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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 7
I install JCE on every Joomla site I create.

The features I appreciate:
1) Easy image upload and file management compared to the default editor.
2) Better image options when placing it into text.
3) Easy inserting of video/flash.
4) More options for cleaning up HTML or not than the default editor.

I recommend it for sure!
Reviews: 2
Installed it and worked like a charm! Thanks a lot...
Reviews: 3
Except from the popup window sizes in firefox everything is fine with this editor.
Reviews: 2
I've looked at all the free ones - JCE is the best open source Joomla Editor out there.

However, that doesn't mean it is an effective, bug-free editor.

* The flash tutorials are great, but very basic.
* Great plug-ins, and lots of control over button layout, and who gets to see them.
* The advanced (member-only, payment required) plug-ins are really nice.
* New Show/Hide HTML link is quick and handy/

Needs Improving:
* Install is fragmented. Follow the note above. (the nice 1.0.4 Flash tutorial has the install order wrong, so it won't help 1.1.0 users)

* Documentation is pitiful.
* Current 1.1.0 version is beta, so don't expect stability.
* This version breaks compatibility with older plug-ins. This really hurts the product, because you are forced to give up useful plug-ins when you upgrade.

TinyMCE -- The Biggest Drawback:
TinyMCE wound up wasting LOTS of time for us in our last two Joomla projects.
* It doesn't predictably handle structured content based on divs and spans.
* It doesn't handle embedded flash or forms.
* It inconsistently applies named styles from your CSS: maybe you get the tag you wanted, or you might get spans or divs. No rhyme or reason.
* In general, TinyMCE likes to clutter up it's HTML, even with the Clean HTML option set.

If the author of JCE can document the project adequately, and get rid of the bugs, he will have half of a great product. Sadly, all that greatness will still be neutralized by the inadequacies of the TinyMCE editor.
Still, JCE is the best WYSIWYG editor that the Joomla community has.

Reviews: 5
Great, the Beta version might sound scary, but is actually very solid.
This is a great plugin, thumbs up to the developer(s).
I'd love to see more community support and more add-ons for it.
Remember that if you unistall and install again, you have to pick the WYSIWYG editor on the site configuration again. i lost about 1 hour of my life figuring that out.
Reviews: 1
Simple fast functional
Reviews: 1
Worth it all the while in use.

A definite tool to use
Reviews: 1
I saw never a mambot/component like this! EXCELLENT!!!!

You can change everything in the Adminsmenue and JCE works fascinating good!
Reviews: 1
Great ComBot ! A lot of plugin ! Easy installing ! No CSS Error !

Thanks !
Reviews: 5
This is easily the best editor I've used for Joomla. My only gripe is that it doesn't work completely with Safari. Link/unlink doesn't function at all, and Insert Image popups are missing critical meta-data on the top of the popups.

I'm not sure if this is a JCE problem or a Safari problem (actually, it doesn't work in OmniWeb either). I use Firefox when editing my page (it works fine with JCE), but Safari is a much more elegant browser (IMHO). I'd love to be able to use it (or OmniWeb) instead.

Reviews: 1
The JCE Editor is a nice improvement over the core joomla editor and therefore a must install on all my sites. Make sure to pick up the plugins for this component including file manager, image manager, and media manager in order to obtain the full functionality possible. If you have gallery2, there is also a gallery2 plugin to use those images in content.
Reviews: 1
The best Editor package for Joomla!
I would even propose it replace TinyMCE as the default Joomla editor. It basically removes the need for Image lists and mosimage tags, has a wonderful plugin for flash content and does everything you might want to do in content from the editor.
Reviews: 3
I had no problems installing this application, which is good considering it was the first application I had in installed in joomla. Very stable and plenty of features and does what it says. Would like to be able to modify templates in joomla though, does this do template modification?
Reviews: 8
Having tried all the free WYSIWYG editors available, JCE seems to be the most complete one. It does a good job. BUT still A FEW IMPERFECTIONS REMAIN.
Most annoying is the embed media functionality that... simply doesn't work. Not only it doesn't work, but if you want to embed a video typing the HTML code manually, JCE will just strip out your custom code! I had to revert to the non wysiwyg editor to embed the videos in my content!
Neither you can create pop-up window links as some other free editors do.
The image browser is good, but it doesn't let you browse the whole site. You're limited to the Joomla image/stories folder. It would be better to have access to the whole site structure, at least if you are administrator or super administrator.
Despite these few negative points, JCE work well. Apart the embed video problem, I haven't noticed any other major bug. It's also quite fast and efficient.
If you mostly use text + images content on your site, JCE will do the job nicely. If you have more complex content, or want to add some custom code and JCE doesn't like it, you may become frustrated.
Owner's reply

JCE has a Media Manager plugin that helps with inserting media.

Following the release of 1.1.0 'stable', the Media Manager SE will be available, with the ability to insert FLV files.

Reviews: 1
I originally purchased HTML Suite 508 thinking it would be the bees knees but it turns out that subscribing to JCE Editor gets you a far far better product and is cheaper too.

The layout and features in JCE are far superior. Even the simple "Paste as plain text" feature was not in the HTML Suite.

If you are thinking about whether to get JCE or HTML Suite then trust me - pick JCE, it is a far superior product.
Reviews: 1
Superb. Great. The best.

I had some problems installing it, but it was well worth it!
Fantastic! :D

Only nag I can think of is that I can't figure out how to disable joomlas built in insert picture/link buttons, they sometimes delete all the written text:(
Reviews: 1
This is so much better than the standard wysiwyg editor. However the main reason I want to use it - easy linking to contents and sections - seems to slow down the link pop-up window by extraordinary amounts. Even so, without using this feature it is still an excellent editor.
Reviews: 1
The auto resize of images is not good, it's full of bugs as you can see on their forum,. To get the image resize to work normal and automatically, you will have to pay around 20 dollars to get the SE version of their editor. Updating the editor also means uninstalling all and installing everything again.

Due to the incredible poor competition of good editors this one still is the best out there. Beats a lot of payed versions.
But, don't think that it will solve all your problems
Reviews: 4
I switched to JCE from a commercial editor and I find it far more powerful.

One problem I found is that it likes to rewrite some code. Especially divs. I have not research it yet and I hope to find a solution soon, but otherwise it is great.
Reviews: 1
This extension is a MUST HAVE! Especially if you allow non-joomla guru's to edit their content (as they will be able to insert images without too much trouble!) Take the time to download this and the plugins, watch the flash tutorials on the dev's website and enjoy editing content once more!!!!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Dev - I have sent you a cyber-beer in a virtual frosty glass!
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