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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 2
Is and has been an excellent editor extension but the only thing missing is that i can't put a PDF or any word/text file.
Reviews: 2
This editor almost does it all for me and is the only one out of 5 or 6 that I have tried that works for what I am doing. I am currently building an MS Word documentation repository and need to paste documents (have to convert to HTM first) this is the only editor that retains full layout.

I have to include download links to the original MS Word documentation and this is the only problem I have so far.

1. I like the file browser when linking my document to a download button image but Insert does not work by just clicking on "Inset" at the bottom of the window, first "Insert" to the right has to be clicked and then the bottom one. Took me a while to figure this out when link was not put in.

2. Would love to see a custom text Button include like those I have seen in other Editors.

Since these are both minor problems and this is by far the best editor AND free I can not fault it.

Excellent product.
Reviews: 1
I find JCE easy to use but here are a couple of experiences to share:

When hitting the Enter key, JCE indents the next paragraph. I would prefer if it did not do this and kept the next paragraph completely left. Holding down the Shift key and then pressing Enter will start a new paragraph in line with the start of the previous row. However, the HTML code produces a BR which is not really what I want.

I am probably old-school and like adding tables to Articles. I have spent much time faffing around with JCE to get table content to be presented the way I like. I have spent time amending / re-highlighting and re-submitting Table Properties, Row Properties and Table Data / Cell Properties. Putting as much of the formatting into the Table Data / Cell Property as possible appears to be the best solution.

Specifically, I have had difficulty with the way content is shown in a table added to the Featured Article of the Home Page / Start of a website. This is a table with two columns and a couple of rows. I want to add a couple of paragraphs of text into both columns (two large TDs) The cell formatting is Valign top and Align left. In the left-hand column (TD), the text sits nicely aligned left and starts right at the top but in the second column the test starts about a third of the way down (but aligned left). Changing Properties (table, row or TD) has not changed this. Nor has amending the HTML code manually, as JCE amends it again when you press Save. I know that you can unclick this automatic JCE HTML code function. I have done this but no difference was seen to the TD or Cell in question with regards to the table.

I like adding tables and being able to include numerous paragraphs of text within them but I have not made progress here.
Reviews: 11
My favorite editor!!!

Very good and easy to use, i love it!!!
Reviews: 11
Whan you get this, you will have to make som adjustments yourself in the css, because the links are in other colors and the whole design is not so good looking. The latest version does not even work, so I have to stay with the older one. JCE is ok, but not more yet.
Reviews: 3
Looking for an editor to replace the builtin one, I've tryed this an fall in love.

It's simple, it's complete, it's powerfull and it works out of the box.
Reviews: 9
I have used this editor for years now. JCE has never ever had let me down. It has been always my favourite Editor.

However, I upgraded one of my sites from J1.5 to J2.5 using jUpgrade.
After the upgrade I installed JCE editor for 2.5, but the editor would not show up.

Checked on the Forum, found the answer :-)

When you upgrade, jUpgrade doesn't set the RIGHTS correctly due to the nature of J2.5.
So, you have to set the RIGHTS for the DEFAULT profile in the JCE Control Panel.

For a moment I thought JCE had let me down, but as always it was NOT JCE error.
And I found the answer from the Forum for the issue too.

Guys, what else can you expect from a FREE useful component?

I would humbly request everyone, before you write a negative review, just understand the problem and read the Forum.
Because your negative comment can ruin such a nice hard work of this component owner.

Ryan, I salute you for the excellent component. You deserve 10 Stars for your generosity..!
Reviews: 1
I like the editor I will not lie - it is packed with good features to make our job easier(including "Youtube" and all). However, I scanned through documentations, FAQs and forum discussions, but there is absolutely nothing that talks about how to add more fonts to the pre-installed fonts. The reason for the editor is to edit, so forget about YouTube features and everything else that has nothing to do with basic editing... give us more fonts or better yet show us how to add more fonts ourselves.
Owner's reply

I have added a tutorial for adding new fonts to the Font Family list -

Reviews: 1
JCE Editor was my only editor for so long until.. i start using joomla 2.5. For 4-5 days it was okey as usual, but then.. it start to not showing when i tried to create or edit an article. The editor won't show at all..
Find other editors.
Reviews: 36
This is a must have for all my Joomla web sites. Powerful, simple, supported with frequent releases. Be careful if you install an update because it may overwrite your own language and bring your JCE back to English language. I do not recommend JCE if you have to put code in an article or module, it could insert something you don't want: in this case switch to "Editor None", enter the code, save & close, then re-switch to Editor JCE.
Owner's reply

"Be careful if you install an update because it may overwrite your own language and bring your JCE back to English language"

JCE 2.3 includes a new method for translating JCE dialogs, which require new language packs. Our translators are working hard to finish these, one may already be available for you -

"I do not recommend JCE if you have to put code in an article or module, it could insert something you don't want"

JCE includes full support for javascript and css code (if enabled). "Joomla plugin" code such as {code} and [code] is also supported, but as this is not "real" code, it is treated as plain text within the html.

Reviews: 8
Easy to install and use yet extremely powerful and free editor - I've used it both on 1.5 and 2.5 to great effect.

The add-ons, which are not free, are well worth the money and I'd advise everyone to buy them to make the editor fully comprehensive.
When I have had problems using some of the software - my fault as a novice joomla user rather than any to do with the software - the developer has been quick to respond and patiently guided me through the process.
Well done and thanks for probably the best software in the joomla world.
Reviews: 5
Excellent extension to edit articles. Easy to configure & easy to use.

You can optimize the editor button bar from usability point of view so that your site's editors only have the buttons they need. E.g. I'd recommend to remove the font chooser & color buttons: use CSS styles instead! It will save you time when you change the template in the future (and you won't have to change all hard coded font settings from your articles).

btw: I also use the commercial JCE addons from the same developer which make it easier to add photos & documents to your content.
Reviews: 4
I'm a big fan of JCE, my goto editor when it comes to Joomla! It's nice, easy to use and without major problems. The new version is actually impressive!
Reviews: 6
I never Install a Joomla without this component. It generates very clean html code and is very accurate. Right clik on every element. Drag and drop. Works in all browsers. Configurable.

There is no better editor if you buy the super plugins 'Image manager extended' and 'Media plugin'. This allows you to batch upload images, rezising on the fly, and creating tubnails too. Only ting i wish for is auto-renaming images to awoyd spaces end spesial charaters.
Reviews: 1
Only a SINGLE complaint... (and it really isn't that important)

I wish there was a button clearly on the right side to view source - perhaps a larger one - I usually use the source view, but I like to flip back and forth for certain things.

Of course it could be my aging eyesight on high-res screens - the 'source' icon sometimes gets lost in the mix for me...

Anyway - this is a MUST plug-in - especially if you are turning content creation over to a client - They can do more stuff in less time.
Reviews: 7
A have experience with couple of CMSs and this is the best editor you can find on the market.

This is example for well done software!
Reviews: 7
This extension has become essential to me. JCE is very comprehensive, stuffed with options and optional pro but excellent plugins. Absolutly no nightmare here. A dream! But we must make an effort to learn to use it properly.
Reviews: 10
This WYSIWYG is fatal for some components or codes, like a tabber or any other which use {quotes}. It places and anywhere, it automatically edits your code... It can quickly become a nightmare... Why nobody repears these problems, since several years ?
Owner's reply

JCE is designed to produce valid HTML based on the doctype selected and by default will cleanup your html, removing invalid tags and attributes and fixing errors. This action can easily be disabled in the editor configuration.

Some tags, like iframe, script, style etc. are removed for security reasons, but options can also be set to allow all or some of these tags.

As for non-html code like {code} etc. JCE does not interfere with this syntax and treats it as plain text.

Reviews: 3
Great Job JCE. Never found any thing like you have it together. Great Functionality and accessibility from all areas of Joomla. Works excellent for me. I will give 5/5. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

Reviews: 3
I have been using this extension for years and feel compelled to say not only is this extension excellent the support is also superb! Ryan always responds timely and even when the problem is on your end he doesn't ignore your request... I wish ALL these developers (particularly paid), would take a page from his book! THANK YOU!!
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