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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 13
I needed an editor that could let me browse to internal links (Tinyeditor doesn't) and would highlight html tags in different colours, while also being a wysiwig editor. JCE works great. I nearly got rid of it though, because it was stripping out my in-page google adsense ads and amazon ads and I found it difficult to ascertain why. The forum support brought up no answers, except perhaps some posts that I would have to pay as a subscriber in order to read. Luckily in the end on this joomla forum I discovered how to allow javascript - JCE is now working perfectly for my needs.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a better editor... and JCE is it. It has lots of configuration options, which can be a little overwhelming at first, but they pack a mighty punch. My editor search is complete... using JCE.
Reviews: 10
Absolutely the best editor for any CMS I have seen so far. Great work!
Reviews: 7
Love this extension! One of the great features is the link editor as well as the formatting pallet for adding images. Very cool!
Reviews: 3
A very nice editor, much better than TinyMCE. Rich with many options for formatting texts.
Reviews: 2
I'd problems with tinymce on a component. The developer suggested me to use JCE and it was the best hint he could give me.
JCE is much better than tinymce. I share my experience with the community and suggest using this editor to prevent conflicts.
Reviews: 5
This is simply the best out there. I've gotten the most positive feedback from end-users using this editor. The other editors out there are good as well but this one is just solid through and through with it's features and capabilities. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 5
When I started using joomla, I thought what is the need for any other editor when there is one already provided by Joomla. That's because I always prefer to use default components rather than using 3rd party ones..

But there is one problem with the default editor..
It wants your HTML cade to start with either or no other tag seems to work (not even )! And that was really giving me headaches. because at most occasions there would be too much blank space above your content to your linking.

I then tried to find out the best Joomla editor and everyone recommended JCE so I gave it a go.

And it worked straight out of the box. There were no more or tags. The code remained what you intend it to be. Add to that a smarter interface and you get a very comprehensive editor in JCE..!!!

Good work guys..!!! And a BIG HUG for keeping it Open-Source.!!!
As they say.."Best Things in Life are FREE..!!!"
Reviews: 1
I used this editor and then tried to go back to the original Joomla! editor and ... no way ... The interface is so much easier to use.

Reviews: 15
While I love the functionality of this component I've noticed that it considerably slows down load times on the entire joomla installation.

At 1st I was ok waiting 10-15 seconds for the editor to load in the back end, I figured it just takes a bit for all the rich functions to load. I was using this editor for about 3 weeks and I started noticing that page loading on the front end is considerably slowed down as well.

I made a template for a customer, uploaded no problems and I figured instead of editing each article in dreamweaver or typing out all the code I can shave off some time by using all the functions JCE provides. Load times trippled, and sometimes pages would just load forever. Since there was no other components installed by process of elimination JCE was responsible. I uninstalled it and load times are now near instantaneous, as they should be for a simple article layout.

I went back and removed the component from other web sites I've used it and all sites showed a considerable improvement on loading times.

Quite unfortunate since this offers a lot of flexibility while working with joomla. They structure and layout of the editor is brilliant but I can't afford to sacrifice such long loading times on the front end.
Owner's reply

The JCE Editor is only loaded when an article is edited so there is no way that the editor could be responsible for slowing down your site front-end when not editing an article.

Reviews: 6
I too had problems trying to configure the editor facilities by group, I thought it was just me but perhaps it was not.

Having said that, this is a great improvement over the standard Joomla editor. It is particularly useful if you want to add Flash movies, but has many other useful features. The great thing about it is that it allows your to customize a lot of the editor behaviour, though as I mentioned above it only seems to work for the default group.

It also includes a code highlighter, which is very useful if you want to edit the html. Also you can turn off the feature which converts absolute into relative URLs on your site - this is very useful if you are trying to send out a newsletter, otherwise any links to your site in the newsletter will not work.

It is a bit of work to install and set up the editor, but well worth the effort.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension... This is the first thing i install anytime i develop a site with Joomla! Absolutely essential!!!
Reviews: 2
It just works, perfect integration and easy installation. If just all extension could be as smooth... A+
Reviews: 1
Great extension! Does just I wanted from it.
Reviews: 3
For me still the best and most powerfull Joomla WYSIWYG-Editor. Sometimes you might loose ther overview because of all the options, but once you get used to it´s logic and configuration you will love JCE. Flexible and powerfull!
Reviews: 8
16 years experience in the web development field.

Even if you disable the code rewriting it still edits your code. This even takes out HTML elements at times which it should never remove html tags.

JCE, it broke my site and this is not the first time.

The rating was actually raised on account that it is compatible with Zoo.
Owner's reply

"Even if you disable the code rewriting it still edits your code. This even takes out HTML elements at times which it should never remove html tags."

Some elements - script, object, param, applet, iframe are removed by default, for security reasons, unless an appropriate configuration option is set or JCe plugin installed.

Joomla! also cleans code of certain elements unless configured not to -

Reviews: 2
Make no mistake - this is a huge improvement on the standard TinyMCE editor and as others have said it should almost be supplied as part of a standard Joomla install. I say "almost" because it is let down by the documentation (or rather the lack of it) which means that an attempt to use the more sophisticated group features tends to end in failure.

The group configuration screen gives the impression that one can restrict editor facilities by group type, i.e. author, publisher, and if so desired restrict the group further by named users in the selected group type(s). The first part is true, but the second part does not work although it is possible to restrict access to specific users if no group type is selected. Whether or not this is the expected behaviour is a moot point given the lack of documentation, the absence of the flash movies referred to in the tutorials and the lack of user support when I tried to raise these problems on the support forum.

This is a great product though, and so long as you keep it simple in how you use it you won't go wrong.
Reviews: 3
Excellent - need I say more? Just get it!
Reviews: 3
Can't say enough about this editor. It's the best editor! Each time I start working on a new project, JCE is the first tool to install.
Should be included with J1.6 by default.
Reviews: 31
that's what I was missing so bad and JCE Editor is so easy to install and customize. Thanks for doing this great job.
Rudolf Aigner
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