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J2Store is a smart joomla shopping cart and a native joomla e-commerce solution. It lets you to turn articles into products. This means endless possibilities.

Use articles as products, define zone based tax rules, offer coupon codes and discount prices. J2Store makes it all possible

Sell any type of products including Digital Goods with J2Store.

Key features of J2Store are:

- Joomla Articles as Products

- Product options / attributes / variants

- Quick products update manager

- Multi-currency support

- Product Attribute types: Text, textarea, select, radio, checkbox, date, time, datetime.

- Geozone based multiple tax rates and tax rules

- Coupon code

- Stock Control

- Stock Notification (when stock of a product reaches below a level)

- Minimum / Maximum sale quantity per customer

- Geozone based, multiple shipping methods

- Store Pick up / Free shipping / Flat rate shipping methods

- Tiered pricing / Quantity based discounts

- Guest checkout

- Custom Fields manager

- Orders management

- Customise order emails / email templates

- Custom Invoice number format

- Order statistics in dashboard

- Catalog mode

- Itemised order report

- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.

- Responsive design for cart layout

- Billing and shipping address

- Country/zones tables

- Multi-lingual / Translated in more than 15 languages

- Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

- Live update

- Professional Support

Payment Plugins

Paypal Standard
Paypal Payment Pro (Direct)
DIBS Payment (Both Flexwin and Payment Window)
iDEAL (via Mollie)
iDEAL (via Sisow payment innovation)
Paypal Payflow Pro (Paypal Advanced)
TPV Redsys / Sermepa payment gateway (Spanish/EU banks)

Shipping Plugins

- Standard Shipping plugins (Flat rate, Weight based, price based, quantity based) - Integrated in the package

- FedEx

(You can get shipping and payment plugins from the Extensions section of our site)

Report Extension




Reviews: 35
this extension brings a beautiful cart to your Joomla, and has a complete and useful documentation; note that, as it's said in its website, you'll need a commercial plugin to checkout by Paypal, however I think worth the price
Reviews: 2
I am new to CMS website development and I trying to learn all this coding stuff. However, at 60 years old, it's not as easy as it use to be.
J2Store is one easy and simple extension to use. It works right out the box and is easy to install.
The configuration is straight forward and the documentation is written in plain English. I was on the forum yesterday (day after Thanksgiven) and the staff was manning the forum.
I tried this after trying several other extension and this one is the best.
Reviews: 2
I was skeptical at first because it is so lightweight. But I believe they are charging a good amount for a great product. It is all but useless without the PayPal plugin which you pay $10 for... But with that you are golden!

This is a "non-commercial" version but only the base is. For any functionality you need to pay at least the $10.

You can pay to have them install it too but it's really simple and I doubt they do a lot of installations, but a novice user would find it worth it to have it installed.

The features are so straight forward it's scary. Just make an article with product info and add a price. Compare this to RedShop that charges you out the *ss and gives you a complicated system that hardly works.

If you need a shop, use this one. Stop wasting your time elsewhere. :-)
Reviews: 1
This cart is simple and easy to use as the developer described. The developer lists that the cart has a tax profile feature. This feature is only useful in a place like the UK where the VAT is 20% everywhere in the country. In the US, where sales tax is calculated based on the location of the vendor as well as the customer, this feature is limiting. In the current form, it is not possible to create multiple tax profiles based on the location of the customer. There is just one tax profile per product. For this reason, I will not be able to use this cart.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. J2Store is a simple shopping cart aimed for beginners. We are working on a tax profile feature that works with shipping address. But with less contribution from the community, we are battling against time.

Reviews: 1
Brilliant product and ever better support. Highly recommended for beginners or neophytes as well as seasoned designers - easy to configure, works as expected and beats other carts hands down. Saved me hours I'd already spent on VM, Rok and Hika
Great job!
Reviews: 1
After battling for days with other cart components - J2Store is a breeze! Simple to use, it does exactly what it says it will and makes the whole process of selling digital downloads phenomenally easy!! This component is EASY EASY EASY to use.

My only insight: mark it better that you can use this for digital downloads!! It took me 2 days to find this component - and there are tonnes of guys on the web asking for a simple component for digital downloads (I found all the forums while I was searching LOL).

Awesome component! Will definitely use this developer again.
Owner's reply

Thank you

Reviews: 1
I really like the updated J2Store!!!
It is almost perfect.
Just one small thing - - when in the checkoutprocess I miss the possibility to cancel/stop and
get back to the buying place without having to trycka på the back button
(like you have when checking out the receipt there is a button where you
can get back to the checkoutprocess - return to the checkout process)
Reviews: 1
J2Store is a smart e-commerce solution if you're looking for a simple webshop. No fancy stuff, just the basic needs.

The concept of this store (make any Joomla-article an item in your shop) is ingenious and very easy to use.
Easy to set up initially and maintenance of your shop doesn't require extra skills. If you can write an article, you can run this shop.

The developers give active support on their forum.

4 stars for now, because just a littlebit of finetuning is needed, but 5 starts are within reach!
Reviews: 1
Really nice extension , i am using this for my shop , its easy to handle every product . Really lot of thanks to the development team because they really understand all the needs of the end user and developed this cart. i am very happy to review this.thanks a lot.
Reviews: 4
I want to thank the developers of this shop component. Because it's simple to use it and at the same time it has professional look.
Reviews: 6
I think j2store is one of the best store of Joomla 2.5.
Before I did to combine articles + 1 payment plugin to make a store with joomla template. J2Store has done as I expected.
Reviews: 1
Nice concept of using articles as products. Hats off to the developers for coming up with this idea. And the support is very good. Questions posted in the forums are answered quickly
Reviews: 1
J2Store looks very promising. It's easy to set up and manage. Adding a good set of features will make it one of the best e-commerce extensions for Joomla.

Turning Articles into products is a nice idea. Developers should keep up the good work.
Reviews: 3
This extension shows promise but still has room for improvement. Currently, the sales tax can not be limited to orders shipped to a specific state or jurisdiction. The developer was nice enough to offer customization, but 8-10 hours was out of budget for this project. If it is developed, I am sure I would not be the only one willing to pay for the extension or even a plug-in for the extension to have that capability.
Owner's reply

J2Store is essentially a simple shopping cart. We have never mentioned that we are offering all the features of a shopping cart.

If you look at the features, we have clearly said what it would do. It was not fair to expect something that was not at all available in the features list.

We also kindly informed about the non-availability of such a feature. Even then you chose to wrote an unfair review.

JED editors should consider removing this review.

Reviews: 6
I've been looking for an easy to set up shopping cart to sell digital media from my site. This one fits my needs perfectly. Great job on this one!
Reviews: 1
J2Store is simple. It does what it says.
I wanted to sell digital publications and this extension turned out to be the best among other shopping carts. I had experienced few issues with this app, but J2Store developers helped me fix them quickly. My questions were answered quickly and even had one of the developers to look into the site and fix the issues.

Good support. J2Store has a great future.
Reviews: 1
J2Store is awesome. A great shopping cart for Joomla...

It lets you turn Articles into products, thus giving you a great control over the display of products.

And the support is extraordinary. The developers are always there to help in the forums.

If the folks keep up the work and add more features, J2Store will turn out to the best shopping cart for Joomla

I highly recommend this extension
Reviews: 1
Clever integration into the articles manager of joomla.
Excellent and fast support

I recommend it, at least trying it out.

Further updates might make it even better, have high hopes for it
Reviews: 1
J2Store is so easy to install - literally one-click installation. From there, it is seamlessly integrated into your joomla shell allowing for easy pricing, tax, handling and all sorts to be added to a checkout. Further, the support team at the site are SUPER helpful. I posted three questions and they were all answered within 4 hours!!! Cannot recommend this extension highly enough - best free cart extension out there.
Reviews: 1
J2 store is just startling! I was excited once using it. The folks who are not even technically sound can configure it with ease. I used various extensions but J2 Store looks as if the best. It just requires an eye blink’s time to setup an online store.
I highly suggest this excellent extension J2 Store
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