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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 5
I've been using Joomla for about a year and have seen this extension mentioned before but never got around to installing it until tonight. In one word... AWESOME!

This will be my first extension with new installs from now on.
Reviews: 2
I was very happy to run this editor and find that not only did it pick up all the css settings from templates, but it also allows you to easily place internal links. Apart from that it is also a very nice text editor!
Thank you for a great job!
Reviews: 2
The stock editor blocked all my attempts to paste in HTML image maps. This little wonder allowed me to do that and a great deal on top. Well worth installing.
Reviews: 3
I absolutely love this component, as it has helped me and my company's clients out tremendously since it first came out.

Best of luck to everybody and thanks for, in my opinion, the most critical piece of software for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
JCE, combined with JCE Utilities, is simply a must have. Excellent Advanced Code Editor, Image Manager, and Advanced Link tool.

The only problem I have encountered is when running the editor in Firefox with Adblock or Adblock Plus.

Some of you probably don't even know about the Advanced Link Editor because Adblock is blocking the icon, advlink.gif, that must be clicked to activate the tool.

To allow the icon to be shown you need to go to Tools->Addons->Adblock (or Adblock Plus), click on the "Options" button, and then the "Add Filter..." button at the bottom left. Type in @@advlink and hit the "Ok" button.

An admin on the JCE forums (quickly) indicated that this issue would be resolved in a future release.
Reviews: 1
Congratulations for this mod, it's excellent. Easy installation and it works perfectly. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
nice extention.Fast respond from the autour to configure it.
Highly recomend. +++++
Reviews: 1
I use it on 1.0 systems and did have a go on 1.5 :(
The installation is easy and works like it should. The basic plugin is the best edit around but then you have to get some plugins/adons (it doesnt have a media plugin by default)
wow ... now days you got to pay to get the plugin ?!?!
Reviews: 1
Easily to install, nice extension
Reviews: 2
I had a problem using the JCE editor and the default path setting, so I emailed Ryan.

He got back to me within the hour with suggestions on how to properly use the component.

Well, I still managed to find a way to screw it up, so I made a little video of the problem and emailed Ryan a link.

He watched the video and promptly emailed me back the reason for my issues.

See, I was trying to set the default path to the root directory. Well, you can't do that, for security reasons.

If it wasn't for Ryan's quick response, I would have wasted hours trying to figure that out.

As it is, I changed my default directory and all is well.

Thanks for the quick response Ryan! Sadly, I don't get that kind of response from commercial software.

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 3
I've used this Editor in the past and LOVE IT!

HOWEVER...the current PLUGIN for 1.5 will not install. There is a temporary "fix" that's been issued. But it is not working for all.

Developer promises a permanent fix in the "next few weeks."

So if you're on a deadline or time crunch, might want to look elsewhere until this gets resolved. Hopefully soon.
Owner's reply

The fix has been applied to the currently available downloads.

Reviews: 2
What can I say? The editor itself is awesome, the price is free and only $20 with the add ins, and the support is the best I have ever seen on any software product.

I was elated tonight when Ryan helped me configure JCE so that my built in Firefox spell checker worked!

I can't think of any reason NOT to use JCE as your default editor.
Reviews: 11
This should be the default Joomla editor - it adds so much simplicity and functionality to your Joomla site. Well worth paying for a subscription to get the extra plugins, too - File Manager, Image Manager and Media Manager.
Reviews: 9
This editor goes far beyond "brilliant"! It works, it has groups, it has custom buttons, it has designable button rows for each group, it is very powerfull, creating nice and clean code. JCE has everything you would ever want, I guess!
This absolutely rocks.

I recommend using the Advanced image manager plug-in, too, which adds a neat Lightbox and advanced image handling (e.g. text floating around images etc.) options.
Reviews: 1
The only problem I had was that the spell checker would not work. I finally found the solution. JCE was defaulting to google's engine, which only works with SSL. The engine that works best with most php installations is pspellshell, which was not in the config file and not selectable from the plugin screen. If you are clicking the spell checker and getting an error after here in their support forum for the solution:
Owner's reply

There are 4 possible spellchecker 'engines' to choose from which can be configured via the SpellChecker parameters in the Group Manager.

Reviews: 3
Without a doubt one of the BEST extensions I have ever had the pleasure of using!!

What can I say, the image and link managers alone are superb! This plugin and component are well worth the download.

Keep up the awesome work!!
Reviews: 2
Stuff having to go the long way round to make dodgy changes!! I wish I'd downloaded this awesome tool sooner!!! Makes editing so much easier right throughout my Joomla 1.0.15 and my Virtuemart 1.1.0. No problems with anything from the word 'go'. Worked immediately. I'm so looking forward to seeing where this little baby goes...photoshop style editing capabilities in your Joomla administration area???!!! THANKS!!!
Reviews: 7
I've just been slowly changing my sites from Joomla-1.0.x to Joomla-1.5.3. The standard editor is OK, but then I needed more. I use JCE on all of my Joomla-1.0.x sites but wanted to try something different. Big mistake. Don't waste your time with any other editors. JCE is the best. Easy to install, and it works well. What else can I say?
Reviews: 2
This is a must! It is easy to install and sooo easy to use!
It has many features and I particularly like the fact that you can pick an internal link for drop-down boxes!
Well done and thank you!
Reviews: 2
This is just the thing I've been looking for. Been researching and testing CMS software for almost a year now and JOOMLA! with JCE is a must have for anyone in the industry. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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