer. There is just one tax profile per product. For this reason, I will not be able to use this cart.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. J2Store is a simple shopping cart aimed for beginners. We are working on a tax profile feature that works with shipping address. But with less contribution from the community, we are battling against time.

Reviews: 1
Brilliant product and ever better support. Highly recommended for beginners or neophytes as well as seasoned designers - easy to configure, works as expected and beats other carts hands down. Saved me hours I'd already spent on VM, Rok and Hika
Great job!
Reviews: 1
After battling for days with other cart components - J2Store is a breeze! Simple to use, it does exactly what it says it will and makes the whole process of selling digital downloads phenomenally easy!! This component is EASY EASY EASY to use.

My only insight: mark it better that you can use this for digital downloads!! It took me 2 days to find this component - and there are tonnes of guys on the web asking for a simple component for digital downloads (I found all the forums while I was searching LOL).

Awesome component! Will definitely use this developer again.
Owner's reply

Thank you

Reviews: 1
I really like the updated J2Store!!!
It is almost perfect.
Just one small thing - - when in the checkoutprocess I miss the possibility to cancel/stop and
get back to the buying place without having to trycka på the back button
(like you have when checking out the receipt there is a button where you
can get back to the checkoutprocess - return to the checkout process)
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