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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 1
I should have subscribed to get the advanced versions (SE versions) earlier - it would have save me some hair pulling.

The authors website is actually quite vague on subscribing and the benefits of those versions.
Reviews: 4
So far I have this as my default editor on all sites and love it. Well laid out and easy to use. It saves a lot of production time.

Only thing I noticed and this may be fixed by now or I just don't have something set correctly is that empty tables get stripped out for some reason. But that is a MINOR problem so overall this is the editor to use if you're thinking about giving it a try!
Reviews: 1
This is an AWESOME addition to Joomla!. Get this, install it, add the Advanced Link and image features and your CMS users will be able to edit pages without needing to be Joomla! experts. It is truly the most awesome addition I've seen yet. GET IT and pay Ryan so he can stay online - the project needs contributors like him. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I have installed all the Editors available for Joomla including the ones you have to purchase.
J C E is the very best Editor by far the image manager is fantastic allowing you to edit images and pop ups and resise your images.
The tables are excellent and easy to use,I could not recomend a better editor.
I have contacted Ryan on a couple of issues and the back up is excellent.
the $20 membership fee is well worth the money.
A very happy J C E user.
Regards Dave Bell
Reviews: 1
I don't usually like in-browser html editors, I'm more of a raw data kinda person, but this thing is nice. Admittedly, I sometimes get tired of typing html in all the time, gets tedious.

A minor problem I noticed -- after getting the admin.mambot (google for "Restricted access JCE" and you'll find the fix; a link to it can be found in the forum for this add-on) fix in -- is that when I was editing a post I made with the TinyMCE editor, everything was centre-aligned, and had to align everything left again. It was probably due to some minor thing like the code written by tinymce and jce's editing.

Now if only these things were 100% standards compliant, I would recommend them totally. Thankfully the authors of these editors are paying attention to this sort of thing now, and are either 100%, or getting there.

Finally, JCE is probably one of the better ones out there, so yeah, if you want to use one of these, this is OK :).
Reviews: 1
JCE adds to Joomla plenty of stuff I was looking.

i) Easy image upload and insertion for my users that can't get heads around media manager and {mosimage}. Resising, deleting, renaming and uploading all from the frontend editor.

ii) Customisable layout of buttons, as well as ability to turn off the needless ones to simplify things for my users.

iii) Intelligent linking to content, static, categories, sections, contacts the lot.

iv) File uploading and linking for my word files.

v) Lots of other stuff I haven't even looked at yet.
Reviews: 1
Better handling of HTML than some others. Works very well.

I have one problem with the JCE Configuration settings - I get an restricted access error ??? The mambot is working fine though, so....
Reviews: 2
Finally... What I have been looking for!

By the way, thanks Sevenhelmets for your explanation. I didn't set the mambot as my default and I kept wondering why it didn't work. :)
Reviews: 2
This morning at 6:00am NZST one of our sites were upgraded to JCE for a 30 day trial (we upgrade of of our sites with new software and test it for 30 days, if the software is acceptable we will upgrade all of our sites), at 7:29am NZST our site was downgraded to the standard Joomla! editor, the reason for this is JCE won't update content links. To update the links we needed to remove the link, save the content item, go back into the content item, add the link and save it again.

We ran tests on Joomla! Versions 1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.0.10 and 1.0.11 and we had the same bug on each installation (we tested each version on 2 different servers and it made no difference). We don't get this bug on the TinyMCE editor.
Before anyone mentions it - we are not using the 'lite' version.

We went to purchase a 12 month support subscription to resolve this matter but found that only 2CO was supported by the developer, our company policy does not allow us to use any third party payment processor outside of PayPal so we could not do this. We searched the forum and couldn't find any relivant information.

We are very disapointed by this as it looked so good yet this 1 bug has stopped us from using it at this time as the 'work-around' we have to use (as described above) simply takes too long. We hope that this bug can be fixed by the developer soon and we will reinstall it once this bug is fixed.

Outside of this it is a great component.
Reviews: 10
get jce. install it. install the plugins and make joomla work as you had hoped. suddenly my content is easy and intuitive to format. thanks!
Reviews: 1
I have got to say thank you and thanks again! This little content editor makes life so easy with the media and image plugins. Keep up the amazing work!!
Reviews: 1
I had some problems in Apple Safari but it's working perfectly in Firefox. Many thanks five stars from me.
Reviews: 1
I've always had problems with Joomla's builtin WYSIWYG editor - to put it simply, it sucks and doesn't work! BUT JCE is wonderful!

I installed it, thanks to Joomla that was SO easy, and off I went to write my pages. The extensions for JCE are so great and JCE has a cool plugin adder thing similiar to Joomla so its super Easy!

Great extensions are the image manager and media manager, you can upload files straight from the WYSIWYG! No more having two windows open just to upload and edit, all in ONE!

These guys are great :)
Reviews: 1
My Favorite Editor so Far.. a lot of extra plugins.

btw It does have Image Uploader as long as you load the plugin
Reviews: 1
Less buggy than the default.

Loaded with addons and easy to configure just how you like it.

Just wish it had it had an uploader for images...

Allup though I recomend to everyone still using the defult.
Reviews: 1
I have downloaded all the other WYSIWYIG editors and this is absolutely the best one I've used. I love it. As long as you follow the installation instructions, it is a cake-walk.

Great job guys!
Reviews: 1
I have been messing around with CMS sites for a while and having to deal with shoddy editors.. JCE is the best of the best! I cannot belive how well it works.. I am pretty tough when it comes to giving feedback, but when something works this well, I have no choice I have to write something good about it..

Reviews: 1
Finally, I have found a wysiwyg editor for Joomla that works with the Mac version of Firefox, not so with Safari, but that's okay. Sometimes the smiles window and color picker come up blank. Otherwise, it just works.
Reviews: 7
This is by far the BEST editor available.
Compliant code output, simple to use, ease of plugin creation & updating, full admin control, it cleans up MS Word content & more.

the ONLY glitch i found was that if you have an empty tag, it deletes it, so U combat by adding a in the middle.

Awesome work, and brilliant interaction from the developer on his forum. Donate some money and promote this one, enjoy!
Reviews: 4
I haven't had too much opportunity to play around with this yet, but it looks very powerful.

Actually the main reason for writing this review was to correct the guy before me, who said that this component was no longer free. That is incorrect. The component itself is still free, however support for users is now on a subscription basis, due to the developers high cost of bandwidth, which seems fair enough to me.

The support for streaming video plus the image manager makes this a HUGE step up from TinyMCE editor. Highly recommended.

Regarding installation issues - it took me a while to get Joomla to recognise JCE as my new editor of preference. Strangely enough after I'd set it as default in global preferences, unpublished both standard editors and checked that configuration.php noted that the editor was indeed JCE, Joomla was still showing TinyMCE (even though I'd unpublished it). The only resolution was to individually go into user menu, select myself, and set default editor that way. I don't believe this is a bug on JCE's part, but rather Joomla.
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