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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 1
in one word ... this editor simply works (compared to others) an got really nice features ... congratulations!
Reviews: 6
I use this editor on all my sites. It is incredible easy to use and set up. Easy to make groups with different buttons and JCE also have some nice plugins where you pay for subscription. But I allways uses the plugins like Image manager extended and filemanger.

In the new JCE I really miss the skin from the old JCE. But trying to get used to the new skins.
Owner's reply

"In the new JCE I really miss the skin from the old JCE. But trying to get used to the new skins."

Select 'Classic' from the Toolbar Theme in the Editor Parameters.

Reviews: 4
Super editor. Easy to use.

I am perhaps a bit stupid but it took me a while to figure out how to get it working. I had enabled JCE as the default editor under Global Site Config but I had not disabled TinyMCE under Extensions/Plug-in Manager/Editors

Don't forget to do this and you won't waste time faffing about before this this great extension. Thought I would post as it might help other newbies :)

THANKS to the developer.
Reviews: 2
Great Extension. I used it in all my websites.
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best extensions you can install to help you manage your site content. It is easy to configure, has a ton of options, and most importantly, has a ton of options you can turn off if you have a site that needs to have a minimal editor tool bar but also be customizable for different levels of users.

I install it on every single site.
Reviews: 17
It has come a long way! It used to be pretty buggy in early 1.5 versions, but it seems to be pretty solid now. Very happy with it.
Reviews: 5
It's really great. I love it.Thanks to developers !!!!!
Reviews: 1
would be too nice if this had bbcode support just like tinymce, although tinymce is failing for bbcode
Reviews: 2
Now and again I try out another editor, but I keep coming back to this one! The best one I've ever used so far!
Reviews: 8
I like this as it seems the best available but still lots of bugs:

Can remove or add scripts from things like {mos maps .. so you have to switch to html mode to edit scripts. Or else you scripts don't work.
Uploads: Stuck in the same folder all the time. Can only upload one file at time, should be a nice fold grab.
Fonts: warning don't think all these fonts will actually appear on your site the same way. I learned this the hard way. Fonts seem to have two varieties of each, arial 10 and arial 10 from a different part of the page are different sizes. You can reelect the same font and size and it will shrink!
Some codes don't appear in the editor such as blockquotes.
Spacing and formatting, often get stuck indented and can't get out unless you go to html mode and enter or
Spell checker, i got burned by this one many times. Because you have to run the checker and it turns of your inline spell check. Even after you run it shuts down and you have to restart it. So be careful you don't miss a lot of spell errors with this editor like i did.
Reviews: 8
This editor makes joomla a breeze! Have just installed it on 1.6 and am hammering away no problems whatsoever. Unbelievably easy, slick and stable. Thank you so much for all the work that has gone into this.
Reviews: 8
One of the best Joomla editors out there. Using it for many years. Tried many others too, but you allways get back to JCE.

Wish just developer resisted to make it fast. With so many caching, code compressing, cookies, etc....
It bites so fast in browsers that sometimes you almost need to restart PC to be sure som settings you just changed began working.

Let it be slow. It is so advanced, it is not meant to fly.
Reviews: 29
JCE is the best content editor for Joomla. It allows user to create many profiles for different groups and one of the most important thing is that it gives access to all Joomla resources like menu items or articles and let you easily insert link. It has also nice image manager. It should be Joomla default editor.
Reviews: 1
I have installed JCE on all my 1.5 site and i am very happy wit it. However trying to upgrade to 1.6 i ran into problems.
After installation i can get 2 *xml error and even tough i see the plugin in the Global configuration after i select the JCE I still get the old standard editor. Maybe I am doing something wrong? Advice, pls?
Reviews: 6
There is so much under the hood that I am impressed.
Not mentioning all the configuration options.
Reviews: 20
I love the extension, specifically because I was looking for an editor that had a spell check feature.

Pros: Works really well, easy to use, nice functionality
Cons: Has some issues with Firefox

One suggestion would be to include a note with the installation reminding people to select the new editor under the Global Configuration. This tricked me, and it took a few searches to learn how to enable the editor within my site.

Reviews: 8
It's bundled with my group of 'must haves'. It does a great job and I automatically upload and install it on all my websites. It's easy to install and very helpful as a comprehensive editor. Thanks so much.
Reviews: 12
I'm a site builder and I use this extension on all of my sites.
Reviews: 9
I just installed JCE and was looking everywhere my articles appeared blank when I was trying to edit them.

Ok, I might still be pretty new to Joomla but I never had to switch editors before and I am not the only one who experienced that:

So it would be nice if you could include that "tip" in the installation part of package installation at

I just saw now that it is mentioned a the end but since I chose to perform a package install and not a manual one, I saw no obvious reasons to scroll all the way down....
That's a quick fix but that would help more than a few, that's my guess!

Apart from the editor seems to be working just fine!
Reviews: 1
I'd love to be able to write a rave review but unfortunately, unless I'm missing something obvious, my experience is that I can't even get this installed on a 1.6 system it just hangs when installing (I don't use 1.5).
Following the support links led me to alternate installation methods, all of which supply only 1.5 downloads. The support forum requires me to register and part with cash before I can read it, so the support has failed me before I've got to first base.
Sorry, not impressed, even allowing that the 1.6 version appears to be a beta, and this leads me to the level I had to give it.
Owner's reply

If you post in the free Community Discussion forum I'm sure we'll be able to sort your problem out -

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