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SimpleCaddy 2.0.5 for Joomla 3.3 series. Create your shopping cart easily and quickly, without the need of learning complex rules and shop setups. Simple, but powerful. Use Joomla's standard content to present your products and let SimpleCaddy redirect the money to your PayPal account. Simple to set up, simple to use.
All is (joomla) plugin driven, so completely SEF friendly. For developers: SimpleCaddy plugins are easy to create and integrate so you can have the paymenty gateway or shipping solution you dreamed of.

New: Downloadable content support: define your product as downloadable and SimpleCaddy makes sure the product has been paid for before anyone can download it.

Paypal returns still mark your orders as "Paid".

Paypal is delivered as a standard plugin so that other payment methods can be presented on the same page.

Taxes can now be defined per destination and are inmplemented as a joomla plugin, all configurable from inside SimpleCaddy. You can set taxes for specific destinations to be different from others.

Shipping uses a simple points system.

The Joomla standard Extra Fields are used a Custom Fields in SimpleCaddy. So you can use Joomla to gather your necessary info about your clients.

Carts can be shown anywhere in your site, with individual css if you like.

To overcome the difficulties of multiple configurations and options in your plugin calls, an editor-extension button is also included in the package.

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Reviews: 1
This is a great product for non-tech savy individual. The documentation/instructions easy to follow. Great for our small non-profit.

Only hope for improvement would be an option for promo/coupon code for discounted items. Not sure if that would be available on the advanced product options?
Reviews: 6
Hi, thanks for this product : it's simple and works easily.

But, I can't use it for one thing :

the tax (vat) is not displayed at the per article level but only at the show cart total level.

perfect for a b to b shop, but not usable for a "normal" shop (at least in france !)

maybe an option for the next release ?

anyway, thanks for the good work.
Reviews: 5
For those with a fairly small number of products without a lot of product options, this shopping cart will work very nicely. You wouldn't want to run a major storefront with it, but this extension is especially nice if you are just selling a few products on an existing Web site -- the extension doesn't get in the way.

There are several nice ideas here. For one thing, the product display is done with standard Joomla! articles; you just embed codes in the article that display the product name and price and allow adding to the cart. (Contrast this with the more common approach of dynamically building display pages.) Sure, the Simple Caddy approach is limited: for example, if you change products often you will go nuts changing the product description articles. But for a small store with a few stable products, it's really easy. And this approach allows you to do all sorts of things within the product display -- anything you can do in Joomla!

Again, there are significant limitations. The only payment option is PayPal (which does work just fine). Simple Caddy does not track payment status once it hands off an order to PayPal; if the customer fails to complete the payment, you won't know until you match up PayPal records with orders. Within products, you can have only one type of option: for clothing, you could have either size or color but not both size and color (unless you combine size and color to have choices such as "small red" and "large blue" -- not very practical in most cases).

These limitations are absolutely fatal for those who have lots of products and expect lots of orders. But for sites like mine (a non-profit that sells a few items as fund raisers a few times a year), Simple Caddy hits the mark.

By the way, we did look at Virtue Mart -- great component but much more overhead to set up and forces some changes in the way we approach dealing with our members. So don't ask whether Simple Caddy is "better" than something like Virtue Mart -- they are designed for different audiences and each is fine for its intended purpose.

We have not asked for support yet, but scanning the forum for the component shows that there is an active user base and questions are being answered quickly.

One additional note: when I tried to register for the forums on the Atlantic Intelligence Web site, the spam blocker kept rejecting my registration. I was using Firefox 3.0.3; trying the same thing in IE 7, it worked fine. Once registered, I could log on with Firefox. So if you run into that problem, maybe the IE solution will work for you.
Reviews: 1
We have to have in mind that it is a simple caddy system. So IT IS EXCELENT.

We can not manage table rates per weight.

THANK YOU FOR your work!

Reviews: 5
My sincere thanks to Henk for this extension. I was looking for a very simple Shopping Cart, I didn't need fancy payment gateways, etc., I just wanted to add products to a cart, and then send the order by e-mail. This extension was perfect. Within 30 minutes of downloading it I had it installed, configured and my first 'Add to Cart' and 'Checkout' working. Brilliant!
Reviews: 1
Loading this up was easy and configuring it was incredibly smooth and clear.

It would be great if one of the choices for the way products are available to be purchased is for the customer to be able to enter a number for the quantity of each product they want. I think SimpleCaddy would work perfect for me on my photography website if customers didn't have to come back to the photo they want if they want multiples of each photo.

Otherwise, it would be exactly what I'm looking for. Could this possibly be something to be added to the next update?

Owner's reply

Well, you can always update the quantity when the cart displays ... If you are working under php4, you will want to update to version 1.6 solving an issue with quantities ...

Reviews: 7
Version 1.5.5 for Joomla! 1.5.x. Excellent combination of component, module and plugin. SimpleCaddy does exactly what is claims... easy set up of a simple shopping cart feature using PayPal as the merchant account. Great for sites selling only a few products who don't need (or want) the administrative overhead of Virtue Mart (another great Joomla! e-commerce solution, by the way). Took 10 minutes to install and 45 minutes to configure. Once properly configured each product takes only a couple of minutes to enter. Product descriptions and photos are entered in a content page and simple plugin code calls the "Add to Cart" button.
A few rough bumps to final configuration but most answers can be found in the developer's forum. Not very customizable but highly recommended for simple selling needs when PayPal is your payment solution.
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I was looking for! Easy to use, easy to translate, perfect for my site! Thanks guys. I'll send you my Norwegian translation.

Thanks again for this awesome software!
Reviews: 1
For selling things on a site where you do not want to have so many options to deal with, this is a fantastic way to do it. No mess, no fuss.

The developer is very helpful and extremely patient. Good stuff.
Reviews: 4
I tried SC because I needed a caddy but a simple one. SC is exactly that. It is simple in functionality and simple in use. You create some products, and then you create an article with plugin codes referring to those products - and there is a module to show what is in the cart. There is no functionality to add charges or taxes, so I suggested that as a new feature. The layout is not great but good enough. Multi-lingual support is built in but few languages are packaged. I had no problems with bugs. All in all SC is exactly what the name says and what I needed.
Owner's reply

The new version adds all this and many more "outstanding improvements". Please download the new version and follow the instructions on the site :-)

Reviews: 3
SimpleCaddy is on the way to becoming a very useful little component. There are some bugs to work out and some features to add, but overall it does what it is meant to go. I'm using it to charge for events in my EventList descriptions.
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