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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 1
Great features, no longer free(fair enough for me will cost $10-$15 dollars), stable many plug ins. Support for flash, media, wmf, animations, mpeg and format support. The only thing missing here is a spell checker. Don't look anywhere else, save your time and your money too. Works better with firefox 1.X rather than IE 6.XX.
Reviews: 2
This tool actually doesn't need any review.
Just install it, add the plugins for image management and advanced links and I'm pretty sure you won't feel the need for any other editor.
Reviews: 1
Fantastic extension!

I discovered a bug: when you copy and paste content from one table cell to another, the cell that you leave empty needs some content, a space will do, else something goes wrong.
Reviews: 2
This is indeed a well thought out editor. It is almost as good as wysiwyg pro or TMEdit (formerly HTMLArea3 XTD) however, it is still very buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. After installing it on several sites with mixed results, I gave up and bought the wysiwyg pro. All the aggrevation wasnt worth my time -- it was cheaper to just spend the money on something that REALLY works ALL OF THE TIME!!
Reviews: 6
A couple of bugs: The new menu system doesn't display on multiple lines when using the DocMan front end.

With IE, it sometimes fails to load completely, but I haven't had problems with FireFox.
Reviews: 6
There is nothing better if you are importing media -- I can show my dog how to use it in 3 minutes. Granted, he's a smart dog, but...this tool is fool-proof.
Reviews: 1
I must admit that I like JCE editor. It is the first free editor to get tables to work to my satisfaction. I love the link dialog and the image dialog.

Only one bug - It has difficulties if you use the iJoomla Magazine Component. I could not get it to work on one element - adding Editions. Workaround is to swap editors before doing it, and so it is only a minor, but irritating, thing.

Other than that it appears to do as it says..
Reviews: 2
I have deployed JCE on 5 production sites and have no complaints from users so far. I haven't come across the bugs that other reviewrs mentioned. The ability to totally customize the interface is powerful and the advanced link manager in great.
Reviews: 2
Yea I got to agree, it rocks.

I had trouble with tiny mce as you have to load images into a media manager...then port them across. ...why?

JCE has an image manager module, a flash module and a file upload module. If you install these then users can upload their images onto the site direct. You can also disable this feature if you want to!
Reviews: 4
This editor is very flexible. i love the ability to add only the plugins i need. it's also very handy to have an easy way to add plugins, too. This is a must-have, imho.
Reviews: 1
Accept no substitute!
Reviews: 1
JCE 1.0.4 is the best editor for Joomla!
I cant find any bugs for my use and the Imageeditor with the popupfunction is great!!!!
Thanks Ryan for your hard work!!!
Reviews: 1
I liked MosCe and used it on all of my clientsites sucessfully. Now with JCE, there are some more feature, but I had a lot more bugs that made me very unhappy. Good way, but still a lot to do. I would consider it a beta...
Reviews: 2
wow this is such a big low blow

i am trying to figure out how to use flv files with jce and i can not even get a email confirmation to my email

there is not even a contact on their site to tel somebody

what a shame

flsv files does not show in joomla if i insert them with jce there is just a blank screen also the swf flash files do not have navigation buttons like play, stop etc
Reviews: 8
All I can say is WOW! I had been bummed because 1.03 quit working (at least for me) with the latest verisons of Mambo and Joomla. I happened to check to see if there was a newer version, and viola! 1.04 is out!

I immediately downloaded & installed it and was completely blown away! 1.04 shifts much of the cool features out to plugins which gives you the ability to limit features if needed.

This is an amazing upgrade that EVERY one who uses Joomla should install immediately!

I vote that JCE be included into the core of the next Joomla release. It's that good. Really!

Thanks to Ryan (and anyone else who helps him), for the incredible work and contribution JCE is to the Joomla community.

Reviews: 1
I've found this editor very easy to install and configure. I changed to this editor to have the ability to upload files to the server and link to them in the document. It does this well. Haven't run into any bugs.
Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 1
Well done job whoever made this editor, why get other editor (xhtml commercial) if you can get this piece FREE and excellent integration to your joomla cms.

Keep up the good work.

Support at ANSWER.NET
Reviews: 3
This editor has great promise, but I cannot recommend it for my users and have removed its accessibility for them on my development site. As of this writing JCE (bot and component versions 1.0.3) has too many bugs. Things do not work as it is claimed they should work. Performance is inconsistent on different platforms. And now it appears the authors or promoters are no longer responding to problems reported by users. (Please go there and read them.)

The designation of this application as an "editor's pick" and "hot" so early in the game makes me question the credibility of those designations. I really think a major component (or module or bot) like an editor needs to be out for several months and proven its worthiness before it is given those designations. One has to suspect that the author's friends are writing the positive reviews without spending a lot of time with the product.
Reviews: 1
I like it. Great mambot.
I´ve created a german install introduction.
( Hier gibts eine deutsche Installationsanleitung zu JCE)
Reviews: 1
I never would have stumbled upon JCE on my own. Thank you to the Joomla! community effort for adding this extensions feature to the site. Speaking to the JCE component (and its developer(s)), unbelieveable piece of work all. Of particular use to me are the pluggable image management features. I am far beyond impressed.
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