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SalesPro ComponentModule

Would you like a Joomla ecommerce extension that's easy to install, highly secure, and a complete breeze to set up?

A few months ago, I was was trying to find the absolute best ecommerce extension for Joomla. It needed to be secure (because I don't like to get hacked), easy to use (so my clients immediately understand how to use it), and very easy to set up (because I didn't want to spend hours tweaking templates or setting up countries).

But everything I found was either too complex, too full of bugs, or just ... had some sort of problem.

And so I built SalesPro, a powerful, intuitive, user-friendly ecommerce platform.

Here are 10 reasons why you should try SalesPro

- The 60 day trial is completely FREE
- You will LOVE setting up products in our intuitive admin area
- Your customers will be SAFE in our secure, tested environment
- You can migrate from Virtuemart (1.0 - 1.1.19) in SECONDS
- You'll be able to create AMAZING product pages
- Your images are automatically cropped, saving you TIME
- You can easily add product OPTIONS and VARIATIONS
- You can enter your PayPal details to accept CREDIT CARDS instantly
- Your customers can shop in their LOCAL CURRENCY
- Our legendary support is INCLUDED in the free trial

It's new! It's shiny! It's yours!

In fact, it's so new and shiny, that I would really like your comments and feedback.

I'm also taking suggestions on how it can be improved, or things that should be changed.

You could make this YOUR extension, with all the features and functions you dream of! Just let me know what you would like to see, and if it's a commercially viable option I'll add it to a future release.

Meanwhile, download today and try out SalesPro for yourself - or upgrade to the full, unlimited version.

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Reviews: 21
I like what I see here, the installation was a breeze, the configuration is simple yet this shopping cart is brilliant. It is easily managed and setup. Glad to see that we have more choice now than just the "standards". Try it out and you will like it!