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MarkItUp HTML Editor Plugin

Editor's Note
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MarkItUp Editor for Joomla is a different kind of editor. Most try to emphasize the WYSIWYG interface (the visual representation of the page) over the code. MarkItUp doesn't try to do that. Instead it tries to make it easier to control your HTML code without fear of extra formatting.

The free version is a simple editor that doesn't have any extra features to help assist you in content and code management.

Included in the free version:

*MarkItUp Editor integration with Joomla
*Keyboard Shortcuts
*15 HTML Buttons for easy addition to your content, including:
- Anchor Link tag
- Delete tag
- Emphasis tag
- h1 - h6 tags
- Image tag
- ul, li, lo tags
- Paragraph tag
- Strong tag

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Reviews: 106
I do appreciate how simple this editor is which it did it's job just fine. However from my experience it is not very advanced. I tried pasting in images from other sites which it does not insert. This is more of a blank editor that has buttons that do things (bold, image, ect.)

Certainly not a bad editor, but I was hoping for a bit more. I'm sure some folks will find this extension useful for simplicity.
Owner's reply

Thank you for trying the extension and for sharing your experience with it.
It should be noted for others that this is not a WYSIWYG editor, but rather, an HTML editor for those who like to edit the raw HTML of articles.

For that reason it's not going to have advanced 'editor' features you might find in other WYSIWYG editors which are typically designed for those less experienced and those who need to have HTML prettied up for them.

Reviews: 4
I've only used this plugin for a short period but have so far found no major issues. A minor annoyance however is the narrow edit window it initially presents, but it can be dragged to resize to whatever size you like. I presume I can set a wider width via skin CSS.

MarkItUp does what it claims and doesn't alter the code; whatever your code looks like when you save it is how it will look when you return to edit. The buttons included with the free version are sufficient for basic edits.

Although few, the buttons included are sure to save HTML coders a lot of time and make this extension well worth installing. Even with my limited use I'm considering upgrading to the Pro version. I'll wait a bit to see how it evolves.
Owner's reply

Thanks for trying the editor and for sharing your feedback!