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Editor's Note
JoomShopping for Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0 is the most easy to use OnlineShop for Joomla. More than 200.000 new Users in 3 years! On the Website you find also demo installation and links to shops which was created with JoomShopping.

It can be used for selling different products. There are also functions for selling musik files or videos. Products can shown with text, pictures and also audio or video files can be added to description. Other features: Customized PDF Bills. Modules for easy integration of payment providers and also import and export of datas are available.

The shop is special for those users who have also the target to get a good listing in Searchengines because JoomShopping was created from Webdesigner with many years of Searchengine Optimization.

The sourcecode is written in high quality for easy adding features and for stability and high security.

Supportforum you find on the website and there is also video installation manual for free of charge.

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Reviews: 5
I'm in the USA, so at first, this extension was daunting, I gave up on it, and walked away.

But once I returned, I realized all i really had to do was poke around with it, and i've figured it all out, without the need of help from the creators.

This now serves every purpose i've ever asked for and, unlike other shopping cart extensions, this actually works for 1.6.

If you find yourself getting frustrated, just set down and start playing with the becomes painfully easy when you do.
Reviews: 1
This is recommended component for your eCommerce website. it has smart logics about eCommerce business and powerfully in extending and plugging, playing 3rd extensions.
Reviews: 9
I installed this on one of my client's sites and it works beautifully. It took a little work to find everything to get it to work the way I wanted, and there are still some configuration and style issues I am trying to sort out, but this was relatively easy to set up.

Unfortunately, I am now trying to load it on one of my newer Joomla 1.7 pages and keep getting a language error that refuses to allow it to load the databases tables on my site. I have looked over the forums extensively for an answer and have yet to find how to patch this problem (the one answer I found was for a backup before upgrade. Since this is a clean install, I am baffled from the problems getting the database tables to load)

Anyway, this is a good and easy to use program. Use it if you do not want to code endlessly and have your shop up fairly quickly.
Reviews: 1
This is probably one of the best free shopping carts available. Also, by far the most easy to configure when compared to others like virtuemart.

I have a HUGE gripe about the company/developer.

I hate the annoying branding that goes on each cart page. This tag is called in externally, so there is no way to rid yourself of it. AFter digging up a link to the Commercial Version, I was taken no where. I have tried multiple times to contact the developer with no luck at all.

Without being able to purchase a full version to get that annoying link off, this product has bombed.

The "Shop" section of the site seems fair, but has no indication of what you are purchasing. Can I download a commercial version of the product im using? OR do I need to ourchase the components individually?

Once gain great, amazing product. Horrible customer service.

* I know how to use this thing, I dont want technical support I want CUSTOMER support!!!
Owner's reply

The Joomshopping installation have a customer supprot So if you give us the contact to integrate it we can suuport you.. We do not understand what exact is the problem . You want support for free? We can not work for free please understand

Reviews: 3
I was searching for a component that I could use as a catalog. I didn't need a shopping cart, I didn't need features up the wazoo, just something simple that would allow me to post a picture with a short description that would open into a full description. I tried the high rated apps, the majorly downloaded apps, all the apps that say "easy to configure." None of them were.

I was apprehensive about trying out this app because the website did not translate easily into english (from german) and i was afraid i might not be able to understand what i needed to do to get it to what i wanted. I am glad i decided to give it a try anyway.

Within a couple of hours I had completely fallen in love with this app. It has bells and whistles if you want that kind of thing, but it also allows you to turn them off if you don't. I didn't have to create a new manufacturer client for each item that had a different manufacture (helpful when you are a consignment store). I didn't have to add weight or box dimensions since I wasn't shipping out anything. I could actually choose what units of measurements i wanted (called characteristics in the app). I now have the exact catalog i have been wanting for several months.

This app would easily earn that fifth star if you worked with someone to touch up the translations and added an information bubble on more of the items throughout the configurations.

For the new users to this app who don't speak german, under configuration>general, Price(brutto) is gross, and Price(netto) is net. To change the unit of currency, go to Options>currency, and add or change the units there. Code is where you would put a dollar sign. If it doesn't appear to change, all you need to do is close your browser and reopen it to see the changes.

Thank you again. This is truly a brilliant piece of work.
Reviews: 2
I found this excellent extension and i have one question how can we share individual product section with image and description at facebook?

Many Thanks,
Shahid Mirza
Reviews: 2
I have some experience with other free shopping cart, but JShopping Cart is so simple. It is true compatible with Joomla!. JShopping Cart is using engines and routines that provided by Joomla! It is also do not need special template. I can use any template that I want. I use JShopping in Joomla! 1.7.0, and work good.

If you want to make simple e-shop, I recommend JShopping.

Please improve shipping method. Make it more flexible when the cost is based on distance (city) and per weight.

After all, only one word for JShopping Cart: Wow!
Reviews: 1
Installed fine, even without an english read me or tutorial. Plenty of options for tax, shipment, payment options, categorizing, etc. Pretty perfect. Only feature I wish was added would be some kind of module that would post new products on the front page. Instead, I have to make a new article everytime I add a product, which is fine, just a bit painstaking.
Reviews: 4
support is lacking a bit, but mainly because a lot of the forum posts are in deutsch, so common english search terms often don't yield the results a person might want.

however, the structure of this component and all of the free modules provided by the publisher is simple enough that anyone willing to take the time can have this thing doing back-flips. i've configured joomshopping on my joomla 1.6 site and have been using it successfully to publish a well-styled and search-engine-friendly online catalog. check it out in action here: (some nsfw-ish content)

here's what i most enjoy about this product:

- simple, table based layout for everything. it's easy to get a consistent look and feel by adding a few css overrides.
- outstanding administrator interface: every single thing entered on the back-end provides fields for meta title, description and keyword tags. using this component to sell tangible products, videos, software, *anything* is simple to understand.
- related products works like a charm. i just had to modify the css to get my over-size images to display properly in that tab in the administrator interface.
- the language barrier means that there were typos and grammatical errors out of the tin, but nearly every string this product presents is contained in the language file.
- tons of product variant (attribute) flexibility with the ability to add an image to an attribute.

i had this up and running within minutes and have spend hours tuning it. i love the thing. hands down the single most useful and adaptable joomla extension i've encountered, and i've used dozens of the things extensively.
Reviews: 1
I have to say that I am very impressed with this extension. I've been using Joomla for a little over a year now and got a project that needed the ability to take online orders only, with the ability in the future to charge people via the site. I was able to disable the payment section when someone checks out and set it up so people can place an order without having to make a payment (exactly what the client wanted). In the future, they'll charge the people through the website but they wanted to use their own inhouse system and enter all the orders that come in through the website into their payment system.

I installed the extension about 5 hours ago and was able to setup about a dozen products with details and imagery. Very easy to use.

I did need to take a look at the documentation for a couple things I got stumped on, but the videos helped as well as some of the information in the forums.

Well done and thank you for a great product.
Reviews: 13
Ive been playing with it for about 2 days now, I took out all reference to EURO, and replaced with USD. And still on the front page have prices showing EUR next to them. So I am confused. It looks like a nice and easy cart, but support from what i hear is horrible. Plus I wish i could read the site in English too, maybe I would understand what to do more. I like it so I cannot say anything bad, just confused because its in another language.
Reviews: 1
I hope this review will turn many from other competing stores, because after the huge investment of time, they are still in the shadow of the brilliant achievements of programming.
- The programming code is very simple to understand, even for those with less knowledge.
- It adapts easily to the style of the site
- Forum although primarily intended for the German-speaking world, to all my questions in English I got a response in less than 24 hours.
- Video documentation (although I prefer more written form)
- Although there are many options for configuration, it is very easy to use even without a user manual. Everything is very clear and logical.
- Multilingual presentation in a second
- Although the product of a seemingly perfect, my objections are more focused on adding even more options to be adapted to a larger group of users, such as: the product without the cost and demand for it, the ability to add product documentation (User Guide, datasheet etc.).

All praise to the product developers and to potential users all I want to mention that you are in the right place.
Reviews: 4
Had this wonderful component up, running and configured in under an hour with a few test products and categories (without payment processing of course) on a J1.6.4.

Code seems to be well written and the backend layout is pretty clear. Easy install and configuration for average to experience Joomla admins.

Could not find first how to create the SEF urls, but a quick visit to the forum revealed that you simply have to add the alias manually and it works perfect (domainname/categoryalias/productalias). Might be nice to have the alias autofill based on the title if alias is left empty.

Overall, very good component, saved my ass because it's one of few (if any) webshops running stable on J1.6. I think the paid support is only fair for such a quality component.

I will start working on the Dutch translation (have to translate for this site anyway) and share with the author. Thanks!
Owner's reply

Download Dutch translation

Reviews: 1
Hi, I'd like to show my appreciation for this component. It does what it's supposed to do, and it does it brilliantly. But what I love most is its simple code structure, database structure and clean coding. It's fairly easy to translate and customize the layout. Even with my modest PHP knowledge I could ajaxify the product filters, pimp the product picture with prettyphoto and do infinite scrolling on the product list.

My wishlist:
- Button to reorder categories/manufacturers/attributes in numeric/alphabetic order, not just by clicking up/down
- Search plugin should search manufacturers, categories, aliases and product names in ALL languages
- Option to resize/cut/crop/fill images
- Possibility to define product filters freely, not only by category or price, but let's say filter by a custom Attribute too
- Possibility to create Product Collections/types (Although I managed it right now using categories/sub-categories but it's not very effective)
- Show Product/Category depending on visitor's group (different list for registered users, managers, guests)
- More than 10 pictures for a product (I did it using an "Add more" button, few lines of js and php)
- Videos with embed code for YouTube, Vimeo
- Please update the soviet-era Georgian flag (ka.gif) to its official flag, see wikipedia.

peace out
Reviews: 1
I find it, easy and has some issues but we all have to understand that it is free...
Reviews: 54

To the developer we are very happy with your shopping component. We used this on Joomla 1.6 website and it is very easy to install and setup.

We can also easily update the css styling to match with our website so this is all very nice.

I give you 5 stars and we are sooo very satisfied!

I do have 1 small note though, we could not make the urls for the categories and products SEO friendly.


I really wish this was possible :D

Apart from that truly excellent!
Thank you
Owner's reply

Thanks fopr Voting ..
we can not understand what problem you have with

the SEO Links can be done without any problems ...
We tested it and it works fine.

Best wishes and good luck in selling :-)

Reviews: 4
I love this extension. I love everything about it. It looks good it feels good and it's soooo easy.
I would have loved to have given it ten out of ten, but for one reason. I have no idea how to get it to work with PayPal, and I have no idea where else to ask. The reason I only gave it a good rather than an excellent is because help and support is so poor. Well, it's not just poor it's pretty much none existent.
I just hope and pray that as I search the web I will find a solution to this rather fundamental problem. This would make my joy complete!!
Owner's reply

Dear Sir.

the problem is the support exists but we can not offer it for free. JoomShopping is free of charge in case you do not need a brandfree version. And for a free shopscript we can not give a free support.
So in case you are ready to order a day consulting we can give you any support at this time.

Hope you understand that we can not give everything for free .. we have also costs and therefore I hope you change your mind in voting us .. because we spent a lot of time in development to make a shop who is suitable for all users.

So thinkg about it and order a day consulting from us to give you the support you need.

There is a lot of users who installed the shop without any help and it worked fine .. for shure it can be that you need a help .. so look at our offer above.

best wishes

maxxmarketing gmbh

Reviews: 4
I have tested to many shopping components and this beats them all. Its easy to use (frontend and backend) and does the job. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a user friendly shopping component.
Reviews: 3
This is a really good and well designed shopping extension, easy to customize, also as developer i got to say the code looks really well written, following a good security pattern... Im happy to find this great component
Reviews: 4
The biggest advantage with the component is that it's easy to use. You don't need to be a professional. At the same time it has all the functions to present the products in a good way. The only problem is payment methods. For example it's difficult to set up a credit card payment option.

I hope the developer will keep this in mind.

Anyways, it's well done and thanks.
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