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  • This extension requires registration to download.
AEC is a manager for memberships (paid or free). The software takes care of the subscription process and everything attached to it. It integrates with major components (like JomSocial and JACL) and supports many payment processors.

Features at a glance:
• More than 70 payment processors built in (Manual Transfer handling, Paypal (& Pro!), Google Checkout, 2Checkout, (& AIM, ARB, CIM!), iDeal, CCBill, Worldpay, Moneybookers...)
• Extensive Registration & Subscription workflow handling
• MicroIntegration API to attach PHP code to payment plans
• Already features more than 80 MicroIntegrations, including: emails, htaccess, mysql queries, assignment of Docman or VirtueMart groups and many more
• Multiple payment plan options (Paid, Free, Lifetime, Trials...)
• Integrated Registration and Subscription process with JomSocial and CommunityBuilder (amongst others)
• Professional features: Tax handling, Shopping carts, Discount Coupons, Plan Groups

Please check out our Tour - It will give you a much better insight into what AEC can do for you!

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Reviews: 1
I have been using AEC for almost 6 years now. A while back I was pretty nervous because the support response could me measured in days (or weeks).
I am happy to report fast (in minutes now ;-) and helpful support in my Joomla 3 upgrading issues. (turned out to be my fault for not using the latest AEC)
Reviews: 1
Started off fair at best. The software did not install properly for us and the support was not timely to say the least. Requested a refund and received an apology and a promise of my refund. Made several requests to receive a refund and even to continue with the purchase if the hour of support was provided. NO RESPONSE AT ALL and NO REFUND TO DATE. It felt like I was dealing with a couple of kids in a dorm room not a professional company. I held off as long as I could before posting but after 3 weeks my patience is exhausted and my dander is up.
Owner's reply

Terribly sorry for dropping the ball on this one. The refund request has just been processed - far too late of course. Sorry about the inconvenience and stress caused in not tending to this properly.

Reviews: 2
We was making Event Subscription Management website. We found such an excellent extension like AEC. We tried many other extensions but doesnt match to our requirement. One thing i want to say that we can make any type of Membership functionality in Joomla. Support was taking little bit time but they are providing correct answer for support answers. Good Job guys.. Keep your work like this
Reviews: 1
I have been using AEC for a year and have come to the conclusion that:

AEC is OK for simple subscription sites, BUT where the need is more complicated AEC is a poor component.

I will now explain further:

Since last year I have reported 2 bugs - both of these bugs related to AEC's compatibility with community builder.

The first of which was to do with the CB MI not working. It simply did not action.

This bug was fixed by David and now it works fine.

The 2nd bug is to do with custom restrictions. This simply does not work. This is a very useful feature if it worked.

Documentation: The documenation has improved over the last year with video tutorials being available. However, for a product as complicated as AEC a manual is a MUST. Simply put why should a user have to pay for support on how to use certain functionalities of AEC?

For the usual tasks the support is OK. However, when you have a specific requirements that go past the norm, the support is poor.

1st support: I asked for plans to be restricted dependent on current plans. Jake advised me of a setup. It seemed to work fine, but after a year the payments were being received by paypal subscription, but the account was not being renewed. I figured out later that the setup was incorrect and later achieved my aim. The point is I was charged for support time even though the solution provided did not work.

2nd example: I reported a bug of custom restrictions not working. At this time all I wanted was 2 plans setup where custom restrictions worked. I had 19 minutes of support time available.
The bug is still present. I have been told by Jake that its fixed and working on their server.
I was told that due my 'setup' it took 2 hours to fix other issues and the issue is down to a bad install!
I then reinstalled a fresh Joomla 2.5 and installed AEC and CB fresh. The problem with custom restriction still persists. When raised again answer was simply it works on their server and I am in deficit on my support time.
Again the point is 19 mins to setup 2 plans with custom restrictions is plenty of time.
Jake and David fail to realise that due to bugs it wastes a lot of the clients time in determining that there is a bug and there is no sense of courtesy to assist those that experience problems due to bugs.

Membership time wasted: Another point David fails to realise that whilst a client is waiting for bug fix, their PAID membership time is being wasted. Why should a client have to effectively pay for a bug fix. The custom restriction bug has led to 2-3 months of my membership waiting - yes I waited patiently for that long.

Finally, if a user has x amount of support time available, and a request is made for support.

If the support team feels that its not enough or the support time runs out, then they should notify the client and advise them of this. Not carry on for as long as they need and then tell client they need to pay to cover a deficit!
Owner's reply

"The 2nd bug is to do with custom restrictions. This simply does not work."

Not true - It works on our servers and we have given you the login details to see this for yourself. You had a modified version of CB, which we had to find out (after being told otherwise by yourself) and which we had to make up for.

If we have a fully functional solution and your account is in the red, why is it on us to give you the benefit of the doubt?

"Simply put why should a user have to pay for support on how to use certain functionalities of AEC?"

A user pays for access to AEC, which includes four months of access to our support, which includes our manual and videos. I think that is plenty of time to get through any problem.

And if it isn't, renewing your account really isn't that expensive. Total cost for a year is currently fifty bucks. If you just want another four months, it's twenty. In return, you most likely get a new version within that timeframe, too.

"However, when you have a specific requirements that go past the norm, the support is poor."

Do note that what you actually mean is "if I have hacked up software on my server". I think you will find that many software vendors have trouble with this. Not sure whether that allows for judging the support as "poor".

"Why should a client have to effectively pay for a bug fix."

Not true - you found a bug and we credited you with 30 minutes of support time, which made up for the time that Jake spent supporting you and then some.

"If the support team feels that its not enough or the support time runs out, then they should notify the client and advise them of this. Not carry on for as long as they need and then tell client they need to pay to cover a deficit!"

That's a tough one - Do we spend time talking to the client and risk delaying the solution, or do we try to solve the issue as quickly as possible and risk going overtime?

We have decided for the second, because most clients have a business with our software and appreciate things being dealt with as quickly as possible. In addition to that, we are quite generous with allowing for overtime (we're fine with it until you're more than 15 minutes in dept), but there's just a line that we have to draw to prevent abuse.

Reviews: 16
It seems really cool, and has a ton of features and integrations. But there's little to no support for it. And it's a pretty complex component. I'm a Joomla seasoned vet and I've run into at least 3 roadblocks on it and can't even get a response. If they stepped their support game up it would probably be 5 stars all the way.
Reviews: 3
Very complete membership component, with lot of features and integration with others.
Further, support is fast and competent.
Reviews: 1
This product fits your needs perfectly in a way that makes you feel like you should've developed it yourself long ago. It is rich in features, well-designed and highly customizable. In my search I haven't come across any product that comes close to what AEC can do.
Reviews: 1
We have just started using AEC on our site for memberships and it is fantastic. We looked at several other options, but just couldn't go past the features of AEC. The Micro Integrations make it such a powerful extension.

It is a little bit of a learning curve, to get set up correctly, but it is worth the time and effort.

Support from David was great. We had a question about intergration with another module (magebridge)and he answered our question and got us on the right track straight away.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
We had a fairly basic need for a membership extension and AEC more than filled the bill. I installed it over two years ago and it has worked without any more thought. That is a tremendous PLUS for any piece of software - to go so long with no intervention. We had one minor customization that Jake helped implement - fast, easy, painless. Can't reommend this product enought. Since it *is* so comprehensive it does require some thought to use it but again, it is rock-steady.
Reviews: 1
Hi all,
Here, in many African countries, Paypal does NOT allow us to RECEIVE payment, so it was quite difficult when I decided to start a membership website.

The difficulty was in finding a script that could support integration with other payment processors.

This script made that possible for me.

Needless to say that with AEC you can have different permutations for protecting your site and contents. And everything works.

It does take some getting used to IF you just follow ONLY the documentation on their website, because some videos are outdated.

My fast start guide would be to set up the content on your site BEFORE installing the script. That way you can then:

1. Enable feature A
2. Then go to your front page and see how it works;
3. Enable feature B
4. Then go to your front page and see how it works; and so on.
Reviews: 4
I do not do reviews unless I have something good to say and mean it.This is a component with a learning curve. Having said that, the documentation is good and the training videos are great. The service I got is of outstanding quality and friendly as well. The reaction time was always within 24 hours, most of the time within 6 hours, which is the time difference between South Africa and AEC home.
I bought and tried similar components, but AEC is head and shoulders above them in my opinion.
Thank you very much to Jake and David as I built a multilingual site and you never hesitated to be of service.
As far as recommendations go, I will not even consider anything else at this point because it is a top quality product and the functionality is way beyond what most users would need. Great job AEC!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension to manage a fairly complex Joomla/ JomSocial site.
It took a bit of time to get my head around how it works ... but the support on this product was outstanding. Jake sat with me via Skype for 20 minutes and showed me exactly what to do and where.
This is addition to the very extension help on their site. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
This component is the obvious choice for anyone who runs a membership/subscription based website.
The component is very intuitive and powerful on all levels. It supports a bunch of different payment gateways and if someone is missing, you can write one yourself fairly easily.

So if you're looking for a good alternative to your website is AEC is the obvious choice. It is worth its cost many times over.

Also, fantastic support!
Reviews: 2
Using this for 3 years now, I can say I am really satisfied with the extension and the developer support. With the latest additions in charts and other features, other extensions are no way near the competition. Well done AEC team.
Reviews: 1
I have never written a review before... but this time I just HAD to!

Jake is a lifesaver! The support that I was given for this extension is amazing and it is definitely 100000% worth purchasing! Not only were my idiotic mistakes fixed but I was walked through everything with screen-sharing and he made sure that I completely understood everything before he finished. AEC/Jake went WAY above and beyond.

As for the extension...

PRO: I can't see what it DOESN'T do. There are so many ways to setup how I want my subscriptions to run and so many Micro Integrations for LOTS of other plugins like AlphaUserPoints, JomSocial, 3rd-party affiliate managers... It's a wonder that this thing can't feed my puppy when I'm not home!

CON: It doesn't feed my puppy when I'm away! HAHAHAHA! But seriously... I can't find a single thing to put on my wish-list for AEC. I'm sittng here thinking but nothing comes to mind.

One last comment... if you're looking for subscription management and you've been looking at all of the extensions here like I was, starting with the free ones and then wondering if you should spend money on one, I have a suggestion... Install a few others, see how little they do, like I did... and then get AEC. You'll be amazed!!!!
Reviews: 35
i would like to say thank you... very interesting component for the first time i cannot say something is missing from here!!! flexibility, dynamic and moreover great support!!!!

Thanks Jake and David

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 12
I've been using AEC for several clients' sites, including my own, for a number of years now. I worked with David and Jake (their support guys) with customizing AEC to work specifically for one of my client's projects a few years ago, and they did a great job. They built it so that it worked perfectly for my client out of the box, they even built it so that it could adapt to my client's needs without going back into any code.

Fast forward to a few years later, and the AEC product has been further polished and improved. The interface is much easier to use, there are many more graphs and helpful visuals for site managers (e.g. my client).

tl;dr: Happy customer, still happy after 4 years, and would recommend to anyone who needs to control access to (portions of) their Joomla site.
Reviews: 1
This component is amazing! It's so flexible and vast, I have not come across an extension like this before. If you give it some of your time, it will give you all of it's power, and there's plenty of it. The new version is a huge leap forward from the previous version. Professional and modern styling, with great statistics for admins to review in the backend. I'd recommend this extension to anyone who is serious about wanting a complete account membership solution.
Reviews: 3
great tool, excellent support! thanks to David and Jake. many features and easy to use!
Reviews: 12
I have been using AEC for almost 5 years. The component is extremely powerful and flexible, but because of that, it will take even an experienced Joomla! user some time to figure out all the ins and outs. Any new installation should be thought out and planned carefully before implementation.

I have had a few problems over the years, but the authors have been very good about responding to questions and finding solutions. I just updated to version 1.0 and found it's even better than before. Some users have reported problems with support, but that has not been my experience.

The one weakness I have experienced, which the author acknowledges has been a problem, is documentation, and although they have made progress in that area, the docs are still continuously under construction.
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