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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 3
I'm in the need for support on Media support button, it's not showing in the editor. found a little complex to deal with things, in the other hand, everything is very useful. The best editor so far!
Reviews: 2
I have been working on Joomla websites for a couple of years now and the first extension I always load is JCE and its subscription modules.
It simply is way above the standard editor and the image manager extended plugin is to me a must have.
I am not a coder just a self taught learner. Thankyou Ryan for a great extension.
Reviews: 1
I've always used JoomlaFCK Editor but thought I'd give this a go. It's very slick and the styles seem to work a lot better than in JoomlaFCK. The one thing I'd like is to know the keyboard shortcuts. eg. I can press CTRL+2 to make an H2 header. But I'd like a keyboard shortcut for the "insert hyperlink" feature - this is the one thing I miss greatly from JoomlaFCK where I could press CTRL+L - it was a huge timesaver. The others I'd love is to make a list - both OL and UL. Other than that, very slick.
Reviews: 3
I've been designing sites with Joomla for the last 3 years and one of the biggest frustrations with any cms is the quality level of editors. The cms would not even exist if it wasn't for the editor plugins because a cms is about content and how do you get content into your website...with an editor!

I've tried many over time and some editor developers stay flat lined with no advancements while others who did well no longer do well and of course on the flip side I have seen others not do well before but do better now.

There really is no "perfect" editor yet and hoping one day there will be...specifically editors that "DO NOT OVERWRITE" my own html code and of course being able to safely add custom php and or javascript via the editor (without it also rewriting it).

Overall, I just moved from a paid editor extension (no names to be mentioned here) for the JCE one. I have to say it's been over a year since I last used JCE but took another look yesterday and decided I like this version a lot better. Well done on this one and thanks Ryan.
Reviews: 2
As the owner of a Hosting-Webdesign Company, we came to a conclusion.... EVERY Joomla site needs this Component! There are so many things clients generally battle with when they take over their own webdesign from us especially images and uploading those into a database. We have not found bugs in this component and even if we do, we will ALWAYS be using JCE
Reviews: 5
A big thank you for making this available. It allows me to give different groups access to different features within the editor. Just what I need it. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is a nice and well behaving editor with lots of nice fetature. But I want an editor there I can put in mp4 videos for playback with flash. Just like the standard video delivering on web today. This extension can not do this, and I usethe $20 substription plug-in.

This extension must be upgrade with the ability to playback .mp4 files with flash and the ability to playback streaming flash video, both .mp4 and flv.

Sorry, I have to watch for another editor. That sad, because most other things will work.

(If the video thing had work, it had been and Excelent! extension, but standard support is a must to get a grade average and above in my view.).
Owner's reply

mp4 files are supported by the Media Manager plugin and are set for playback by Quicktime by default. The bundled FLV player does not yet support mp4, but a custom player can be specified in the Media Manager parameters.

Reviews: 11
I NEVER use Joomla! without installing this. A GREAT editor. This makes Joomla! great. Thanks.
Reviews: 5
New to Joomla and not a Programmer either.
JCE helping already a lot.
Waiting for some more features to make life more easy. Thanks you guys.
Reviews: 2
I used this on old joomla installations.
and now on j1.5.
i like jce because you can adjust everythinng as you wish.
it also has lots of extras which can be installed.
keep on the good work
Reviews: 2
WOW! This should be a part of joomla's next release.

Awesome Editor, easy to use, great UI, and tons of extra features.
Reviews: 3
Quite simply, JCE makes Joomla! the best CMS out there. Buying the $20 YEARLY subscription gives you access to extensions that make it a real commodity to your customers. Admins can make default image & thumbnail resizing restrictions that make photo galleries & light boxes a snap to administer.

Also, the developer is constantly making improvements to an already incredible editing system. JCE Extensions make the entire front-end Joomla! content publishing experience very intuitive. Very easy to use, once you know the administration style (ie- modifying the crowded JCE default editor layout, defining permissions on uploads, etc.).

The developer to JCE is active in the forums, and responds to bugs via email!

Worth supporting for $20/year
Reviews: 41
If you are using Joomla, than you need this extension. Period. Do not even attempt to use any other editor. Every time I think the developers have done the best they could, they prove me wrong.

JCE is still under constant development, and bugs don't last long with this group. Routine releases correct any reported issues, with nary a hiccup.

And if you're still using just the free component/plugin, you are missing the true value of JCE. Fork over the measly subscription ($20 per year right now) and get hold of some awesome plugins. Pay these guys to keep up the development, because this extension is worth so much more.

In the end, you and your users/clients will be much, much happier with your end product if you integrate JCE. Thanks to the developers on this one!!!
Reviews: 3
Having tried JCE a few years back I felt there were some things lacking (or maybe I didn’t find the initial app intuitive) I found myself searching for an editor that did all.

I tried some of the others (which do a fair job) but recently returned to JCE after struggling to find a decent way to incorporate flash and create image popups.

The small charge for a subscription to the extra add-ons is well worth it as it really is all in one (Image Manager, Utilities, Media Manager etc) and will save a lot of time.

Just a note on the media manager; if using, you must initially 'activate' it (JCE>Config>Groups>layout) besides that; an essential, well thought-out, and intuitively developed extension.
Reviews: 5
It is very important to be able to manage what users can and cannot style when writing an article, this allows it to happen. Users will no longer make my pages looks sloppy by adding weird fonts and styles.

The spell check feature is also very nice.
Reviews: 1
I installed this component specifically because the TinyMCE editor doesn't handle JavaScript properly.

The TinyMCE editor makes it very difficult to include Google Adsense code in your articles (you have to turn off the TinyMCE editor, insert the code, and then never edit that article with the TinyMCE editor after that).

I was looking for a solution that would allow me to insert Google Adsense javascript code without having to turn off the editor. So I installed the JCE editor to see how it handled JavaScript.

At first, I was infuriated that there was no HTML button on this editor at all! After poking around for about a half-hour, I figured out that you have to go into the Group settings under Components...JCE Administration, click on the "default" group, click on "layout", and then drag the icons for HTML editing into the "current editor layout".

So for all of you who are confused by the lack of an HTML button, it is there, you just have to configure it, and the configuration is VERY well buried in the settings.

Hope this information is helpful to some of you.
Owner's reply

Unfortunately the no-show HTML / AdvCode button is due to a bug in JCE Admin Component 1.5.1

This will be fixed in the next update.

Reviews: 2
Thanks for this excellent Extension. Makes administrating Articles very easy mit many different cool features..
Reviews: 6
This just keeps getting better and better. Actively updated and improved. Bugs squashed. New layouts of the componants makes working in the backend even easier. Integrates with just about any other extension, and can eliminate the need for many others with its plugins and advanced functionality.

One of the best joomla investments I've made. For real.
Reviews: 2
The update to 1.5 native is very good news. JCE is a welcome free editor upgrade all by itself and there are some fine additions to be had for a low cost subscription.

One must do configuration change after you install. Open up the JCE admin area from Components and under configuration change the File Directory Path to your main images folder (take off "stories") so all your images are available when you try to insert something.
Reviews: 1
After using JCE editor for over 15 sites in the last year, I though that it was about time to submit a recommendation on the Joomla website.

I have tried other editors and the JCE editor is simple superior to all of them. Great support and features around photos, files and video make this editor stand out.

Great work!! Highly recommend this editor
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