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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 3
One year using it, since J 1.0, and now with J 1.5. There is nothing better yet! The «Image Manager» and the «Advanced Link» features are simply perfect!
Reviews: 1
Much Much better than default editors included with Joomla! The best editor for joomla I can find right now. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very glad that I found JCE Editor. It´s excellent!! Thanks!! Use it for all my sites.
Reviews: 6
It's my default editor on all my websites and I love it. Thanks for this extension.
Reviews: 1
excellent editor

Its installation and easy, I love very utlizo at
Reviews: 9
Extremely useful for linking articles and putting in images.
Would recommend to anyone to use it rather than Joomla's default or any other.
Reviews: 5
It works first time, every time. Includes all sorts of nifty touches and allows authors ranging from complete newbies to experienced writers to be productive.

You may have seen the dire warnings about the WYSIWYG editor messing up your custom HTML code in an article. Not with JCE: if it's good HTML, JCE leaves it alone. That feature alone makes this editor a winner for me.

Nice job!
Reviews: 1
I had enjoyed JCE for Joomla 1.0.X, and I was happy to see the 1.5 version, which is great, as always.
Reviews: 1
I had been having issues with TinyMCE on Chrome and Safari (Front-end editors unable to save changes) and tweaks were messy.

JCE is a dream come true. It worked beautifully first time! I almost can't believe the ease and extent of customisation offered by this lovely little tool.

Makes me wonder why I didn't search for a new editor earlier! (Maybe I have just come to accept that many things in Joomla need a little hack to get them working as I want! ;-)

Excellent work!!
Reviews: 2
JoomlaFCK kept adding this &#160 tag in my html code, causing my content to not save after that particular tag. Took me 3 hours to figure out the problem and fixed it by installing JCE.

Thank you very much! For saving me from a heart attack!
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent editor -- a must have for everyone. I especially love the ability to set upload directory based on userid -- now authors can manage their own uploads and cannot see beyond their directory. Thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 4
Yes, I've tried them all. And the JCE is optimized for Joomla. I was very happy with the idea of the so popular FCK, however it was not optimized for joomla by both of the developers. This editor is made with J in mind, the developer is continuously working on the software and providing the users with a piece of art in editing!

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
This is the editor that makes Joomla a joy to use. For me it has turned around my experience of using Joomla as it makes repetitive task easier and quicker - a heavy recommend!
Reviews: 1
A highly recommended extension and very simple to install. Thanks JCE
Reviews: 23
Ryan proved to be very helpful.i was looking for an editor that a friend needed cause he wanted to upload files. at first it didnt show the upload but was caused by the current upgrade of flash 10. after mailing i received a nice reply explaining how to set the settings and it was solved,and that in less the 10 minutes...
Reviews: 1
I've used this excellent extension many time before, and now I have a chance to write down my review.

This Editor should be a part of Joomla Core, this is very very useful for a Content Management.

Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 1
This is an outstanding editor that improves Joomla a lot. Thanks for your great work!

@tgelvin - Removal of the iframe-tag is a security feature of Joomla 1.5.8 and has nothing to do with JCE!
Note also that you have to activate html-upload in the configuration of JCE in order to get the uploads work with 1.5.8-defaults!
Reviews: 5
I have installed 1.5.0 stable with 1.5.1 plugin and the utilities and media plugins... All I want is to put a google map iframe on my site... When you get this fixed please let me know because I really do like JCE.
Owner's reply

Well you're in luck because I have just released an IFrame plugin for JCE 1.5.x -

Reviews: 3
This is an excellent component. May be one of the best for joomla. The editor popup windows look very professional. The free version is really worth. I also subscribed to get the other plugins. I'm more than happy with them as they greatly simplify content editing and file uploading. Giving the means to members to upload their images or files on the fly when writting content is one of the most important features for an editor. The default way of dealing with files/images through the administrative interface is really a big pain for members with low skills. With the JCE image managers and other managers this task is just as simple as it should be. You want to put an image in an article ? then just select the upload button. That's it.
I haven't tried yet to write a plugin for JCE (this editor has a well thought architecture), but I think that this should be feasible.
One suggestion: to make a plugin to include community builder profile elements, or at least pictures of users. This could be added in the link plugin.
Good work.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best, editors we have ever used. It is now the replacement, and default editor on all installs for our clients websites.

We chose this over our second favorite editor FCK because, of two reasons:
-You can stretch the side of the editor.
-Professional Look. JCE is the nicest looking editor around.
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