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J2Store is a smart joomla shopping cart and a native joomla e-commerce solution. It lets you to turn articles into products.

No overhead to the site. No clumsy registration process. Just straight out-of-the-box.

Use your default Joomla content. Save your time. Launch your online store in less than 10 minutes.

Use articles as products, define zone based tax rules, create product variants and do more. J2Store makes it all possible

Sell any type of products including Digital Goods with J2Store.

Showcase your products beautifully. Try the new Product Layouts feature.

Key features of J2Store are:

- Responsive / Mobile friendly design

- Joomla Articles as Products

- Elegant product display pages

- Unlimited Product options / attributes / variants

- Additional images for products

- Product zoom effect

- Category / Price / Tag filters

- Multi-currency support & currency switcher

- Sell both downloadable goods as well as physical goods

- Geozone based, international tax rates and tax rules

- Geozone based, shipping methods

- Store Pick up / Free shipping / Flat rate shipping methods

- Shipping per weight / price / quantity

- Guest checkout

- Custom Fields manager to control core checkout fields.

- Orders management

- Order notification for administrators and customers

- Frontend order history for customers.

- Custom order statuses

- Custom Invoice number format

- Order statistics in dashboard

- Catalog mode

- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.

- Billing and shipping address

- Country/zones tables

- Multi-lingual / Translated in more than 15 languages

- Compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

- 100% Joomla MVC design - You can override the layouts

- Package includes the following payment gateways
* Paymill
* SagePay
* Cash on Delivery
* Bank Transfer
* Money Order
* Offline payments

USPS, UPS, FedEx shipping plugins can be downloaded FREE of cost from our site. More information about payment gateways and shipping plugins can be found in our website.

Visit our site for more information

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Reviews: 3
I have been using Joomla for close to 10 years now, this extension is up there with the best available. It is easy to understand and setup, has an active community support forum, and the developers are friendly and helpful. If you need a simple shopping cart for your site, this is the one to try first. Well done to the developers.
Reviews: 11
I love this extension! It's very flexible and works in ways I wanted it to. Out of the box it was easy to comprehend and to install.
Also I like the idea that they use articles to make the product. Very smart way to go!
For custom layouts, they can help you! they made my product layout look very professional.
Thanks J2 store!
Reviews: 3
J2Store ist the shopsystem that I´ve ever looked for! J2Store uses the Joomla categories and articles, so building this shop is a familiar work, very fast - very easy.
And the support is even faster, friendly and helpfull!
Reviews: 3
If you are familiar with Joomla you will be able to start a webshop in a very short time if you choose J2Store. The simplicity that it looks like is not limiting, it give you many opportunities in a simple way. The support (Ramish) will do everything to get you satisfied. And he is fast!
Great work, and keep on improving!
Reviews: 1
This is an awesome extension with lots of features that will satisfy even the most demanding store admins. It is one of the first extensions that is truly bug-free (up to my knowledge). All features I need can be adjusted in the component Options and everything is very logical and simple-to-use. Also, the support was excellent and fast. So far I have not found any Cons. Great work Ramesh!
Reviews: 1
Having found myself with the need to get a shop extension on a new joomla 3.3 site there was little to choose from. Now I wouldn't use anything else. The support, help and guidance from Ramesh was like nothing I have ever seen before. He was speedy with his responses, explained everything clearly and helped me get the shop working in the exact complicated way I needed. If you find yourself unsure about what to buy for your site seriously consider this. You will not regret it! we are already looking into options to use it in future projects! Once again many thanks!
Reviews: 1
Hello, I purchased joomlaxtc temaplet and J2store was part of the installation package. I wanted to hide pricing and buy button for unregistered users, With the current configuration i was only able to hide the buy button but not the price, i emailed support and with in a day they logged in to my site and made the proper changes so that i was able to have that functionality, I will be purchasing the pro to show my support, definitely a great extension and will be recommending it. 5 stars!
Reviews: 12
I've been a Joomla user since Mambo days (yes, I'm that *OLD*, LOL!) ... and it takes a fair bit to prompt a review from me.

I've tried all sorts of Joomla carts over the years and they've usually been nigh-on impossible to set up or lack the just that one basic feature you really need.

J2Store (Basic/free) installed in Joomla3 quickly and painlessly - and a simple online shop was up and running in a matter of minutes (honest!). "There must be a catch" , I thought, but no - all the common features are there.

Within a day, I'd persuaded my client to shell out for the Pro version (incredibly cheap for what you're getting).

Inevitably, a few hours later I acquired a "wish-list" or noticed a few minor issues. Ramesh responded *instantly* (and helpfully) in the forum. I didn't even need to raise a ticket. With support like that, this extension/application is definitely "going places".

So ... if you're considering a Joomla shopping cart, try the basic version. It won't take you long to evaluate it - and you'll be a "convert".
Reviews: 2
The product does what it says, and I understand from my collaboration with Ramesh (the developer) that updates with some exciting stuff are coming.

Ramesh helped integrate my page and customised several elements that were either missing or not quite right, almost in real-time! (Those missing items and tweaks will be available for everyone as Ramesh is constantly improving things for us all to benefit from.

So excellent product, even better technical support. Well worth the money.
Reviews: 1
I highly recommend Purchasing this application. It is very easy to use and the support is excellent. Well done to the J2Store Team! Keep it up.
Reviews: 1
This is a very nice product especially because of its integration with joomla articles. It makes it very easy to understand and manage. However the support is very poor and late. The first reply comes quickly but the afterwards ones very late, it generally takes 2-3 days. I still use it as I like but wish the developer to improve the support.
Owner's reply


Our response time is less than 24 hours during all business days.

If your question is posted during the weekend, it is answered the next business day.

We had some issues with our hosting service provider which had affected our email services last week. Apologies if your support ticket was caught during the email server's downtime.

We have resolved the issue with the host.

Meanwhile, we could not find any user with this name: roalmeida

Can you email us so that we can help you sort out the issues very quickly ?

If you read all reviews below, you can see how effective our support service is. We would like to work with you and get the issues sorted out.

Reviews: 3
Love the simplicity of this component and its integration with Joomla's infrastructure. Ramesh responds very quickly to issues and provides top-notch support.
Reviews: 1
Very good webshop, easy to install and many features. I had some problems with a payment plugin, but i got it solved quickly from the support, i realy recommend this webshop to everyone.
Reviews: 4
j2store (once installed) was easy to work with, has plenty of easy to follow documentation, and had great support when I got stuck. The products as articles feature makes styling your store quite a breeze with the proper CSS knowledge.
Reviews: 2
frighten by trying to use VirtueMart as a shop system,
I am really happy to find J2Store shopping software.

Brilliant idea just using the joomla articles as products.

Jut a few hours reading documentation, showing video tutorials, having some trials and erors... but then your shop is up and runnig.

Support is excellent (I am a subscriber) and best of all:
customisation possibility

If you don't want to spent much effort in setting up your internet shop, have a look at j2store !
Reviews: 3
The choice for Joomla Shopping Cart.
Easy to install and setup, lightweight and with a lot of options.
Helpdesk support worked for me even on Sunday: great job guys!
Reviews: 3
Been looking for this component a long time. J2Store has all you ever need in a netshop! And to top it all off, their will and eager to assist you whenever you may need help, is phenomenal and true!

Thank you for a 5star component!
Reviews: 1
J2 is an excellent product, that takes on joomla core function and wrap an ecommerce function around it, instead of an independent component.

Even though its not fully featured yet, but its the right direction!

I have been looking for this capabilities for a long time. Great work, and keep on improving!
Reviews: 1
I tried the free version, and got some questions, that i sent to the support. They responded quickly and precisely.
After that i went for the PRO subscription and got a great support experience.

Otherwise the component works fine and totally does what it says. It is flexible and quick, and the CHECKOUT is very quick and user-friendly, which was my main criteria to pick a component for my webshop.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component for many sites for the past year now, it is by far the most flexible and easy to use shopping cart out there for Joomla. The support is second to none, very quick response and very helpful staff. definitly worth the subscription costs.
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