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  • This extension requires registration to download.
YEEditor is fun and easy to use, intuitive user interface with drag and drop feature, you and your clients is going to love it. Usually for an experience html content editor to edit a page similar to the iMac page at will take around 30 – 120 minutes, but now with YEEditor it only take less then 3 minutes. Page building have been so easy, you will be shock to see how it work.

YEEditor had a built-in template system, where you can save it as a template for later use. You and your clients can now build page much faster, you can create template for your client and all they need to do is filling out the content. Isn’t this a dream come true, no more messy coding. Because YEEditor are powered by bootstrap, the most popular responsive grid system developed by twitter. Your content will look good no matter they are desktop or mobile.

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Reviews: 1
Wow!!! This is an Awesome Editor. It does everything and it is so easy to use. I am Really Glad I paid the subscription price! This editor has made creating a really cool site easy!!

I highly recommend this Editor
Reviews: 3
After using drag and drop tools for WordPress, I wondered if there would be one for Joomla!. And boom! There is Yee Editor. Same great features as the one I am used to and more. Just need better documentation or video tutorials. Excellent work. Excellent support too from the creator.
Reviews: 1
Yeeden has programmed a very intuitive editor. Yeeditor is an extension that has absolutely been missing. Each customer has the option to generate multicolumn layouts without coding. Great support.
Reviews: 52
After we started supporting and building WordPress sites, we grew envious of the Visual Layout Editor for WP and wished that someone would build something like it for Joomla. This is it, the visual layout editor for Joomla!

The plans are a little pricey but, unlike visual editor which makes you pay per WP site, YEEditor doesn't. Buy one subscription and use it on as many sites as you wish!
Owner's reply

Dear WebJIVE,
Thanks for review, and also we did review our pricing and extended subscription period from 1 month to 6 months.

Reviews: 1
It looks like a great extension but unfortunately the "Free" download only allows you to use the HTML and Seperator widgets which I already had, meaning you have to buy it AND pay for it monthly to make it useful. I would totally pay for it if it wasn't monthly. It would definitely allow you to build some pretty amazing things though.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your five star review, the YEEditor drag and drop framework is free to use in anyway.

Monthly subscription is only for extensions support, and to get the advanced widget. After the subscription download you can use the widget anytime, anywhere and anyway you desire, the extensions is totally under GPLv2 license. There's no domain or installation limit on all widgets and of course no limits to the Plugin itself.

Reviews: 1
I usually don't buy any commercial extension, I'm a developer myself. I find this extension very interesting, let's call it "all in one" editor. The most important thing about it is that this editor is really easy to use for my customers(to add tabs, slides &...).
Reviews: 6
For a long time I used JCE and WidgetKit. After I met YEEditor and YESlider moved and am very happy. Jquery does not load unnecessary, using native bootstrap and is very intuitive. The Best of the Best!!