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Modern, elegant, beautiful, simple yet powerful e-commerce Joomla® extension for Joomla! With our dedicated support, focused on your goals.. it's never been easier!

Supports the Stripe credit card processor and PayPal.

Check out the main features of our ecommerce extension:

★ Payment integrations
Stripe and PayPal are integrated in the best way, ready to sell in 2 minutes, with sandbox/test account and support for credit card payments. Also supports offline payments.

★ Sell digital or physical products
In addition to the traditional e-commerce offering, JOOCOMMERCE offers a digital download platform you can use to sell virtual products. More importantly, a system that's easy to use, for you and your customers. Time / downloads counts limit are in the works.

★ Supports product variations and options, with varying price depending on the variation combinations.

★ For Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5
JOOCOMMERCE supports the latest 2 Joomla stable releases: 3.x and Joomla 2.5.

★ International shipping and taxes
The administrator interface provides an awesome internationalization, shipping and taxes management console. It's now super easy to start selling in minutes, or drill down the taxes configuration for your own needs, on a country and state (US) level.

★ Modern, fast, easy backend
Forget server latency, slow page reloads. The backend is a modern HTML5 application: fast, easy to use, well organized. Simple for your customers too.

★ Dedicated support
We take pride in its support, well experienced with Joomla extensions and ecommerce and ready to handle any problem you might experience.

★ Multilanguage frontend
Our e-commerce support English, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Russian, French and if your language is not supported it's easy & fast to do the translation yourself.

★ Country filtering
You can choose to sell only to one or more countries, or limit the e-commerce selling in a specific country if you need to avoid selling, e.g. for taxes purposes, or if your products can't be sold somewhere.

★ GPL License
Fully GPLv3 licensed, so you can enjoy the freedom this license brings you.

That's just an overview. Some other key notes are: 100% ready for easy translation into any language, supports all major currencies, ready to go for taxes and VAT management, multiple shipping options, per order product limits, AJAX cart, checkout without having to be a site user, tax inclusive pricing options, and lots more.

Give it a try!

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Reviews: 8
It is simple to configure in the back-end, and the clean layout is very easy to style with css overrides.

Although the component is quite new, the developer has been very quick to take on board comments and the functionality of the component is increasing all the time. The level of support from the developer and the speed at which questions are dealt with are first class.

If you are looking for an e-commerce product for a small or medium sized business that you can get up and running very quickly - this is it
Reviews: 1
I had some problems and needed help, so I contacted their support. Wow, the best support ever! Thank you!!
Now everything works just fine and I must say it's a great component!

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
The extension did exactly what it said. The install and setup was easy and using the extension in the backend was also pretty simple.

There were one or two little glitches. The support after asking for help was fantastic. The reply was quick, courteous and solved my problem easily.
Reviews: 1
I had a little bit of minor problems to get Joocommerce work proberly with other modules and plugin's, but Joocommerce worked fine and i had no problems during install. The support quickly corrected design problems and helped work out the bugs with other problems.
So if you need a shopping module with Paypal this it is.
Reviews: 2
Best shop-extension out there atm!- no dispensable parts like a mechandise management system or an overloaded backend interface: this extensions serves perfectly as what it wants to be: an onlineshop with all necessary features like complete free customizable article descriptions, cart system, shipping-costs and paypal-payment. The option to create own categories alllows creating your own shop design, and the perfectly designed, simple modules allow integrating the onlineshop even in tricky responsive themes!
And best of all: i never saw a support like the guys of serve for this product: response time: a few hours max, problems get fixed within 24h max! and your own ideas or customization requests are implemented by a week..
Thanks again to the great dev-team!!
Reviews: 1
I used joocommerce on Joomla 3 and I have to say that it has be best design out there. However, it's not yet for production, a lot of things are missing such as payment & shipping methods, product variants, checkout options etc. It's a nice extension but not ready to go live yet.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for trying out Joocommerce and it's great you like how it looks & works! As we say on the website and in the JED description, we support PayPal as the only payment method;

About the shipping methods, that is something you add to the store settings based on your needs / location / deals, and they can be configured price-based or weight-based. I'm sorry you didn't 'get' how they work from the interface and the guide, it means we need to improve the documentation.

As for product variants and options, we have them in plan for an upcoming release!

Reviews: 1
Attractive, straightforward to setup. Must say that my store now looks really good, both in the public and on the private admin side, a pleasure to use.
Reviews: 4
I have tried a few of the other e-commerce components, but the ease of use combined with the user interface provided by this extension are quite unique. I set up my store really fast.

Owner's reply

Thanks Albert, glad you liked it!

Reviews: 4
Going by the demo I can see that you have not even got form validation for the customer fields (it is possible to checkout with an invalid email), if you are going to sell something it must be as perfect as you can get it, lack of form validation is unacceptable in a shopping cart checkout. I am giving you a 5 star rating because everyone deserves a second chance, but until this is fixed I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this component - missing something as simple as form validation probably means there are more issues.
Owner's reply

Hi WP4J, thanks for trying out our demo. Our form validation was limited to checking if a value was inserted for required fields. After reading your review we _immediately_ added email validation, with email typos suggestions when you wrongly type a common email provider domain, and of course we updated the demo to reflect it.

There will surely be other things missing or not perfect in the extension: it's 2 weeks old, and our philosophy is not to build a fully finished extension in a vacuum and then release it, but work on the most important things that we can, our minimal viable product, and then make it public to check the real needs of our customers, listen to their needs, and fix, add features, refine the extension over time and make it better day after day.

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