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Bazaar Component

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Looking for an Carousell clone on your website? Interested in creating your very own online buying and selling community? What about starting your own Consumer to Consumer trading platform shop where sellers and buyers can come to your social network site and do business with each other?

BAZAAR is a Joomla Component that allows users to do both. This component will allow you to install a platform on your website that will facilitate the buying and selling of all products through your website. It has an “add to bag” feature that allows buyers to buy one or multiple items at a time. And for sellers, the system will allow them to post their products with pictures along with a full description of the products and all relevant attributes of the product as well.

C2C E-commerce website is a global trend and it will evolve more in the future. C2C E-commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them.

That’s why we have developed and provided a solution that will help you own, operate, and manage a C2C E-commerce website like an simplified Ebay or like Carousell, Duriana and many more similar platforms. A key benefit is the time and money you will save with using C-to-C Platform. We use Joomla! So BAZAAR is easy to use and friendly with user, admin and developers!

In the future, Bazaar will be improved with more useful features: auction, social login, social share, point system, mobile application and more payment method…

* Sale
C-to-C Platform lets you post any products on its platform along with pictures, description, conditions, and many other attributes you can adjust and post. It will also allow you to manage your posting so editing your posting will be easy and straightforward through the mobile-friendly website.

* Buy
These features let buyers view and buy any products that have been posted on the site. There is a safe and secure online payment system that will let buyers make payment either through PayPal or by credit card.

* Mobile Friendly Site
User can use the BAZAAR mobile device to view, submit, and purchase any products. If you're a seller, this app will also give you full management capabilities of your products so you can edit and update your info anywhere on the go as long as you have your mobile device with you.

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Reviews: 2
Just wanna start of by saying GREAT COMPONENT guys! For those of you who are looking for an e­Bay similar set­up, I would highly recommend this product for you.


The installation, setup, and configuration is super easy, the support advise and response
time are very knowledgable and super fast, respectively.


I was also equally impressed with the online payment methods. Paypal is set as the default payment system but if you know the API for other payment methods you want to use, then you can easily do the integration yourselves.