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Editor's Note
JoomShopping for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 200.000 new Users in 3 years! On the Website you find also demo installation and links to shops which was created with JoomShopping.

It can be used for selling different products. There are also functions for selling musik files or videos. Products can shown with text, pictures and also audio or video files can be added to description. Other features: Customized PDF Bills. Modules for easy integration of payment providers and also import and export of datas are available.

The shop is special for those users who have also the target to get a good listing in Searchengines because JoomShopping was created from Webdesigner with many years of Searchengine Optimization.

The sourcecode is written in high quality for easy adding features and for stability and high security.

Supportforum you find on the website and there is also video installation manual for free of charge.

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Reviews: 1
I was previously using a shopping cart system with wordpress but felt that it was too restrictive, so I decided to try Joomla and found this extension with 1.6.
+ Easy to install, no problems
+ Easy to configure the admin, menus are really easy to understand
+ Many options available to configure the products, attributes, order status, shipping, payment modes...etc
+ Works flawlessly without any errors

Suggestions for improvement
- Admin panel should include an option to configure and send HTML invoices (Currently have to edit the orderemail.php)
- Coupons should allow an option for discounts for selected products only (Currently can only set by value or %, which applies to all products)
- Import XML feature for shipping rates/weights
- Member signup fields should be part of the checkout process so that the purchase flow would be more seamless

Overall a very good extension and many thanks for sharing it. Do let me know if you have a donations page as I would like to make a contribution.
Reviews: 5
The back-end is very easy to deal with, it is a real pleasure!
The template integration was also done quickly, we are very pleased with the way it looks on the front end.
The only problem I had was when I tried to set-up the menu items.
You can also check the forum with the answer to that, it needed some adjustments in a file. That is not very good as not everybody is able to make changes to php files. Might be a good idea to look into the code.

Some mention that there are no payment gateways other than paypal available. Yes that is true but Paypal is a good gateway, it is widely available and you can pay as guest or through your account.

Overall, well done, thank you!
Owner's reply

We not understand what means there is no other gatway modul for other payment systems.

There are in JoomShopping Standart some and there are several which can be bought as addon option from our site with small amount.

Also we do customizing in case somebody want to get a integration on other payment system.

Please everybody need to understand .. we also not able to give everything for free. Therefore support costs money if you need also development or if you want to remove our link from joomshopping frontend.

It is sometimes frustrating to get positive feedback about all of joomshopping and only from those users who want to get free support, to get negative voting.

So again and hope for future .. JoomShopping can be used for free but NOT Support and NOT Customzing! We can not develop a good product in case we have to pay for other users to integrate them for free our software in their enviorment as they wish

Reviews: 2
Easy to get started and I had my cart up in a matter of hours.

I used their fixed price PayPal integration service for PayPal and was pleased. Fast and problem free.

Some complain that the price for the commercial/logo free version is excessive. Personally, I'm always glad to support developers in this way. It is a comprehensive product and well worth the price!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback and that you like our work!

Reviews: 2
Many thanks to the developers of this store! Easy to install, configure understandable, affordable PHP and HTML code. The store may sell absolutely any goods ( including weight ). I believe that you have no competitors.

Good luck in the future!
Owner's reply

Thank you ... this was our main goal when we started this project.
We wanted to create a shop .. more simple to use as other shop systems from joomla on the market...

Thanks for reply

Reviews: 1
I can see a lot of hard work has gone into this extension. I saw one users post about using pay pal with Joom Shopping? Is this correct? And what is the bank code in the script for? Just curious and looking forward to using your extension!
Owner's reply

We not understand what was issue?

Reviews: 3

This is a good component. Easy to install, configure and use but need some improvements.

I was wondering to get quantity dropdown or textbox.

Really in need. Please help me somebody.

Thanks you.
Reviews: 1
I set up my server on Monday and late Tuesday I decided to run Joomla! I downloaded and installed Joomshopping on Thursday. Today is Saturday and I'm busy putting up product with pricing, terms, shipping and descriptions. I have the Paypal figured out, got it sending me order notices, have been setting attributions for the products for different models and prices. I'm open for business now! Aside from a few things I can't get to work yet (gee, 2 days on something I've never seen before?), like login, it works a charm.

I should have all product in by Monday, have my Contact screen, my links page and still be done in time for Monday Night Football.

What can I say bad? Yeah, the forum is in German. Darn! I had to use Google.
Owner's reply

Thanks for fair voting .. even with our german forum ;)

Reviews: 1
This is a great extensions, with great usability.
It can be customized, but the only thing that is missing are the payment options. I've used this extension for a year, and now my client asked me to add credit card payment support, and I didn't find anything helpfull. So I may be forced to change the e-shop extenstion, only for this fact.

I thing that the payment options are a very important when we are talking about a e-comerce platform.
Owner's reply

To be honest .. do not know what you mean.

There is paypal and sofortüberweisung allready integrated and free to use. There are many others as plugin on our website which can be bought for a very small amout of money.

If there is a question why we ask for money for some of the plugins. This is because we did those plugins only for a very small amount of users. Only a few are using thoses because we have many features in our standart joomshopping wich is free of charge allready included. So hope users understand that for those extra programming we did, we have to charge those plugins with a small amount of money to get some development costs back.

Reviews: 3
I found JoomShopping about 2 months ago. Since then, I have used it in several small shopping sites, and have come across many small issues.

First of all, the core (free) component is fairly well put-together. For the most part, it works. There are some things that will be awkward, especially for US residents, like the taxes. Here are a few:

1. There is no way to link directly from the menu to a specific category - it requires a workaround of "External URL."

2. Same with linking to a particular product.

THOSE are Biggies, if you want to link to more than "Shop" or "All Products."

3. The taxes are set up primarily for VAT, which is great for Europeans. Not so much for the US. As far as I can tell,t here is no way to create state-specific (or city-specific) tax rules. AND it can be a bit confusing to try to figure out how it calculates the taxes.

4. The templates are all done in tables. Not ideal, but it's a quibble, I admit.

Here's the biggie, though...

So far, after purchasing several of his paid options (zoom template + import options), not a single one works.

In addition, I've sent multiple emails through the site without a single response, and yet, when I disputed the purchase with PayPal, he responded to them within 2 hours.

PayPal ruled in his favor (they have a policy about downloaded goods), but was kind enough to give me my money back as well, because I am an excellent client, and they believed my claim.

This is NOT something most people can look forward to.

In conclusion:

- Feel safe using what is offered for JoomShopping for free.

- Beware ANY of the commercial options, unless you have money to throw away.

- Keep the notes about restrictions above in mind.
Owner's reply

What you are writting is strange . .. we have thousands of clients which are using joomshopping and our components and moduls ..
and non of them had found a bug yet ...

Only a few without basic skills have problem but we can not teach people how Joomla is working .. why you just writting those text...

we offer installation service.. . you seams to be one guy which want all for free and free support .. after not got free support try to write those text ...

Sorry if you just not know basics .. then don`t use our shop. We are not able to give a free support for free ... we have thousands of users and we would not be able to create new features or improve the shop in case single users want free support.

For example we offer you to buy a day of installation service and if there is ANY Bug which was the reason for your problem we will refund this money for this day .. WE ARE SHURE ... the mistake is on our site .. We can garante that what you are writting about problems is only from not correct configuration of your webserver, or not correct installing because of less skills ...

Therefore we offer installing service with money back guarantee if there is a bug which caused your problems , because there is NO Bug.

Reviews: 1
I'm by no means expert - I've only recently started dabbling - but this is one of the easiest, most intuitive and versatile of all extensions I've found to date. I'm boring all my friends for raving about it!
Reviews: 1
Let me start by saying that this extension seems to be the only available shopping cart/catalog for Joomla 1.7. You might expect this product to be lacking many features, but it isn't. It is very complete and works well out of the box.

Since this is a free extension, you might expect a poor support history, and indeed, this is true. The developing company seems to be under the impression that you can release software for free, and only provide paid support. There is an online forum, and simple questions are answered therein, however anything complicated is deferred to paid support.

To that end, I have posted multiple times about requesting support which I will pay for, and I have sent the company emails, and submitted the contact form on the site. I have not received ANY reply's to these messages. It's as if these messages don't ever make it to the company.

Summary: If you need Joomla 1.6 or 1.7 and a basic store, this will be perfect.
If you need something non standard, stick with Virtuemart.
Reviews: 16
Finally something logical and intuitive for the clients in the backend.

As a designer you can style everything with great efficiency. Joomla + Joomshopping = The best ecommerce solution today! Thank you so much!!!
Reviews: 1
- Easy to setup: though setting up a store does take time, this system has a logical way to go about it
- Great way to setup attributes for the products and to either add, substract, set a new price or not affect the price at all of a given product.
- Good selection of language files
- The template system looks ok, although the default template does use only tables to set up the structure of the page. Tables are a messy system to set up a page structure but I guess that it is the easiest way to not affect the rest of the CSS of a given site.

The two most difficult aspects of a store are the payment and the shipping process. I'm still testing the level of integration I can manage on this two fronts with this system. I'll report my findings later
Reviews: 1
Extension functionality compare to Virtualmart is easy and fast.
Owner's reply

Thanks exact this was our task .. to make it beter ..

thanks for feedback

Reviews: 1
Thank you for this great component!!!
It has plenty of options (languages, taxes, shipping methods, discounts, whatever you want...) and still very easy to use. I didn't even have to check the documentation.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your posting!

Reviews: 2
Works in 1.5. I have yet to get it to work in 1.7.
Owner's reply

We do not understand this information .. you omnly writing that you are not able to install joomshopping in 1.7.
If you download correct JoomShopping for 1.7 it works without any problems. Might be problems on your server or your server configuration which we do not know.

There are thousands of installations on joomla 1.7 allready and not problems reportet yet.

We also testet it in different installatins before releasing it.

So please check out and change voting because product works fine and we take a lot of afforts in it.

Reviews: 1
I installed this component and had it working without problems right away. I have yet to find any bugs or issues with the code. All the small problems mentioned by others are not problems at all but simply people not looking through all the options for this component.

I made USD my currency with no issues whatsoever and i have almost no knowledge of web design or coding. So the people saying they are very experienced and cant figure it out you should be ashamed.

This component is very powerful and very easy to use i really cant say enough. If only more free components could be made this well. If you cant figure out how to set it up then pay the support team to do it they deserve the money for sure.

PLEASE keep up the great work!!
Reviews: 1
I have tried quite a few eCommerce platforms for Joomla, and so far this is the best of them. It simply feels like a more developed solution than the others which all feel like beta versions in comparison. Excellent work!
Reviews: 14
I am happy with this product. So happy, that i had translated it to Hungarian! :D
The translation of the "main" product and the login module, can be download on the developer site!
It working perfect on Joomla! 1.6 and 1.7!

Many thanks for this excellent and FREE product!
Reviews: 7
this shopping cart (plus its functions) should be a Joomla! standard feature for any website that uses e-commerce functions.

it is very simple both in visual display, control, functionality, installation, and use. even for beguines, this extension is unbelievably easy to use and learn.

JoomShopping has every feature you could need and all of witch work without error or complex installation. this has made it very easy for myself to modify and set up within minuets not hours.

i would also recommend this to advanced users as it is time saving, easy to mod, and easy to teach clients how to use.

i have now chosen to use this as my standard shopping cart extension for both Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6
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