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Editor Switcher Plugin

Switching of Editor is enabled with an editing screen.

for Joomla!1.5

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Reviews: 2
Definitely one of the best plugins I've used yet - fast, easy and works exactly like it says. I use a template component that I love, but doesn't like my favorite editor - so now I can easily swap editors to upload the template and then switch back to JCE for the actual work. Love it, love it!!
Reviews: 1
I'm sorry, but for me it's not working! I have bottom these butons: JCommnets, Toggle editor, read More, Page break...
I have 3 editors: TyniMCE, JCE, CKEditor, but I cant view this button with anyone of these.
Reviews: 3
Thanks a lot for this little timesaver. A must for every ambitious joomla user and multi editor maniac.
Reviews: 1
saves time,, excellent plug in for editor to easly switch between editors!!

Reviews: 3
This is neat if you are managing a number of editors across a varied authorship skill level. Some opportunities exist in that:
1) you have to be aware that besides editing the plugin configuration you must also edit each user profile that you wish to have the button.
2) an odd arrangement of additional ACL must be configured inside the plug-in. (The odd part is that this is confusing and perhaps redundant).
But on the whole this adds a great efficiency and usability boost to Joomla editing. Fantastic!
Reviews: 9
Don't know why nobody had ever thought of that before.
One of those little things that doesn't change the world but certainly make your day (and your life) much simpler!
Reviews: 3
Simple yet awesome. I have both JCE and FCK and need to switch between the both quite often. :)
Reviews: 1
Love it. Simplifies the administrative process considerably if you have someone (like myself) who needs to write or adjust raw HTML as much or more than they use one of the editors.
Reviews: 5
Not every extension has to be gigantic to make a gigantic difference. This plugin does just that; I switch back and forth between two editors everyday as each has functionality the other lacks. Now, I just choose from a drop-down box while editing and article, and I am into the other editor! In the course of a week, this saves me time, the one resource I have very little of. Thanks so much for this time saving plugin.
Reviews: 106
Not only does it work for the admin section, but also works well for the front end! It's easy and convenient. Thanks for sharing this. Cheers Josh Lewis.
Reviews: 3
one thing i dose what it says !
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