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Magic Window Plugin

Magic Window is a powerful editor tool providing very useful features for creating and managing content. It adds a button at the bottom of your Joomla! text editor, which lets you do the following:

✔ Add any PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript code on any page in a few clicks.

✔ Grant or restrict access to content (e.g. some text or HTML code) for users with specific access level or user group. Thus, for example, you can restrict unregistered users from viewing some part of an article.

✔ Insert user information, such as user id, name, username, e-mail, register date, etc. If you have Community Builder or JomSocial installed on your site, it integrates with it and let's you add user details from CB or JomSocial fields.

✔ Display content conditionally, depending on user information (user id, name, username, etc.) or Community Builder/JomSocial field value. Thus, for example, you can apply different greeting for Male and Female users, according to a value of field "Gender".

✔ Add content within a jQuery UI tabbed pane in a few clicks. Featuring 3 pre-installed tabs themes, tabs navigation positioning (top, bottom, left, right) and options: open tab on mouseover, collapse tab content, remember last visited tab, sort tabs order.

✔ Add links with modal window support.

✔ Put javascript tooltips.

Additional features:

★ Available for both backend and frontend (can be disabled for frontend).

★ Flexible options and full access control:
- select components, for which Magic Window is enabled (e.g. only for articles and categories descriptions).
- set access settings for each function of Magic Window (listed before). Can be enabled for both backend and frontend, enabled for backend only or disabled at all.
- select user groups allowed to use Magic Window.

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Reviews: 5
Magic Window makes your page very easy to do such as Insert user information,restrict access to content,Add any code and may more.

Thank you and I will share this to my friends.
Owner's reply

Thank you. We'll keep updating Magic Window to make it even better.

Reviews: 5
Using Magic Window, it helps me to create, edit and manage Joomla articles with the article editor, edit title, category, status, access level, front page and language. It is very useful editor tool and I found it nice.
Reviews: 16
This should be built in the Core Joomla, this is seriously epic, mix this with CB profile pro also by Joomduck and you will have ultimate control over profile presentation, with this + giving your end users the ability to create their own profile types.

Simply put this Magic Window lives up to the name.