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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 9
This for us a standard extension that we install with every site we deploy. The image manager is much better than anything else, and much easier to understand than mosimage. It's really useful to be able to switch between WYSIWYG / HTML view without waiting for a pop-up. Or indeed being able to save your valid code without it being trashed by a dicky code cleaner in a popup HTML window!

Also being able to configure the layout is good as it lets you limit the damage your users can do when they start to use page level formatting. As well as speeding up the load time by leaving out some of the functions that aren't necessary for most users.

A must have for extension.
Reviews: 2
Great tool, and much improvement over tinyMCE. I really like the way it handles images. That's a huge time saver for me.

Installation takes a while, and patches are manual, which is a pain. Wish they'd work on that.
Reviews: 1
This is most useful and powerful editor i have ever tried on joomla! Really stable! Works perfect on 1.0.x (some problems with charset config, but reading forum you can fix it in twice clicks)

Good luck JCE! Waiting for 1.5 version ;)
Reviews: 1
It seems that every editor has some issue that I find fault with. So far there hasn't been the perfect solution for Joomla, but I notice that I kkep going back to JCE, and the more I use it the more I discover it's good qualities.

JCE takes some investment of time to learn properly if you're relatively new like me. But it is worth it. Quite powerful to use and easy to recommend.
Reviews: 1
At first I was confused as to what was different about this component from TinyMCE - I downloaded it purely to allow the admins of my site to upload images from the frontload for insertion within articles, however I didn't think to click on the "insert image" button itself until I had exhausted all other possibilities - my mistake! Great plugin, offers exceptional media handling skills, and a great admin panel in the backend - cheers :)
Reviews: 6
Layers and tables made easy. Not buggy and nice plugins. I tried many editors and this one is my favorite so far.
Reviews: 4
It has so many buttons to format text and support plugins!
Reviews: 3
It just simple works and very well. I tried other that kept giving me errors...
Reviews: 1
I subscribed so that I could use the advanced plugins after spending (more like wasting) a lot of time trying different WYSIWYG editors. Simply put, if your 'time is money', this is money well spent.
Reviews: 6
I use to swear by the JCE editor... and I was so exited to see they added spell check... but this new version just simple does not work. I installed it and everything I used it would log me out of the admin, the Spell check works occasionally and also logs you out... I have to find another solution...
Owner's reply

Are you using Joomla! 1.0.13? Did you apply the Joomla! Admin session fix?

Reviews: 4
I use this for my default editor. It sets up content in a W3C compliant fashion, with minor tweeking. I like the flexibility it gives with providing links and image insertions. This should be a default editor, instead of the other one that comes with Joomla.
Reviews: 54
After trying out several editors here. I was loosing hope as many would not work on cross browsers ( IE and Firefox ) until i came along this little genie. Installed the component and mambot and tested it on both IE and Firefox.

Works like a charm !
Thank you for saving my day!
Reviews: 2
I finally got this extension because everyone rants and raves about it. From the back end, it's very easy to install and work with. It's much nicer to work in than the other editors.

But then go to your front end and see how your articles have been trashed. I have slash marks and other weird formatting in content where none existed before. Every time I delete them, they re-appear in a few minutes.

Formatting from Word is completely ignored.

But worst of all, the plugins I was using (like tabs and slides in content or video streaming) in my articles are ignored and disabled and I'm spending my entire day uninstalling mambots and plugins, finding those zipped files again and reinstalling them after I've uninstalled JCE. All the while, my e-zine looks like crap on the front end, I keep getting visitors to my website.

This is taking all day, but I thought I'd pause to warn others . . . .don't waste your time with this extension.
Owner's reply

Have you posted on in the forum about any of your problems?

Reviews: 1
This is the best free WYSIWYG editor out there. No other free editor will work in so many browsers. As a matter of fact for my configuration no other editor worked in Safari. His tutorials are top notch and its amazing configuration abilities are very expansive.

I would recommend that everyone try this program.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
This editor has lots of features that worked flawless for me. The standard plugins that come with the editor are great and the image manager and file manager from the subscription account are well worth $20 subscription fee. Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 9
Even for non-techies using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, things can be confusing.

Not so with JCE : It's a great editor, with easily-identifiable tool bar buttons, step-by-step options for adding links & many more user-friendly features.

I've been editing Mambo / Joomla for years - JCE is the best editor out there by far - and my clients can use it.

Both the free and commercial versions are great and well-worth checking out.
Reviews: 1
JCE has really transformed my website. I have run mambo, joomla, php-nuke, and many other CMS websites and I really like JCE for joomla. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to use a third party WYSIWYG editor.

I am not going to just tell you it is good. But rather explain a few reasons WHY its good. For one, it is highly customizable. You can edit the layouts, colors, etc. Second, it is open source! Third, it allows for lots of coding directly through its text field which many WYSIWYG editors lack. And there are MANY other reasons, but those a few of the main ones I could think of off the top of my head.

I am a very experienced programmer and web designer.

Take it from me, if your looking for an open source and FREE WYSIWYG editor, this is hands down your best bet.

(PS. If I made any typos or misfacts, pardon me. I am not looking back and am typing very fast being a busy man)

But seriously, get this.
Reviews: 19
The editor is very practical because of the admin component: for each site I can easy choose which options are available to the users.
The plugins are great, it's so very easy too insert all kinds of content: images, movies, pdf, links etc.

The only minor point is that the developer works so hard :).There are many upgrades which aren't always properly tested. But his support is very good.

JCE runs on all my joomla! sites.
Reviews: 2
I use the JCE editor on 5 sites, and in every case, it has helped my clients. The image upload/insert and article linking feature are tremendous. And even though I haven't used it, the image popup feature looks great.

I highly recommend this product with one reservation: it can be difficult to get it working correctly depending on your server configuration. Luckily, the developer is VERY responsive and helpful.
Reviews: 1
This editor is very flexible. I love the ability to add only the plugins i need. It's also very handy to have an easy way to add plugins, too.
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