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An award-winning, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla! based on Moxiecode's TinyMCE.

Includes advanced Image/Media, File and Link handling, plugin support, and an Administration interface for editor configuration.

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Reviews: 8
It's bundled with my group of 'must haves'. It does a great job and I automatically upload and install it on all my websites. It's easy to install and very helpful as a comprehensive editor. Thanks so much.
Reviews: 12
I'm a site builder and I use this extension on all of my sites.
Reviews: 9
I just installed JCE and was looking everywhere my articles appeared blank when I was trying to edit them.

Ok, I might still be pretty new to Joomla but I never had to switch editors before and I am not the only one who experienced that:

So it would be nice if you could include that "tip" in the installation part of package installation at

I just saw now that it is mentioned a the end but since I chose to perform a package install and not a manual one, I saw no obvious reasons to scroll all the way down....
That's a quick fix but that would help more than a few, that's my guess!

Apart from the editor seems to be working just fine!
Reviews: 1
I'd love to be able to write a rave review but unfortunately, unless I'm missing something obvious, my experience is that I can't even get this installed on a 1.6 system it just hangs when installing (I don't use 1.5).
Following the support links led me to alternate installation methods, all of which supply only 1.5 downloads. The support forum requires me to register and part with cash before I can read it, so the support has failed me before I've got to first base.
Sorry, not impressed, even allowing that the 1.6 version appears to be a beta, and this leads me to the level I had to give it.
Owner's reply

If you post in the free Community Discussion forum I'm sure we'll be able to sort your problem out -

Reviews: 5
Works just fine (used versions, and
Reviews: 3
I'm having the same problem as the previous poster. When using JCE to link to another article, UNCATEGORIZED does not show. However, articles in other categories do.

When you click the + before uncategorized, it does not open. Other than that I like JCE. But this new version for 1.6 is buggy and hope that it can be fixed soon.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension! Please keep developing.

I have problem. When insert or edit link, doesn't collapse categories except Uncategorized.

Good luck!
Reviews: 1
This editor is just great! I had (caused) my Joomla installation some problems before installing it, and the developer was more than patience guiding me, adding updates etc.. Not only the best editor around, but a nice guy behind it. At least, that' s what I think.

So thumbs up for JCE editor!
Reviews: 5
I really think that this editor should be included in the basic install. It is so good to work with and has such a lot of fantastic features. Keep up the brilliant work!
Reviews: 7

Working with JCE have we noticed that it's impossible to use it on FrontEnd.

Maybe because our template uses T3 Framework?

New version of JCK works for us in frontend.

What is the problem with JCE?

Also, when you have lots of folders is really difficult to look at all directories, JCE just have 100 maximum. Would be great to increase or have a jolder insider JCE directories.

Thank you

Owner's reply

The issue with JCE 2.0 the T3 Framework is a result of a conflict between the JCE 2.0 javascript / css compressor and the T3 javascript /css compressor.

I have contacted Joomlart with a suggestion for a solution to this. Disabling the JCE 2.0 Compression options in the JCE Configuration will allow the two to work together until (if/when) Joomlart adopts the suggested fix.

Reviews: 5
JCE Editor rocks! As does the support! There are few out there that can touch JCE products andd services. If you are using J1.5 or J1.6, I highly recommend using this editor as well as their JCE Media Box!

500 STARS!!!
Reviews: 10
It is best component for editing!
But i think you can edit theme for beautiful, because default theme is simply!
Reviews: 2
This is easily the best extension available for Joomla. It is the first extension installed on every single site I've built, and will do so in the future. To bad it's not part of the Joomla core, no one should be using the built-in editor with this one available.
Reviews: 4
I've used JCE on other 1.5 sites having already done the research into alternatives.

When looking for an editor for a new 1.6 site I was most :( to find JCE hadn't yet provided one for 1.6. Then I read that there was a version 2 in beta so hopped onto the site and downloaded it.

Oh joy joy!! It's lovely to have easy content linking and image uploads and all the things I love about JCE. :)
Reviews: 7
I use that editor excessively and it saves so much time. Especially when you link to other articles on the same website.
So you can switch SEO variants and the links are still valid. And one can configure it very exact to meet the required profile (e.g: create a profile for front-end editing with far fewer options than in the one for backend-editing).
I am using JCE for about two years.

Right now I am testing the 2.0 Beta for Joomla! 1.6 and that is really great for a beta.
Reviews: 5
Hands down one of the universally best extensions for Joomla!

I install it in every site I build and usually before I do just about anything else.

Reviews: 6
For years I've been a diehard CK Editor fan. I tried this WYSIWYG editor and in a very short time, I'm a convert. I particularly like the configuration and administration component. How easy is it to manage this plugin. Can't wait for you to make this Joomla 1.6 native......please.....
Reviews: 1
You just found the best tool for Joomla. I am just amazed at how much JCE does. The editor is incredible. Best feature is the lightbox pop-up. I spent days looking for a tool to display an article in a lightbox and now I have it. Fairly easy to use. I love this!!! Thanks JCE. I'll never use the standard editor again.
Reviews: 2
so the picture functionality and video functionality are great, its easy to just find what you need in the files. I have been searching all over the web, joomlas forum, godaddys forum and then it hit me let me stop using JCE and start using tinyMCE again and the script for the godaddy ssl started working again but had a tiny blue link under it, i had to go re activate jce delete the code and then reactivate tinymce and repaste godaddy ssl, if only your editor could run scripts instead of deleting them and frustrating people, If i am wrong i will gladly delete my post and rating
Reviews: 1
I'm using JCE which came out in November 2010. It has a lot of nice options that will help smooth out the Joomla experience, such as table editing, font style select, etc. and at first I was extremely pleased. I was able to embed facebook "like" buttons into articles, custom forms into modules, awesome. Until it started stripping out those codes when I went back in to edit an article. No worries, I went to their forum to look for answers. Except I can't view any entries without paying $30 for a 1 year subscription. So I tried to contact them to report the bug... only that requires that I pay the subscription fee as well. I understand this is how they make money, but you can't even submit a bug without paying for the privilege?? I've got to rate that as a big negative, and it pulls my review from an excellent down to simply "good".
Owner's reply

1) Read the FAQ, Joomla! may be removing the code on saving -

2) You can post questions in the General Discussion forum without a subsciption -

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