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Visual Website Editor ComponentPlugin

Do you envy Wix, 1and1 or users for their editors' ease and intuitiveness? Do you have a tough time whenever you want to change a font color or remove/add an element, while they do it on the spot? Meet Visual Website Editor from Tidio Elements - a simple and intuitive editor thanks to which making changes to your Website will be easier than ever.

You just need to click the "Go to Visual Editor" button after you install the plugin and you will be taken to an advanced editor compatible with your website.

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Reviews: 53
I tried this out on one of our client sites and it has some great ease of use features. The only downsides are that if the service goes away, so do your edits since the edits are remotely hosted. Also, you can't add main menu items.

The product could keep evolving by turning it into a real Joomla addon and store the edits locally within the Joomla installation just in case the vendor shuts down the project. Being able to add menu items would be prefect because you could theoretically use this similar to WIX and others to let clients semi-redesign a site and add enhancements.