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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 1
I like this extension very much and I use it on different sites. That is why I translated it in italian.

I cannot understand why I sent a complete language package in italian and nobody answered to me, nor contacted me.

Moreover, I know that now somebody posted a complete italian pack on site, but it is not included in JCE language packages... I think that it could be useful to have on official site instead of looking for it...
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a better way to edit pages and inserting pictures. the standard joomla way to insert first a tag called {mosimage} and select it from a list (where the picture must be already present, uploaded externally) was really too ugly.

With JCE uploading and inserting images is a piece of cake.

Anther improvement compared to the default TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor shipped with Joomla: nice HTML formatting (and word wrap).

What else? It's just the TinyMCE
Reviews: 3
I was a prior user of versions of JCE and was discouraged to see the Ryan had moved his Pop-up Image features behind a $20 membership charge to his site. Doing a bit of Googling around, it appears that I'm not the only one dismayed by this. I have elected to use another editor for all my Joomla sites.
Reviews: 2
I loved this editor for all its features until I hit one rather annoying snag.

When I use the Image Upload/Inserter the pop-out is somehow logging me out of the backend. Its the strangest thing but I've tried it on two different systems and on fresh Joomla! installs and I can consistently repeat the error.

I'm going to go explore and see if I can find something with more consistent functionality.
Reviews: 1
This is a nice component, although Im not totally sure what funcionality it hase over TinyMCE. I installed it because you can edit the layout of the toolbar, which is nice, because the default layout of JCE and TinyMCE caused formatting problems for the profile edit section on Commuity builder. One thing I would tell everyone is make SURE to look at the default settings for the image editor. As installed, JCE gives ALL registered users read/write access to Joomla's core images. I found out when I was doing some last minute testing on my test user account and was suprised to find out that as a simple registered user, I could delete all site images...wake up call!! To change the setting, just go do JCE backend/JCE Plugins/Image Manager and set to administrator, or who know, your Joomla head might get replaced by some beautiful banner add.
Reviews: 1
This editor is a vast improvement over tinyMCE.
And I really liked the lightbox utility, that makes my front page look sooo snazzy. The little magnifying glasses are so cute and I like the way they adjust to the padding around the image.

I had the issue with smoothgallery but I selected jquery in the jce mambot parameters and that fixed it.

I had to install the editor mambot manually but the instructions at the cellardoor site are very clear.

Well done and thanks.

Reviews: 1
I have used this software for some time and was always happy with it. Sadly, I have to agree with the previous reviewer. The latest release (V1.16) is full of bugs, unpredicatable and in all, virtually unusable. My posts on the JCE Forum and those of others are left unanaswered by the developer I could provide a list of around 12 areas where basic functionality is seriously flawed. My advise go back to V1.1 or use another editor.
Reviews: 3
good overall, is really useful for site admins to make up their content with all his options but the average load time per page made me restrict the use of it on the production site
Reviews: 1
Its the best!!!
Reviews: 7
This is my favourite editor. I really like the way of inserting images. I tried other ones but this one is the best. I also like that you can decide which buttons show in the editor, that's excellent if you don't want people to start adding an html formating for font for example... you just disable all the buttons for that, just use css instead. :o)
Thank you, great job!
Reviews: 1
This editor has really come of age with the last update. The subscribed version has some fantastic plugins with my favorite being the Template manager. For $20 it is really worth it.

Great work!

Reviews: 11
For a long time i've used the 1.04 version but this version has more options like image caption, tooltips and a better interface. Just out of the box it's working great, thanks Ryan
Reviews: 2
This tool is the most customizable and usefull addition to any joomla site. It allows a user to set permissions for all areas, has a built in spellchecker, and best of all allows you to upload files, photos, videos, etc strait from the edit window. I will not build a site without it.
Reviews: 3
The editor is without competitors. Stable, smooth, simple to understand and use, nice features. Nice job on this one!

But $20? I did pay, and is absolutely satisfied with the product, but maybe 10$ for the extended version would be enough? The most expensive "software" I ever bought.

Unfortunately I deleted the installfiles of the old version I had downloaded last year, who had all the function I needed (pop-up picture, upload/compressing/resizing of pictures). Could have saved me a 20...
Reviews: 3
This extension was promising, but the new version is less useful than TinyMCE that comes with the Joomla package. It's also quite buggy.

The plugins might make the installation worth while, but they are only available if you pay 20$ for a membership. The core component is not that good, so I'm not willing to pay to review the plugins.

In my opinion this extension should no longer be presented as GNU GPL, as the earlier free versions are removed, and the free download of JCE 1.1.x is not much of a WYSIWYG editor.
Reviews: 1
the latest version doesn't have media manager plugin. i hope u will upload it soon..
Reviews: 1
Not only that, but It Works Great!

I particularly enjoy the SHOW/HIDE feature for quick markup editing when the interface is cumbersome and I know the code. ;)

Thanks for a great joomla! extension release!
Reviews: 7
Easy to install, easy to use. If you have a lot of people using your Joomla site you really need to install this editor. The user friendly interface makes editing a pleasure instead of work.

Outstanding, first-rate, first class, topnotch, A-one, exemplary, foremost, star, excellent, exceptional, peerless, unmatched, matchless, first-class, crowning, first-grade, top-grade, pukka, superior, superb, greatest, superlative, A-one grade.
Reviews: 1
This editor is far better than TinyMCE (you can edit font colours etc. easily) and I'd love to be using it, but there's one major problem with it - it appears to have been developed in Firefox and not properly tested in IE, which is a bit of a problem because all of my clients use IE. Anyway, to date I've found 2 problems with JCE using IE6, both of which are detailed by other users in the user forum and both of which remain unanswered. Firstly, the Image Manager - when you select an image it gets stuck with a message that says "Retrieving data" but it never retrieves so you can't insert the image. Secondly, the Joomlaboard Plugin pops up a box asking you which forum you want to point the content article to, but there is no Insert button. Both of these issues do not occur in Firefox so as a developer I can get around it, but trying to explain it to a client with limited user knowledge isn't a great option. Because of this I would question the Editor's Pick tag, seeing as it doesn't seem to work 100% correctly on over 90% of the world's browsers - although I suppose if you don't want to insert images or link to a forum then it's fine! :-)
Owner's reply

I will be attending to both these issues in the nest update, most likely available this weekend (05/05/07 - 06/05/07)

Reviews: 1
I installed this editor, and it works fine in Firefox, but in IE, i get the error message "internet explorer cannot open the Internet site ..... Operation Aborted", which is no good for the users of my site, as most of them use IE. If anyone can advise why this would be happening, that would be greatly appreciated, as i found this editor to be great in Firefox
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