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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 2
I keep a folder named "Baseline" that folder contains all the components, modules and plugins that I install on a fresh Joomla install. JCE is the 2nd component I install. It's the standard.
Reviews: 1
This is much better than the standard TinyMCE.
in Joomla. its a must have admin plugin
Reviews: 43
The first thing I do after I install Joomla is install the JCE Editor. This is a must have extension for every site!
Reviews: 2
I don't find it perfect, but there are a lot of features which make this very rewarding even though one could find himself puzzled by the number of functions available.

Good work, I hope this keeps getting better and better.
Reviews: 1
After a long time I decided to switch to the new version of this editor and I think is very good. Now I'm reading how I can make any directory as root. Congratulations developers :D
Reviews: 1
I am a new Joomla developer and everything worked perfectly in the back end except the editor. I couldn't properly format my images and articles together and I would save one thing and get something completely different on the front end.

I tried your extension and PRESTO!!!

This is what an WYSIWYG editor is SUPPOSED to do!!!

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to save themselves alot of time and frustration....

Install this editor... it's simply the BEST thing out there!!!
Reviews: 31
I just installed this & have fallen in love with it already! It took me 5 seconds to install & I'm already used to it as it has such a simple but very convenient interface.. Love it! Very clean & nice to look at.. thanks :)
Reviews: 2
I think there is no editor as functional as JCE. Simply great!
Reviews: 2
I was having problem after problem when using the built in TinyMCE editor in Joomla. The latest one was the 'Read More' page break refusing to work. So I installed JCE and it actually works fine. A shining light in a very frustrating world that is Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I got a problem to browse the images that I want to put on the article.
We got a lot of images and when i want to select one of them the browser only show the 100 first pics.
How can I resolve it?
Reviews: 1
I love JCE.
I`ve tested TMEdit, TinyMCE, CKEditor and they stay far behind JCE.
The most important thing is painless work with images - browse server, insert with lots of options and correct path.
Reviews: 6
A couple of years ago I needed an editor that website owners could use that wouldn't unformat the hand-coded HTML in my articles. I tried another Joomla editor but that turned out to insert extra characters in my links. Finally I tried out the JCE editor because it was popular at and it was just right.

I actually need to learn to use JCE myself, because other Joomla developers tell me JCE is their favorite Joomla editor and it saves them time compared to hand-coding HTML.

Thanks to the JCE developers for providing this editor and keeping it up to date with Joomla.
Reviews: 1
I have been using JCE for a while and overall it is great! It is the first thing I install after starting a new site. Thanks you for you development. I really do appreciate the quality of your product and the ease of use, especially when I train new users for our organization's site management.
Though when I uploaded a new template the other day for a site that has been up and running very well since last July, the background of the text edit box is now the color of my sight background and I can't read the text in the box. This is the first time I have had this problem. I need to figure how to work around this because I don't really want to switch editors. It appears I am running the latest versions and I am watching your site for updates.
Reviews: 46
The Best editor for Joomla so far.
Loads of fantastic plugins work with this too.
I use it on every site and it keeps getting better.
Full 10/10
Spend the time to read the instructions and you will soon see how powerful this editor is.
JCE have done a Stellar job on this
Subscription is a must for all the extra features.
Make you own life easier and get this right now.
Pure excellence !!!
Many thanks to the developers
Reviews: 13
Makes Joomla much easier to deal with and much more user friendly. It is highly configurable, which is a great feature.

My only complaint is with the image browser. ALL images MUST be in the "Stories" folder and you can't navigate out to the "Images" folder. A small quibble, I know, but it's annoying.
Reviews: 4
There is no doubt the best editor for Joomla is JCE. I have been using JCE for about 4 years now on dozens of installations. JCE just keeps getting better with every version Ryan puts out.

The extra plugin's that cost $20.00 per year are really advanced and useful. This is only a small cost to help with the bandwidth of a busy site.Even without the extra plugins you are going to have an advanced and easy to use editor.

I find the comparison by the person who claims it's just 'Bad', to be ridiculous. Comparing JCE to a beta release editor that clearly claims on their site that you should not be using his product on a production site!

JCE is a high class component that is way above the rest of the pack. If you take some time to learn what it is capable of doing you will be very surprised, to say the least!

Thank you for this excellent component that makes working inside Joomla much easier. The automatic creation of thumbnail's (leaving the original intact), the easy way of adding a Youtube link for a video in your article, the uploading of all types of photos and media, the easy way of adding Flash to an article! The list of features is huge and very useful.
Reviews: 3
I have been using JCE for some days and my opinion about it is becoming worse and worse.

1) It doesn't create / tags automatically. This can help in some cases, but in most cases it only disturbs.
2) It makes article loading too long.
3) JCE can compete with TinyMCE and some others, but ceditCKEditor leaves it far behind, not because of features, but because of look & speed.
4) Too many features, and too much time to find the one needed.
Owner's reply

1) What tags are you referring to? JCE creates well-formed XHTML valid html.

2 & 3) It seems strange that your main requirements of an editor are speed and visual appeal. The loading speed of JCE can be increased by activating GZip compression in the JCE Configuration.

4) I agree, JCE is packed full of features, and offer even more with an optional subscription. Sometimes its necessary to spend time to learn how to use an extension to get the most out of it.

Reviews: 1
Good extension, works perfect, only one bug with the read more button solved in the latest version of the plug-in. Do update to that one!
Reviews: 1
Tons of advanced features, but the basics just don't seem to work right. Things like bullet and numbered lists, or changing the font characteristics do not act predictably... Still looking for a really solid text editor before I worry about the really cool features.
Reviews: 1
JCE is improve and provide more and more features. I am impress and Thank you.
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