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Modern, elegant, beautiful, simple yet powerful e-commerce Joomla® extension for Joomla! With our dedicated support, focused on your goals.. it's never been easier!

Supports the Stripe credit card processor and PayPal.

Check out the main features of our ecommerce extension:

★ Payment integrations
Stripe and PayPal are integrated in the best way, ready to sell in 2 minutes, with sandbox/test account and support for credit card payments. Also supports offline payments.

★ Sell digital or physical products
In addition to the traditional e-commerce offering, JOOCOMMERCE offers a digital download platform you can use to sell virtual products. More importantly, a system that's easy to use, for you and your customers. Time / downloads counts limit are in the works.

★ Supports product variations and options, with varying price depending on the variation combinations.

★ For Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5
JOOCOMMERCE supports the latest 2 Joomla stable releases: 3.x and Joomla 2.5.

★ International shipping and taxes
The administrator interface provides an awesome internationalization, shipping and taxes management console. It's now super easy to start selling in minutes, or drill down the taxes configuration for your own needs, on a country and state (US) level.

★ Modern, fast, easy backend
Forget server latency, slow page reloads. The backend is a modern HTML5 application: fast, easy to use, well organized. Simple for your customers too.

★ Dedicated support
We take pride in its support, well experienced with Joomla extensions and ecommerce and ready to handle any problem you might experience.

★ Multilanguage frontend
Our e-commerce support English, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, French and if your language is not supported it's easy & fast to do the translation yourself.

★ Country filtering
You can choose to sell only to one or more countries, or limit the e-commerce selling in a specific country if you need to avoid selling, e.g. for taxes purposes, or if your products can't be sold somewhere.

★ GPL License
Fully GPLv3 licensed, so you can enjoy the freedom this license brings you.

That's just an overview. Some other key notes are: 100% ready for easy translation into any language, supports all major currencies, ready to go for taxes and VAT management, multiple shipping options, per order product limits, AJAX cart, checkout without having to be a site user, tax inclusive pricing options, and lots more.

Give it a try!

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Reviews: 2
I have experimented with a lot of e-commerce extensions, but this one absolutely delivers what it promises. The set-up takes just a couple of minutes and it nicely integrates with the template. The perfect solution for a small to medium webshop.

A special mention for Flavio as well. I had a little technical problem with my particular server and he solved it in a matter of minutes. Top notch!
Reviews: 1
A fantastic shop component for Joomla! it's very easy to set up, easy to customize and has a good out of the box feature set. What set's this apart form the others i have tried is the simplicity and the Fantastic Service from Flavio, JQuery conflicts with my template early on were quickly fixed and feature requests were provided very promptly. Thanks Flavio. 5* Service!
Reviews: 1
First time ever I installed a shop in Joomla. It`s very simple to setup. Very simple to use. And the Paypal integration works perfect.
I had a problem with the responsive design on smartphones. I just contacted Flavio for support, and the next day It was running perfect on all devices.

I can really recommend this shop for all small business.
Reviews: 1
Simple to setup and use shop facility
I'm a relative newcomer to Joomla, and yet I found this product very easy to install and customise for my site.

The product provides a comprehensive shop - management of products divided into categories, a shopping cart, checkout facility with support for online and offline payments and an order-management backend. The total time taken to set up the product was just a few hours in total over around four days. We are now successfully taking orders with Paypal and offline payment.

The level of support was excellent with any questions (some of which might qualify as 'read the manual') answered quickly (within 24hrs) and courteously.

Where the product didn't quite match my requirements I found it very easy to modify to provide the facilities required.

I would recommend this product to anyone looking to set up a shop on their Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
I got JooCommerce for a client who is less than computer proficient, and they are having no trouble using it with a minimal amount of guidance. The store is simple yet effective.

The support is Excellent. You can ask for help right inside the store and Flavio usually gets back to you right away with the right answer to the question.

Compared to some of the other available stores, this is by far the easiest to use. Just a simple store that looks great. I am satisfied.
Reviews: 1
I chose this extension for ease of use setting up. I got the products set up quickly which i liked!
Setting up shipping and stock control was a little harder.
However excellent support is at hand via Flavio. He answers all your queries and really puts in the extra mile to get joocommerce working the way you want it!
I had problems with JQuery conflicts and again flavio fixed it!
Nice product, very nice developer!
Reviews: 1
Not having too much experience with implementing eCommerce / Shopping Carts on web sites but have tried a few before hand, I found Joocommerce extremely easy to install, configure and add products on my Joomla 3 based sites.

How the products show on the web sites was exactly how I wanted them to display and the integration with the shopping cart and Paypal / Offline payment options brilliant

The documentation files is one of the best I have seen and easy to understand and implement

Well Done!
Reviews: 1
I've used multiple shopping cart platforms since my start with Joomla 1.x and this blows them all away. The user interface is perfect and the order flow couldn't be more simple! Great product with unmatched support, don't pass this one up.
Reviews: 11
This cart is fantastic for stores that do not have complicated needs, and will suit 99% of stores needs. Because of its simplicity it is very easy to use and setup, and one of the best front-end user experiences out there. If you do need any help, the support provided in some of the best I've seen in Joomla extensions. In addition, the subscription fees are so reasonable, you can easily try this out and see if it suits your needs with nothing to lose.
Reviews: 1
Very simple to use. The component is brilliant.
The support is fast and great.
Thank you to develop this wonderful component.
Great job Flavio!
Reviews: 2
A very simple to use extension, with one of the cleanest checkout process on the market. +
The best support ever, this guys even chat with you inside the admin of the extension with this cool "intercom" tool.

New version and upgrades all the time, one on one support... just great...

Reviews: 1
I've worked with 2 other Shopping Carts over 2013 and find JooCommerce preferable for simplicity and clean design. But the support has been truly exceptional. I'm currently working with a non-profit community organization so our needs have been a little out of the ordinary. JooCommerce has been very accommodating, diligent and timely and definitely a cut above. You're not a "number" with these folks and what a pleasure to agree with these reviews. Please keep up the good work!
Reviews: 114
Superb Support & Component.

It is a shame there is not a level or rating above that of Excellent!

I have tried several e-commerce components and none compare to this superb one.

What is even better is the level of support available, which in my personal opinion as a business owner is virtually the best on the market, that coupled with an outstanding and easy to use system makes it just brilliant.

Every Joomla use should have this as one of their core joomla build add-ons. I have used it on my own website and customers love it.

Thank you ever so much for making a brilliantly working e-commerce component.

Big thanks to all who developed this and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 4
I initially had a few issues with PayPal working correctly with the shopping system but the support from Flavio has been amazing and he resolved the issue which I understand was a rare problem with PayPal

This is a new shopping system and new features are being added with future releases, it is a very quick, simply shopping system that works perfect for what I need it for. Far better than J2Store, Ecwid and a few others that I have tried over the years.

I will be using this shop in all websites that need a quick simple ecommerce solution installed.

Thanks very much for all your help Flavio.
Reviews: 1
Like many of you, I've tried so many ecommerce plugins, modules and components only to find that no single component would do all the things I wanted. Then I found Joocommerce! The demo looked good and after a look at the demo backend I decided to pay the money and download. There was a minor glitch with verifying my subscription but the developer contacted me within a few hours and I was on my way. The component is simple and elegantly designed and very easy to use but is very powerful. It is very easy to adapt with CSS and all files are structured logically and contain comments to help navigate through the PHP. You don't need to be a developer to use this plugin, I just needed a certain look for a client. The developer, Flavio, is incredibly helpful and I see this extension quickly becoming a market leader!
Reviews: 1
Hi bought Joocommerce last week and it seems a great simple shopping cart and I truly believe it will be, when I can get it working.

I can't get it to work and requests sent over two days ago haven't been answered.

I know it's only two days but when you are waiting to get something up and running, time is of the essence and thats what makes the difference between a good component and a brilliant one!
Owner's reply

Hi, too bad that our support portal, managed by another company, had some bad issues in the last couple days and we didn't get notifications about new tickets.

Luckily we managed to reply to all tickets yesterday. If your questions weren't answered, email us!

Reviews: 1
For months I have been looking for a simple shopping cart system I could package with my websites. I looked at dozens and they were all so heavy and complicated with difficult check our routines, I was getting to the point of giving up.
Then surfing the extensions here, I happened upon the JooCommerce Shopping Cart. I purchased the package, downloaded it and installed it on my test site. Installation was easy as there are only 2 items to install. The Component and the shopping cart module. And you don't really don't have to install the shopping cart Mod as the Component is supplied with a cart.
It worked great, easy store set up, currency, Taxes, shipping. The UI looks great and it will work great on SmartPhones and other tablets. The only thing I can see that it needs is a percentage options available on in the shipping. Other other than that it's just a great program.
If you are looking for a simple effective, easy to use shopping system, I heartily recommend this program. Plus their support is excellence. You will not be disappointed.
InTech Pubishing
Reviews: 1
I have got buy this plugin, it works very good and im suprised about the service assistance, is fast and seriously! i'm surpised about this!
Reviews: 2
I regret I wasted my time with such a poor extension. I hardly believe this is used on any live shop. Shipping is the most important part of an ecommerce site here in Australia and joocommerce offers a big nothing about that. I thought I'm missing that and intended to look at their docs but goes what? I couldn't find any link here and their site that redirects to any documentation. Then I sent a support email about my issue but their reply was request admin credentials!! An extension without documentation. All in all, a total failure.
Owner's reply

Hi "sweston",

every day you check this page and write a 1-star review to JooCommerce. You already sent in a fake review a couple weeks ago, and the JED staff removed it after my request.

Then every other day you write a 1 star review, that gets removed. Today this one came in, but it's still a fake review.

You tried again at least 4 times.

The last time you reported issues with your bank not being supported (which is completely false, since we integrate with PayPal), now you try by talking about shipping, but it's pretty clear we support Shipping and provide a detailed setup for shipping options, based on price, weight, countries filtering and everything you might need. Like anyone can see on the website.

You are basically damaging JooCommerce without a reason, and I can prove it, and making the JED Staff lose time by having to deal with your fake reviews.

You says you are from Australia, I can count the Australian clients on my 2 hands and only 2 of them have opened a ticket, and both of them successfully closed their issues.

And, no one ever asked me about documentation in a ticket.

Documentation that is pretty evident both in the extension itself with Help (?) buttons on _every screen_ (e.g., and in the support portal, where you claims to have added a ticket.
Some (not all) of the documentation is even public on Github to help with the demo.

I don't know why you're so against JooCommerce by never having bought it.. oh well, maybe I know why, and it makes me smile because if you're so scared by JooCommerce to leave a fake 1* review, then it looks like we're doing a good job! Thanks!

The strange thing is that no one requested a refund or subscription termination from Australia. Since you think it's a total failure.. well, don't let me waste words.

Maybe, Sweston, you'd better invest your time in your extension.

Greetings to all who read this comment, don't let this guy fool you ;-)

Reviews: 5
Took me time to find a good shopping cart for my site. Joocommerce came right in time, flawless design, fast simple and reliable - no bloated plugins. Support is great. I'm giving it 5 stars. Try it and see if it works for you.
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