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Artof Editor Plugin

** Now available for both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5/3.0 **

Artof Editor is a WYSIWYG plugin for Joomla based on the very popular CKEditor. It is up to date with version 3.6 of CKEditor.

This plugin gives you the ability to select a different editing toolbar for frontend and backend users and several other features. This is a simple editor but my personal favourite to use with Joomla, particularly if you are writing technical articles with code snippets, and does not suffer from some of the feature bloat compared to other editors (like JCE). It's simple, it works and it's free.

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Reviews: 1
I have big problem with working of this editor. It is not stable and works through time.
Very often it is blocked by itself and I can not write anything in it.
Reviews: 1
Very good, the only editor which don't break html and script codes ! Thank you very much !
Reviews: 6
this editor doesn't slice up html codes, unlike other editors. Theme is also awesome. I am loving it.
Reviews: 3
Best editor for Joomla I will recommend to anyone. Thank you for your effort and keep up good work.
Reviews: 9
It is a excelent editor, i love it for a long time (before J! 2.5) and now i am happy to see, that there is Joomla 3 support and i can continue to use it! Thanks
Reviews: 1
I like this editor. Tried all of them and have chosen this one :) Very fast, very tiny, but have a lot of functions.

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Seems like it's a nice editor, but core functionality doesn't work in IE10.
Reviews: 5
This editor does your life easier. Just install, select on the Global Configuration, and your basically set to go (although there are other options on the plugin's configuration, if interested). Small install, quick setup, works great, and has all the options you need. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
best editor in joomla
Reviews: 5
This one is gonna be my new standard editor for J1.7. Really like the simplicity other than all the funcionalities.

Highly reccomended.
Reviews: 1
Thank you for this great editor. Just simple and clean and does the job. I have installed a few editors to find the right one. Now I'm happy - Thanks again.
Reviews: 5
After encountering the widespread "mysterious toolbar disappearance" of tinyMCE in Joomla (and the lack of any solid solution), I gave up and tried out several other WYSIWYG plug-in editors. Some are too messy, or too basic, and others don't even comply with the WYSIWYG concept... That's until I discovered this wonderful piece of software. Just install it and use it. Plug-and-play software. Congrats to the development team.
I'll certainly donate to one of their recommended charities.
Reviews: 54
2 Words. Absolutely Awesome!!

Thank you for this lovely editor. Just a plugin, no components and stuff. Nice and Lightweight and works great errr.... instantly!

Reviews: 10
I was looking for a quick n dirty editor to do the job and this one is excellent. No fancy adjustments required just install/select and get back to work! I wish everything was this easy to work with! Great job!
Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin.
I'm using it in Joomla 1.6 and it works a treat.
My main reason to use it was a request for .doc import by client. This does it out of the box without any fancy options or additional questions.
I also love the templates available within the editor! It gives you instant creativity.
It's really nice to install a plugin that you want to keep.

Thanks Andrew Eddie.
Reviews: 2
Thanks to the developer .
I had many problems with the default editor of joomla! , but this plugin solved all my problem .
this plugin is rich feature and powerful for text editing in joomla
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic free editor for joomla. I was looking for something that allowed me to easily insert pictures using float style and scripts and this one does them both.

Quick, hassel free, easy install!

This was exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
Installed the version for J1.6 to my localhost Joomla site and the live site. Quick and easy to install and configure.
Reviews: 1
I have finally switched to this plugin full time. It's fast, useful and reliable. I love it.

Bonus, it also uses my Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts for styling. No more searching for the Bold icon, hello command B!
Reviews: 2
By far the best editor yet. I hope to see this jump up the list fast. One of the biggest features I was looking for was a way to copy in MS Word articles.

I am using this on a Motorcycle community web site, and lets just say these folk are not tech savvy. So far the response has been very positive. Easy to use, clean layout, and good features. Most of our writers like to use MS word to write their articles, then copy and past into the web site article. In the other editors I tried, the pasted content was always formatted wrong, with this editor there is a special MSWord past icon that works.

Another great feature I liked was how easy it was to customize the buttons separately for the front and backed-end. I know that JVC you can edit the button layout but not as easy.

I am also digging the 3 style options. Very well done.

As a whole again you can not seem to go wrong here.
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