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SimpleCaddy 2.0.5 for Joomla 3.3 series. Create your shopping cart easily and quickly, without the need of learning complex rules and shop setups. Simple, but powerful. Use Joomla's standard content to present your products and let SimpleCaddy redirect the money to your PayPal account. Simple to set up, simple to use.
All is (joomla) plugin driven, so completely SEF friendly. For developers: SimpleCaddy plugins are easy to create and integrate so you can have the paymenty gateway or shipping solution you dreamed of.

New: Downloadable content support: define your product as downloadable and SimpleCaddy makes sure the product has been paid for before anyone can download it.

Paypal returns still mark your orders as "Paid".

Paypal is delivered as a standard plugin so that other payment methods can be presented on the same page.

Taxes can now be defined per destination and are inmplemented as a joomla plugin, all configurable from inside SimpleCaddy. You can set taxes for specific destinations to be different from others.

Shipping uses a simple points system.

The Joomla standard Extra Fields are used a Custom Fields in SimpleCaddy. So you can use Joomla to gather your necessary info about your clients.

Carts can be shown anywhere in your site, with individual css if you like.

To overcome the difficulties of multiple configurations and options in your plugin calls, an editor-extension button is also included in the package.

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Reviews: 11
I love the simple elegance of SimpleCaddy. It is so light on the server and the site! Thank you for this software.
Reviews: 3
I've found SimpleCaddy to be surprisingly full-featured for a non-commercial extension. However, I've been less than impressed with the support provided.

The author frequently provides incomplete answers to questions from many users on the forum, or assumes you know which file needs to be edited and where it's located, or simply doesn't answer questions at all, or just says that a question has been answered before and to search for the answer. As an example, I've had a simple question open for about six weeks and it still has not been resolved.

If you can overlook the sketchy support, then SimpleCaddy is a good solution.
Reviews: 3
Works and verry simple. Just read the docs and use the id for next action. recomended.
Reviews: 8
I have been using Simple Caddy in all its guises for a few years and have always found the product reliable, simple to set up and easy to operate. When I needed support, the developer bent over backwards to help me.

It may be a free product, but i willingly donate for something that makes my life much easier.
Reviews: 4
We upgraded simplecaddy and needed help. We reached out to Henk and he was investing time to help us with some special challenges. What a first class service for a free tool. This is a perfect solution if you want to integrate a shop with nice features but do not want to kill your side with functionality your customers do not need. Very flexible concept, easy customizations because of the use of articles, very flexible with the plugin concept.
Well done Henk, great Job!!!
We sent you a donation !
Reviews: 1
Want to thank the developer of this component, it`s so light, clean and clear. Helped me a lot, answered many questions. This product is a must have for small shops!
Reviews: 1
Tried it out for two solid days and got it up and running, it is nice and simple and I have sufficient knowledge of CSS to model it to my needs, but...
I had a really hard time to discover how to configure the system. The switch to plugins means that the settings are just all over the place and the help pages are still rather chaotic. I gave up because I could not discover how to setup different taxes for product categories or per product.
Owner's reply

You may have looked "everywhere" but I haven't seen you on the very active forum. It is true that a switch to plugins means a little more work for the user, but the benefits are clearly huge. I would have like to see you on the forum where you can freely ask your questions and in 99% of the cases get your answer.
Settings all over the place, same as for Joomla, Plugins have settings in the plugin config and in the plugin parameters. Component has global config in one place. I'm not sure what you mean with "all over the place". As for the taxes setup, the forum is your friend.

Reviews: 4
As a non coder, this is by far the best cart solution in terms of easy setup and customization. I find others to encumbersom, this worked for me.
Reviews: 7
For a simple cart solution, with the added bonus of shipping charges configurations, this must be one of the best lightweight scripts around. I was beginning to tear my hair out because of the guidelines set by a client until I came upon this wonderful simple and rational think of beauty. My thanks to the generous developers for giving it out for free.
Reviews: 4
If you looking for a simple shopping cart, look no further. Free & easy setup and the support is great.
Reviews: 11
I am more used to sophisticated ecommerce systems, but i am very impressed with this little product. Ideal for turning a small website into an instant shopping trolley - no big programming issues, no heavy formatting, configuration or rules - simple!

I would recommend this to anyone who has a small shopping need and use the forum for any configuration anomalies as it has most of the issues resolved.

Oh! Did I say its FREE?
Reviews: 8
I'm really impressed with SimpleCaddy, not just as a easy to use shopping cart component, but as a developer I found it really easy to modify to get the desired results.

If you're looking for something simple for your visitors to use to purchase things on your website - ESPECIALLY if you're using Phoca gallery - the integration is tight and makes a potentially arduous task really simple!

Kudos to the forums team for their support too :)
Reviews: 2
I just need a simple shopping cart instead of using VM, and SimpleCaddy well performed.
Hope to see it is improve by future.
Reviews: 3
The recent integration between SimpleCaddy and PhocaGallery is a match made in heaven. If you are building a site for a professional photographer who wishes to let clients proof and pick prints online, there is now a great option: J2.5+SC+PG. Also, the Photofolio theme from Shape5 works well, too (just rip out the Tienda stuff and replace with PhocaGallery goodness)
Reviews: 1
They say fifteen minute setup, and that is all it takes. Unless you have a problem, like I did, then you get to find out how good the support is. It's GREAT!

They quickly figured out where I made my mistake and got me going.

I don't think it possible to have a store up and running faster.
Reviews: 1
I've tried SimpleCaddy (v1.75) in combination with Phoca Gallery (3.1.0) on Joomla (2.5) this last week and decided to keep working with it. It's a simple and manageable solution perfectly fitted for the problem I had. I wanted to set up a portfolio of my wife's drawings, paintings etc, as a photo gallery, with a possibility to buy something. SG does exactly that: it adds an "add to basket" button to the images, and provides a simple checkout procedure with an email as confirmation or invoice, and paypal (which I decided not to use right now, but maybe later).

The software has got a few flaws. The order total costs are in the email displayed including the shipping costs. In the SC component on the back end the total costs are lower, excluding the shipping costs. That's odd. You can't grant rights to e.g. the 'manager' user group on the caddy component using the admin interface.

It's true you shouldn't set up a website without proper knowledge of html and css. You need it to give the SC elements a nice look, as it's basic text and a button by itself. To work your way around the flaws one needs more. I'm in a lucky position being a software developer. Though I don't know much about PHP I could repair some of the unwanted behavior. Others might need the help of the forum or the developers, or live with some odd characteristics.

It's a very basic, simple and manageable solution for a website with some very basic, simple e-commerce. If that suits you, try it. It helps me out a great deal (imagine the work I don't have to do now that I can use SimpleCaddy). It can be improved though, even within these limits, so i'll score it a 4 out of 5.
Owner's reply

Please keep in mind that the version of SC used here was NOT made for J2.5 and does not take advantage of all the extra stuff from J2.5.
Improvements are always possible, everyone is encouraged to share his or her ideas for improvement as has been done over the last few years.

Reviews: 35
1)your website needs improvement
2)your documentation is fine but you need to show either video or screenshots with details how to integrate with phoca
3) your forum nobody replies it s been 3 days to my request
4)whosoever will get this has to know that yes it is much simpler than Virtuemart and yes it is possible to integrate it easily with phoca galleries

but me personally it took me about 4 hours and that it was because i discovered what i had to do by my self

however... when i found out i realized it is very easy! but took me 4 hours

GREAT JOB OVER ALL i would of gave 4.9 out of 5 but unfortunately the system only allows this much
Reviews: 35
I always wonder who uses Joomla and the extensions like Simple Caddy.

It seems the same problem as in the time when static websites were usual. Everybody was saying "Oh I know some HTML! I can do a site myself!" and than the crying started because there was mor to a website than just some lines HTML.

With joomla ist seems to be the same.

The people read something like "Have your own webite in seconds without knowing anything about HTML!!! Hooray!!!"

It's true! As long as you don't need your own design and are pleaed with all the standard options.

But as soon as you want your own special look and as soon as you want to ad more sophisitcated extensions, you should know the basics: (X)HTML, javaScript, PhP, MySQL and (last but not least) CSS.

So I would recommend a lot of guys and gals here just to learn the basics before playing, ohterwise one has no clue what is going on with a CMS and their extensions.

So before you complain, learn the stuff. Otherwise all the moaning here is so incompetent...

Best regards,

Reviews: 6
After installing Simple Caddy a while ago we needed an extra form field in the confirmation mail. To put in the extra field was no problem. To get the result of it in the mail was! So I posted a message in the forum and within the same day the problem was solved by the developer.
He logged in, used FTP, installed a database program and fixed it. So: Great help!
Reviews: 4
I have a friend who makes cheese and we needed to sell online, One product in three sizes. We looked at some other products including zencart and os commerce, They were all over spec for our needs.
As we wanted an event list for the markets they go to, joomla was the answer with simple caddy as the shop. It works beautifully. Easy and quick to set up. The only quirk we have is it duplictes the order emails, but the paypal one shows the order and the payment, so thats what matters.
Looked through the forum and can see no mention of duplicate emails, So it could be my config. Now there is a 1.7 version, We will migrate after the christmas rush. Highly recommended.
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