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ACE Plugin

This plugin makes the ACE editor ( available for editing content in Joomla.

ACE is web based code editing tool which provides a ton of editing functionality as well as supported languages. In addition you're able to use different themes for syntax highlighting. If you currently use the out of the box Joomla plain text editor this ACE integration might be worth looking at.

Version 0.0.5 adds spell checking. At least a kind of. It's not quit perfect but should already prevent some typos.

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Reviews: 4
Great syntax highlighting for editing plain HTML.
Reviews: 4
If you are going write codes primarily, ACE editor is a no brainer. It has a clean layout and works out of the box. Recommended.
Reviews: 7
I was looking for a html editor similar to notepad plus plus when I stumbled across this great plugin. It isn't notepad plus plus but it is similar in that it allows syntax highlighting. (Syntax highlighting makes reading and editing the html easier by coloring specific language related words.)
I had trouble getting this extension to work at first, but that was due a stupid mistake on my part. If you like to edit the html without a WYSIWYG editor then check this one out!